Friday, February 15, 2019

D20x5 Passages To The Underworld

Under... where?

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D20 The threshold to this passage is
1 the mouth of a leering face carved into dark stone.
2 the surface of a pool of water so still it won’t ripple even if you jump in.
3 behind a mirror which reflects sounds instead of light.
4 a portcullis decorated with a mosaic of teeth.
5 the open gate of a pitch-slathered gibbet.
6 a dangling birth-caul curtain.
7 a door painted with scenes of the danse macabre.
8 a veil of sable silk.
9 a waterfall dribbling over the maw of a grotto.
10 a leaden sill.
11 a crossroads paved with brittle hair.
12 a valley of giant, leaning blades.
13 the yawning lid of a sarcophagus.
14 the edge of a jagged rift.
15 a portal of permeable aspic.
16 a cinder-bricked vestibule.
17 a wire made from yew branches.
18 a fence of bent spines.
19 a wide, salted-iron wicket.
20 a turnstile of woven hemlock.
D20 The way to this passage is marked by
1 offerings left by the reverent dead.
2 bone-chilling cold which grows the closer you get.
3 the ghosts of butterflies, flying intangible through walls and floors.
4 carved warnings, regrets written in bloodstains.
5 a trail of black feathers.
6 the faintly echoing cries of mourners.
7 a darkness which stalks and claws at the edge of light rather than being driven back by it.
8 a stream of bitter tears.
9 shacks hewn from mouldering caskets, their inhabitants invisible to mortal eyes.
10 hanging hooks on which chunks of mummified meat are impaled.
11 a stench of dust and brimstone.
12 a ghoul-bird who’ll lead you on like a honeyguide.
13 deep gouges scratched into surfaces by human nails.
14 rock morphing to resemble fossils.
15 creeping sickly mists.
16 white scraps of cloth caught on every protrusion.
17 the droning tune of a dirge.
18 tomb-shroud poppets hung on tendon-strings.
19 a massing carpet of graveyard vermin.
20 desperate, disembodied whispers in your ear.
D20 This passage is guarded by
1 a copse of predatory thanatosynthetic plant, feeding on minute gradations of death.
2 a stale wind-spirit that can strip the breath from your lungs.
3 a carrion-knight who failed their charge in life, now dedicated beyond death to the duty of maintaining the boundary between here and hereafter. They can only be harmed by methods used to dispose of the dead.
4 an animate, oozing pile of pus and gore.
5 a mute golem molded from grave-dirt.
6 a garrison of judge-clerics ensuring no one shirks their just reward.
7 a feral revenant waiting for the soul of the one who murdered them to pass, so that they can tear it to shreds.
8 a colony of giant bats who’ve gained a taste for those between life and death.
9 a clever, many-headed serpent.
10 a tribe of vulture-headed men.
11 a procession of cruel phantoms.
12 the shadow of a titan.
13 flayed zombies with gaping jaws and jade laid in their eye sockets.
14 a stealthy jaguar whose every hair is an obsidian knife.
15 a pack of mangy, cloudy-eyed hounds.
16 a crocodilian abomination able to smell sin.
17 a living storm who loves nothing more than to caress the doomed with fingers of lightning.
18 a false-moon creature, a glowing toothy orb with many grasping arms.
19 fungal simulacra of decayed cadavers, instinctually eager to add to their ranks.
20 slave-soldiers bound to a wraith-lord, judged unworthy of joining their liege in death.
D20 This passage leads to
1 the headwaters of the milk-white river Styx. From here you could sail to just about anywhere in the underworld.
2 the sleeping place of the previous world’s sun, where the last survivors of its apocalypse bask in the spectral light.
3 a chamber of grinding gears and atomic fire, made to welcome the dead of a time yet to come.
4 a charred forest roamed by the bodies of deer, wolves, men, and things made from pieces of each. They hunt each other, devour each other, regurgitate the restless flesh in new configurations.
5 a glacial museum of every species ever to go extinct, specimens encased in the ice.
6 a cavern crowded with aimless souls, too indecisive in life to be pulled from where they arrived in death.
7 a hall of broken clocks, each frozen at someone’s last moment.
8 the rotting ribs of a capsized ship in a sea of stinking putrescence.
9 a hall where fallen warriors feast, drink, and fight, leaking mead from a dozen wounds.
10 a terracotta shaft that dives down past the reach of any torch.
11 a tunnel of rattling chains.
12 the belly of a lifeless beast, dissolving in its own bile.
13 a meadow of pale flowers, churned below by perpetual maggots.
14 a system of caves tangled in a three-dimensional sigil.
15 a closet that stretches back for leagues, hung with writhing human skins.
16 a desert of ash-flakes.
17 a grove of olibanum-trees and cassia.
18 a library where every book is worm-eaten to illegibility.
19 a smoking sinkhole into which a vortex of the freshly-dead are drawn.
20 a field of reeds farmed for umbral crops by crews of the contented dead.
D20 This passage was left by
1 a criminal psychopomp as a smuggling route for souls.
2 a lich fleeing the recapture of their wretched spirit.
3 a demon’s earthly servants, to sneak them comforts to ease their eternal torment.
4 a trailblazing necromancer.
5 an angel dragging a wrongly-condemned soul to salvation.
6 a bear-god going to their deathly hibernation.
7 a nasty breed of questing beast that led its pursuers into perdition.
8 a pilgrim-saint leading their congregation past worldly temptations.
9 vampire-rats gnawing through worlds.
10 the roots of a tree that grew to heaven.
11 a crusade against the insufficiently damned.
12 the magical residue of an arcane suicide.
13 a wandering wight.
14 a barrow that sunk under the weight of its forgotten memory.
15 a gravedigger who dug too deep.
16 a chthonic grub chewing its way to maturation.
17 an enchanted scythe able to cut holes in reality.
18 a decadent magocracy’s plan to dispose of waste.
19 a morbid painting so authentic it became real.
20 alchemical acid so potent it burned a hole in the purgatorial barrier.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

