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D66(xD10xD10) Fantastical Fires

Can fire be loot? It can now.

Inspired by False Machine's post here:

Automated generator made with Meandering Banter's post here:

D10You find this fantastical fire:
1Burning someone alive.
2On a torch.
3In a hearth.
4In a brazier.
5In a lantern.
6On a candle wick.
7As a few bits of glowing charcoal clutched in the hands of a dead dryad.
8As a pack of magic matches that will alight as the fire when struck.
9Sizzling on the end of a cigar.
10Being plucked out of the chest of a screaming godling by a giant eagle with cruel eyes.
D66This fantastical fire is:
11Safetysnapper: If used to light a campfire, that campfire will loudly snap to warn those who sleep around it of intruders, and spit off sparks to defend the camp.
12Rustfire: Burns metal and leaves corroded dust behind. Doesn’t spread normal flames to regularly flammable things it burns near. Has a colour like burnished brass.
13Spitesear: Preferentially burns the damp and living over the dry and dead. Images like sneering, cackling faces can be seen in its flickering.
14Redripple: Burns outwards in a perfect circle. If prevented from doing so, by a patch of fireproof material for example, all the redripple in that circle is immediately extinguished.
15Proofing Flame: If it burns a living thing, then so long as the burn isn’t healed then that living thing will be immune to damage from mundane fire.
16Woodforger: Causes wood (and other flammable materials) exposed to it to melt instead of burn, and resolidify as they cool into new shapes.
21Smokeless Fire: Spawns djinni from the things it burns.
22Paleflame: Burns cold instead of hot, but still ignites flammable materials with more of itself. Its colour is an icy blue.
23Igniting Intellect: Becomes more intelligent and more capable of self-direction the larger and hotter it burns.
24Afterburner: A flame which only burns other fire. It’s twice as bright, twice as hot, and twice as wild as a mundane fire. Side effects may ensue if it consumes a magical fire or fiery being.
25Ashen Choker: No matter what it burns, it releases thick, suffocating clouds of smoke and ash.
26Houndflame: When a “virgin” sample of houndflame is allowed to burn something, it will forever after only burn identical materials, and its tongues will lick in those materials’ direction at all times.
31Perdition’s Rasp: Can’t ever kill those it burns, only torment them on the edge of death in perpetuity.
32Sacred Flame: Burns only the unholy, demons, and the undead (or whatever meets the criteria of unholiness within a given cosmology), and deals extra damage to these things. Its smoke smells like incense.
33Blind Man’s Burn: Burns bright enough to temporarily blind anyone who looks directly at it.
34Containable Conflagration: The one who lit a containable conflagration can tap it to compress the whole fire into an orb that fits in the palm of their hand. Later they can cause that orb to expand to its original size by tapping it again. If the fire splits into multiple patches then only one of those patches can be contained again going forward.
35Final Pyre: Anyone burned to death by it cannot be raised from the dead or contacted in the afterlife. Its flames have all the colours of a sunset.
36Actinignition: Causes mutations instead of damage when it burns something.
41Memosmoulder: Causes those lit on fire with it to forget that they are on fire with it. If anything is reduced to ashes by memosmoulder, it is forgotten by the world. You can never quite remember what it looks like.
42Darkflame: Consumes light instead of producing it.
43Goblinspark: Burns green, and bits of it can lie dormant and heatless, hiding in the folds of clothes and on the bottoms of boots, waiting until the least opportune moment to burst into rampant life.
