Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Semiurge's Reviews Movies: 3



I like horror movies, please rec your favourites in the comments. If you don't I'll feel like a goober for asking for them.

It's time for that annual event that everyone's been waiting for:

The Endless

Ah, the horror potential of time loops! Realized by only an enlightened few!

Shin Godzilla

Such a good movie. Scary, heart-lifting, very funny, Anno does it again! MFW baka gaijins try to make a kaiju movie. OH wowza zowza but they're big dumb action flicks X^D <= SHUT UP. They're not even good at that.

The Human Race

Love me a good battle royale, and this is a good battle royale. Doesn't pull punches. Semper fi.


Anyone else think John Cusack looks like Nicholas Cage? This is like the Oculus before Oculus, and I preferred it to Oculus.


Extremely comfy. Strangers trapped in giant, enigmatic murder-machine experience social breakdown. You ever get the feeling people have forgotten how to make good movies?

A Nightmare on Elm Street

A lot of the scenes where Freddy's chasing people are just goofy. I liked some of it but a lot of this movie is like when people say a work's foundational to a genre or whatever and then you watch it but don't enjoy it as much as more recent stuff because the more recent stuff refined what it invented.

The surreal/dreamlike effects and killings were the best part. Gotta have surreality in horror, but not boring surreality like Suspiria.

The Blob (1988)

Practical effects are so much better than CGI. Every MCU Ready Player 1 CGI garbage shitfest should be deleted, all those responsible burned. Bring back practical effects. Remember what they did to the Thing prequel? It was also named the Thing. They're doing a remake too apparently. Propagation of bad art should be criminalized.

I liked this movie.

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, & Her Lover

A movie that feels like a stage play, about the male fantasy of women being crazy into guys who eat alone at restaurants.

Albert Spica is a solid basis for an ogre.

Sumptuous stuff. Lotta fucking.

A Dark Song

Joseph Solomon is a solid basis for a wizard. Kind of works towards a higher purpose, but in a selfish, petty, fucked-up way.

The diagrams and movements within it and so on are inspirational for a symbolic/ritual dungeon.

Mildly creepy movie, best when it's two people stuck in a shitty situation together being alternately shitty and empathetic to each other.

Two Pigeons

Lanklets, when will they learn? The movie. I like to think I'm too paranoid for someone to be able to pull this on me. If you were the sort of person to go into every movie thinking "but, like, uh, what does this say about Capitalism?" then you might come away with something like "seeking personal revenge for being economically exploited will at best probably just take out a low-level, replaceable, rise-and-grind sap while leaving the system and conditions in place to make a million more as bad off as you".

These Final Hours

Great movie, brutal movie. A series of kicks in the teeth. Personal mortality is one thing, but total human extinction is another. Is all comfort of legacy and family ultimately cope? This one got me to cry.


  1. you should watch something by Sion Sono. Why Don't You Play in Hell?, or maybe Love Exposure.

  2. Have you seen The Conspiracy? It's not a particularly horrific horror movie, but I think you'd like it.

  3. I like The Lighthouse. The black and white high contrast and extreme isolation just works. Also - bonus points for gaslighting in a lighthouse

  4. Quite liked the Endless.

    The Cube is Breakfast Club.

  5. Old Boy. The original. Though chances are you've already seen it.