D6x6 Killing Spirits


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D6 This killing spirit appears
1 like a wolf seen through the eyes of a child it’s about to eat, mostly dripping, toothy maw.
2 as a silvery owl whose eyes shine like full moons.
3 as a great cat scabbed snout to tail with others’ gore.
4 as an ursine shadow that roars like thunder.
5 as an eagle with the neck and fangs of a serpent.
6 clothed in a human skin.
D6 It leaves its victims
1 with their guts torn out through their throat. Its limbs are long, its claws are hooked.
2 crushed, with the shards of their broken bones picked out of the mess. It likes to kill by pouncing then increasing its mass atop its prey.
3 pierced in a dozen places. A crown of antlers towers from its brow, which it enjoys using for brutal impalement.
4 hamstrung, flensed below the knees. Its body is lanky yet lithe, and it can outrun any mortal beast.
5 cooked to perfection. It has grown fond of fire, and uses it as masterfully as any person.
6 impaled on the highest branch it can find. It’s tall, and can become even taller.
D6 It is
1 forbidden from killing anyone not explicitly named by the shaman who called them. It can still maim, just not kill.
2 required by primordial taboo to announce its hunt to those it intends to kill.
3 More interested in testing itself against worthy opponents than it is in slaughter.
4 obsessed with collecting more impressive trophies than the ones already in its hoard, potentially to the detriment of its mission.
5 barred from entering a home with a lit hearth, but not from trying to extinguish the hearth from outside.
6 unable to touch anyone who has not killed before. It can still harm them, it just can’t touch them to do it.
D6 It’s called from
1 the south-stretched fingers of Hyperborean ice.
2 the dappled hearts of woods where no human has trespassed and lived.
3 a cave painted by inhuman hands.
4 mountains crowned by lightning storms.
5 bogs where sacrificed bodies pickle into mummies.
6 the darkest part of a lightless night.
D6 The shamans who call on this killing spirit
1 have traded their faces for masks and their tongues for knives.
2 eat only others’ filth.
3 hold their hearts in ever-beating drums.
4 are married to freezing winds.
5 weep tears of bloody black bile for every slight they have yet to revenge.
6 sleep like bears and wander the world in their dreams.
D6 This killing spirit can be turned on the shaman who called it
1 by the demand of their child. One must always exist.
2 by offering it a better price.
3 by starving somewhere it cannot claim you.
4 by confronting it with the name it held when it was mortal.
5 by disguising yourself as the shaman, and the shaman as yourself.
6 by making a convincing appeal to their superior. Their superior is likely an even killing-er spirit.