44Snuffcinder: Devours oxygen far faster than a fire of its size should, capturing a pocket of the stuff beneath a shell of hardened ash to sustain itself while everything else nearby suffocates. The tongues of its flame seem to form covetous claws.
45Weeping Scarlet: Flows like a fluid, like burning napalm that ignites flammable things into more napalm.
46Cinereal Sepulchrite: Burns weakly, slowly, dimly normally, but if introduced into a dead or nearly-dead body roars to life and animates the body into a vector for its spread.
51Teleflame: Any sample of teleflame can be used as a (very hot) portal to any other sample that was once part of the same original fire. Glimpses of other teleflames’ surroundings can be seen in its flickerings.
52Tarnishblaze: Burns what the one who set it values, produces less valuable byproducts. Gold into lead, love into apathy, and suchlike. Its flame is so drab it might as well be brown.
53Intravenous Vulcanite: A scabby crimson colour, rises in globs instead of tongues. A symbiotic fire which burns up and replaces blood. If it fills your veins you’ll tire more easily but also release a gout of flame if you’re ever cut open.
54Scintillant Dervish: Spins up in wide spirals, shifting through every colour on the spectrum and a few that aren’t. Anyone who looks at it must save twice. If they fail the first they are entranced by the fire and stare thoughtlessly until hurt. If they fail they second, they must flee but otherwise retain their rationality.
55Lullabic Charrer: Burns with a pleasant hum rather than snaps or cracks. The smoke from its flame is soporific. Those who inhale it must save or fall into a deep sleep.
56Cookpot’s Companion: Always smells like a hearty stew. Anything cooked above it has its flavours magically enhanced. Worth a fortune to chefs and gourmands.
61Antifire: Burns smoke, ashes, and charcoal into what those all were before they were incinerated. Reacts explosively with regular fire. Its tongues flicker downward from a point above what it’s unburning rather than rising up.
62Inquisitor’s Beacon: Light cast by this fire passes through illusions and renders the invisible visible. Burns lies instead of fuel. Bigger lies burn longer. If someone who’s fed a lie to some inquisitor’s beacon ever speaks that same lie again, their throat and tongue are grievously burned. Flickers into the shape of the words of every lie that’s fed it.
63Flier’s Friend: Produces an updraft with significantly more force than a fire of its size should. A large campfire could produce an updraft strong enough to keep an unarmoured man aloft above it (though low enough that he would quickly roast).
64Fractional Flame: Only ever burns half of each thing it’s fed as fuel. Can be mixed with other fantastical fires to grant them the same effect.
65Wallflame: The fire of a wallflame acts as a solid, very hot object to anything flammable (anything non-flammable passes through as normal).
66Vermilion Vapourizer: Instantly converts any water it’s exposed to into steam without losing heat. Thermodynamics weeps.
D10Where did this fantastical fire come from?:
1It’s a plasmamorphic alien invader lobotomized by the relatively low temperature of this world.
2It’s the ghost-remnant of an immolated witch.
3An alchemical accident.
4A Molotov cocktail made with fermented soma.
5A qlippothic, rejected form of fire that has no place in the divine plan.
6It’s the misbegotten child of a wizard and a fire elemental.
7A library of grimoires torched by an angry mob.
8An eruption from the world’s inner flames.
9The bootstrap paradox of a pyromancer’s prophecy.
10An experimental dwarf-smithy, shattered by their enemies.