Monday, February 11, 2019

D20x5 Wondrous Wizard Towers

Love me a good tower.

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D20 This tower is:
1 More of a tall, narrow ziggurat.
2 Built like a train standing on its caboose.
3 An enormous icicle maintained by weeping, freezing-tongues goats.
4 A tree bound bonsai-like and enchanted to grow ever-upwards.
5 A smooth and gleaming silver cylinder.
6 An obsidian obelisk that bleeds from minute cracks.
7 The spine of some hunchbacked behemoth.
8 The severed and hollowed-out hand of a giant reaching for the noontide sun.
9 A burrowing worm breaching up from the earth, petrified at its apex.
10 An arrow from a titanic war, plunged headfirst into the earth.
11 A geyser frozen at the moment of eruption.
12 A fang of the world-serpent, tunnelled through with cavities.
13 Its builder’s own walking stick, magically enlarged.
14 A tower-sized viral invader of the world from astral realms lobotomized by the wizard who called it home.
15 A bacterial stalagmite formed by silicon-based microorganisms cultivated by its builder.
16 Its builder’s mentor, transmuted into a massive sculpture-palace.
17 Only the insignificant upwards outgrowth of a vast underground complex, like a mushroom is from a hyphaeic network.
18 The cyclopean pillar of an otherwise lost and ruined construction.
19 A spiral staircase twisting up to the clouds, leading nowhere.
20 A narrow volcano fermenting a belly of acid.
D20 This tower was used:
1 Like a tuning fork for the vibrations of reality, to aid in altering the songs of the superstrings to the wizard’s liking.
2 To impale and snarl the leylines passing beneath so that the wizard could draw on them for power and send spells into the wider world through them.
3 To elevate the wizard away from worldly temptations.
4 As a spiritual successor to the Tower of Babel, and so to act as the occult foundation to yet greater hubris.
5 As an enormous wand to contain tremendous spells.
6 As a stake to pierce the barrier between this world and others.
7 As a craft to carry the wizard to the stars.
8 As a tomb that would allow the wizard to bear their full magical might into the afterlife.
9 As a combined library and analytical machine that would process all the magical writings the wizard collected and derive a way to automate the spell research process.
10 As a place to host bacchanals for the wizard and all their unearthly companions.
11 As a microcosmic model of the wizard’s ideal world, suitable for expansion into the rest of reality.
12 As a prison for the wizard’s alternate selves they captured and tortured for knowledge and amusement.
13 To provide a magically-enhanced view of the sunset.
14 As an antenna to pick up strange stellar signals.
15 As a decoy vault for its builder’s less precious treasures.
16 As a place its builder could relive the best times of their life and rewrite the bad through illusions and fantasies.
17 To avoid contact with the earth, a taboo they acquired from dealings with chthonic spirits.
18 As the central point of a wizard-fortress that was never finished.
19 To shame wizards with less impressive real estate.
20 To assuage the wizard’s phallic obsession.
D20 This tower is inhabited by:
1 The wizard who built it, fused into the foundations of the tower itself in their quest for longevity.
2 The apprentice of the wizard who built it, trapped by the mechanisms and protections they had only the scarcest grasp of.
3 The intelligent experiments of the wizard, believing themselves to be a chosen people saved from the depravity of the outside world.
4 The bestial experiments of the wizard, now using the tower as a nest while they range further and further for prey.
5 A squad of inquisitors evaluating the wizard’s writings and prepping the whole thing for demolition.
6 Backwards beings that slipped in through a magic mirror.
7 A posse of outlaws who are starting to think the many dangers of the tower aren’t worth the protection they provide from the law.
8 Dinosaur-ghouls that have been devouring the dead since the last great meteor fell.
9 Increasingly erratic golems unable to understand that their master is gone, desperate for valid new orders.
10 Several undead pieces of the wizard who built the tower, each independent and believing themself to be the only legitimate continuation of their living self.
11 A cult which venerates its builder as a demigod, and maintains the tower while waiting for their reincarnation to return.
12 The familiar of the wizard who built it, grown gargantuan and gluttonous since their disappearance.
13 The wizard who built it, though they don’t even remember that they did since their brain has been scrambled by demonic parasites.
14 The manifested dreams and nightmares of the wizard who built it, spawned from their inverted skull.
15 The mob that killed the wizard who built it, each member now possessed by a maddened fragment of the wizard’s soul.
16 An archon of the outer spheres repossessing the wizard’s stuff (and anything/anyone else it finds in the tower) to collect on a debt they owed.
17 Impossible aberrations whose very presence warps reality around them.
18 Civilized rats who’ve claimed it as their kingdom with their man-sized war puppets.
19 Octarine oozes glutting and proliferating on the enchantments.
20 An entire overgrown garden of alraunes, barometzes, and other magical plants.
D20 This tower has claimed the life/lives of:
1 Some hunters who sought shelter from a storm. Their families are going hungry without them.
2 Orphans pressed to pay for their lodgings by raiding dark places.
3 A firebrand priest who thought to preach the evil out of it.
4 A rival of the wizard who called it home, hoping to gloat their victory through longer living.
5 A historian of the occult and their entourage.
6 An elite scion and prospect for an equally elite warrior society, put up to accomplish a feat of daring.
7 A cursed peasant who sought to petition the wizard within for a boon.
8 Some tax collectors tasked with tallying the wizard’s estate.
9 A very lost pet dog.
10 An artist facing inspirational constipation who wished to use the tower as a retreat.
11 Desperate debt-ridden mercenaries willing to face morbidity and mutilation for some quick coin.
12 Sleepwalkers entranced by one of its builder’s spells.
13 Some reckless children who entered on a dare.
14 An acolyte who thought it a sanctum of their demon-god.
15 Peasant-rebels seeking a weapon to better press their demands.
16 A wealthy, overly daring tourist and their travelling harem.
17 An oracle who sought to deliver a vital portent.
18 Ignorant and unprepared looters.
19 An estranged relative of the wizard who built it seeking to rekindle their connection.
20 An infamously opportunistic treasure hunter. Many are happy to see them gone.
D20 This tower can be found:
1 Atop a hill riddled with dolmens like a teratoma is with teeth.
2 In a sea-cave gargling the tide, open wide as a whale’s mouth.
3 On the frigate-thick outstretched finger of a giant banyan.
4 Protruding nervously above the edge of a ravine.
5 On an island shrouded by mist, at the middle of a lake that’s freezing cold regardless of the season.
6 In the midst of a hamlet that seems to have been abandoned a moment ago.
7 Slopped with bog-peat, veiled by midge-swarms.
8 Walled off by stones stacked by the hands of itinerant shepherds.
9 In an overgrown garden with glass shards mixed in its humus from the shattered walls of its greenhouse.
10 At the center of a dust-dry canal network carved through gravelly scrubland.
11 At the center of a fairy-ring of shivering mushrooms. Their spores were the first line of the tower’s defense.
12 Riding a glacier down ocean currents.
13 Only while the moon shines down from its highest point in the night.
14 In the foothills (shaped like actual feet) of a mountain shaped like a man.
15 In a dusty hall within the crypt of its builder.
16 Halfway sunk into an improbable lagoon.
17 In a desiccated desert of sun-smote salt.
18 In a place that’s always twilight.
19 Veiled from common sight near a bustling hub of civilization.
20 On the cusp of a slow stone vortex.