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D20x5 Variant Vampires

Why build the bloodsucking wagon when you can reinvent its wheel 3,200,000 times with the push of a button.

As usual, the automated list generator can be found here:

D20 These Vampires Feed...
1 For the pleasure of it rather than any real necessity. They can even digest normal food, but find it grossly bland unless soaked in blood.
2 Alongside their pet giant vampire finches, who share a relationship with these vampires like dogs do to humans.
3 Preferentially on people with certain blood-borne diseases, which are like spices to these vampires. They’ll deliberately spread those diseases to maintain a supply.
4 Mostly on slaves specially bred for blood production, ease of extraction, and docility.
5 By ripping out big chunks of flesh and vomiting out everything that isn’t blood later, like an owl pellet.
6 By pseudo-magnetically drawing blood from nearby open wounds into their own gaping, mouthlike pores.
7 Through long, translucent needles they grow out of their bones.
8 With a vacuum-sealed kiss, sucking all your blood out your gums and throat.
9 On congealed blood scraped from the veins of the dead.
10 Ecstatically, tearing their prey apart and lapping up the spilled blood with idiotic fervour.
11 With a sharp-tipped iron straw stabbed into an artery.
12 Rarely but ravenously, slurping down a dozen lives at once and then retreating to digest over months.
13 By sending out their transformed teeth to steal blood remotely.
14 By squeezing out peoples’ blood and fermenting it into something like wine.
15 By trapping people in webs made of veins which draw out their blood while sustaining them in an unpleasant half-life.
16 Through their luxurious, prehensile, and hollow-stranded hair.
17 With alchemical grafts that siphon their prey’s blood into their body while pumping out the brownish sludge that their blood’s become into their prey.
18 By boring a hole through the wall of a bedroom and inhaling sleeping inhabitants’ blood in the form of a crimson fog that drifts from their noses and ears.
19 Like a root, or a fungus. They spill blood on bare soil then bury themselves there to absorb it.
20 Off positive emotions, sucked up ambiently or right out of the skull with gummy lamprey-mouths.
D20 These Vampires’ Bodies...
1 Are reminiscent of fleas and ticks. They can can jump great distances, climb sheer surfaces, hide a sharp proboscis beneath their tongue, and swell up with the blood they’ve drunk.
2 Are boneless and disturbingly flexible. They can squeeze through any opening bigger than their teeth.
3 Are full of parasitic worms that spill out when they’re wounded.
4 Mutate into a gruesome, mindless monster when the vampire is killed.
5 Can separate into independently-acting limbs and organs.
6 Turn inside-out when the vampire is feeding, using its powers, or exposed to its weaknesses
7 Are ectoplasmic shells mimicking life over their mummified corpses.
8 Can explode into a cloud of hemovoric spores as a last resort.
9 Are as hard as stone, and morph to resemble a gargoyle as they age.
10 Are hollow skins filled with leeches. The collective consciousness of the leeches is the true vampire. If deprived of its skin it can hollow out a new one.
11 Can’t be stopped by anything short of total blood loss.
12 Can change in shape to resemble anyone they’ve recently fed off of.
13 Can be rendered into potent alchemical and necromantic reagents.
14 Become stronger based on how long they’ve gone without feeding.
15 Are puppets controlled by the vampire’s true self, which dwells in the realm of nightmares.
16 Can partially liquefy into a puddle of gore.
17 Can’t heal on their own, but can integrate the flesh and bones of the people they’ve fed on for patchwork repairs.
18 Can merge and melt together with each other to form a large, more deadly gestalt.
19 Are dragged into the underworld when the sun rises. If they grab onto someone while this happens, the vampire can drag down that someone with them.
20 Are three-dimensional anti-holograms cast by (un)living shadows.
D20 These Vampires Lair...
1 In the shell of a giant snail they’ve made vampiric as well. It can drain entire villages dry in a night through its extended radula.
2 In warrens they’ve dug out beneath a graveyard.
3 In a crypt outfit with opulent grave goods.
4 As carnies and freaks in a travelling carnival.
5 In the waters of an anoxic cenote.
6 In a crumbling castle enshrouded by mist.
7 In an asylum, posing as staff.
8 In a garden of carnivorous plants they live in a symbiotic, clownfish-anemone relationship with.
9 In a poor neighbourhood, stoking gang violence to cover up and enhance their feeding opportunities.
10 In a mine that partially collapsed and trapped a group of miners who turned to cannibalism to survive and became wendigos. The wendigos won’t eat the vampires (taste too nasty), and the vampires treat the wendigos like pet dogs, feeding them off drained flesh.
11 In the halls of power, trading hollow promises for dire influence.
12 Among the deep machinery of a factory, licking the leavings from industrial accidents.