Friday, February 8, 2019

D20x8(+9) Lovecraftian Entities That Didn’t Make The Cut

Why do some generators take hours to finish and others months? Truly a question only Great Cthulhu could answer. Alternative opening line: Blogger's interface is itself a Lovecraftian entity.

Automatic generator generator from here:

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D20This entity is a
12n ulcerous
D20Body type
5cephalopodal creature
6, amorphous mass
8, uncanny humanoid
11siphonophoral morphon
13, fungal tangle
16geometric figure
20anenomoid being
D20Body feature
1with a thousand blankly staring eyes.
2that hovers through the air.
3that drools from a gaping maw.
4that lathers itself with many tongues.
5that dances to a silent, asymmetric tune.
6that hums a maddening melody.
7with pitch-dark wings along what passes for its back.
8that flickers in and out of perceptible reality.
9that carries a frore aura.
10that crawls with hideous vermin.
11that glows sickly from within.
12with a mane of writhing tentacles.
13with fleshy growths like mewling fetuses.
14with crystalline armour protruding from its body.
15with metallic veins bulging under the surface of its body.
16brandishing fractal talons.
17with a swollen ovipositor.
18with a startlingly beautiful face in a place you wouldn’t expect.
19that’s cracked and turning along puzzlebox-fractures.
20that elongates and scrunches like taffy an invisible child is playing with.
D20Its origin
1is the inconceivable emptiness beyond the stars.
2is the sub-crustal inferno below.
3is unspeakable necromantic invention.
4is a stillborn universe that preceded our own.
5is a dead world orbiting a cold star.
6is a parasitic cosmos nestled just beside ours in a direction you can’t point to.
7is the well from which all nightmares spill.
8is a pool of the primordial ooze preserved deep under the earth.
9is a distant branch of parallel time.
10is a catastrophic magical miscast.
11is a cavern system far larger than any sane geology would allow.
12is the penumbral wreathe of a black hole.
13is the sepulchre of a dead god.
14is the interbreeding of humans and powers of the outer realms.
15is the lifeless arctic wastes.
16is the unseen side of the moon.
17is a meteor from interstellar space.
18is the far, fallen future of humanity.
19is a rift in space-time.
20cannot be comprehended by mortal minds.
D20Beware it,
1for it hungers for dreaming brains.
2for it cannot be killed permanently by mortal means.
3for the sorcerers it seems to serve are in fact controlled by it.
4for it is the vanguard of a coming horde.
5for its touch inflicts a gruesome infection.
6for it can slip through other dimensions and appear to teleport.
7for the mere glimpse of its visage can paralyze mortals with fear.
8for it shrugs off terrestrial magic.
9for the form you see is only the one your mind can process, and its true shape is more terrible yet.
10for if it is not stopped soon it will metamorphose into an even more awful form.
11for it can shoot sweet laser beams.
12for its presence brings unnatural gigantism and proliferation to weeds and pests.
13for it can channel the magics of its alien patron.
14for it can disguise itself as a human and dominate mortal minds.
15for it can birth packs of lesser servitors in moments.
16for the longer it remains here the more the world around it will come to resemble its origin.
17for those it kills rise in paradoxical, rampaging half-life.
18for it can induce phantasmagoric visions of its home.
19for any wound you inflict on it will be reflected on your own body.
20for it can see you spread across your whole life, from birth to death.
D20Name Begin
1Whispered rumours have dubbed it
2In occult texts it is referred to as
3The closest approximation of its name which is producible by a human throat is
4The scant few who have survived encountering it have named it
5Graffiti scratched into asylum walls call it
6In chants of unseemly cults it is titled
D20Name 1
D20Name 2
D20Name 3
D20Name Connect