13 Disguised as an eccentric but benign religion.
14 In an alehouse, preying on drunkards.
15 At the manor of a noble who sees them as an entertaining curiousity.
16 In palanquins veiled by black velvet as part of a merchant convoy.
17 In basements connected by smugglers’ tunnels.
18 Amid alleys so narrow and twisted that sunlight never touches the bottom of them.
19 In the workshop of a necromancer they share an uneasy alliance with.
20 In a museum. When no one else is around, they re-enact a long-gone culture they once belonged to.
D20 If These Vampires...
1 Taste your blood, you will be unable to hide from them anywhere.
2 Lay the bodies of a crow, a wolf, and a stag (or the closest local equivalents) on a fresh grave, the corpse buried there will rise the next night as one of them.
3 Wear the skin of a virgin, they will be unaffected the sun.
4 Touch something that was precious to them in their mortal days, it will burn them like fire.
5 Are in your home (or at least a building you’ve slept in), they’ll be invisible to you.
6 Feed their blood to predatory or parasitic animals, those animals will grow huge, ferocious, and loyal to the vampires.
7 Would be reflected in a mirror, they can cause it to explode into shrapnel-shards.
8 Attack a shadow that’s not cast by sunlight, they’ll harm the creature casting the shadow.
9 Are not destroyed after their final death, then whatever feeds or grows on their corpse will be infected with a fragment of their malign will and intelligence.
10 Feed on someone who is drunk or high, they will be forced into a similar state.
11 Speak to the dead, the dead reply.
12 Touch a book, its ink runs like blood from a fresh wound.
13 Cross a freshwater river, a water elemental appears to destroy them.
14 Speak soothingly to you then anything they do short of open violence will seem normal.
15 Cut out their own heart then they can reform around it if their body is killed.
16 Drink someone to death, they gain a fraction of their skills and personality.
17 Are portrayed by a painting, sculpture, photograph, or other image, that image will shift to become more monstrous.
18 Have a mortal child it will (1d4): 1, have all of their powers and none of their weaknesses; 2, have all of their weaknesses and none of their powers; 3, be normal if pale and sickly; 4, be stillborn and rise as a zombie that will stop at nothing to consume both parents.
19 Have grave dirt and the juices from ripe corpses they can mold them into fragile yet plentiful minions.
20 Meet your gaze they can fill you with a paralyzing sense of loss.
D20 These Vampires Originate From...
1 The wish of a decadent libertine twisted by their capricious bound djinn.
2 A demonic bargain for immortality.
3 The victims of a mutant hemotoxin.
4 A blood-cult afflicted by a bizarre plague.
5 A vicious priest whose body was unfit for the blessing of their god.
6 Hemovoric troglodytes that migrated to the surface.
7 Those exposed to the radiation of a second, scarlet sun.
8 Vintners who used an occult recipe distilled from blood.
9 People lost between life and death in the shuffles of the heavenly bureaucracy’s papers.
10 The experimental warriors of a witch-queen.
11 Children adopted by a bloodthirsty spirit.
12 Intermarriage between humans and parasites that lived on the body of a giant.
13 A wizard who studied too intensive into blood-magic.
14 The curse of an unhallowed sacrificial dagger.
15 A fossilized alien entity mistakenly thought to be a curious idol.
16 A cosmic parasite seeking avatars to establish a foothold in this reality.
17 A desperate, dying mortal who made a pact to fuse with a hungry ghost in order to survive.
18 Civilians mutilated by a spiritual superweapon.
19 Obsessive devotees of a genius painter who drank their blood in an attempt to capture their talent.
20 Dead folk that were too damn mean for hell to hold.

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D20x5 Humble Hedge-Mages

0th level wizards? Our panel of experts deliberates, but is silent. Always silent.

Meandering Banter makes-a the list-maker:

D20 This Hedge-Mage Lives...
1 In an astrological observatory cobbled together from junk.
2 In a treehouse atop a precariously leaning willow.
3 In the attic of a library.
4 In a moldy cave on the other side of a waterfall.
5 In the barn of a farmer they’re acting as a magical troubleshooter for.
6 In the back of a covered wagon pulled by poorly enchanted steeds.
7 A big barrel that used to hold salt. Its sides are still crusty with the stuff.
8 In an actual hedge-maze they cultivated from plants hybridized with their own tissues.
9 Beneath an upturned coracle by a riverside.
10 In a tavern where they entertain in return for shelter.
11 In their elderly parents’ shed.
12 In a hammock suspended between painted standing stones.
13 In a cottage dragged ploddingly along by scrawny, hairless goats’ legs.
14 In an abandoned animal warren.
15 At the bottom of a dried-up well.
16 In a tent made from a giant’s foreskin.
17 In a giant hollow bamboo stalk. Each node in the stalk forms another floor.
18 In the basement of a sketchy schoolhouse.
19 At the edge of a crater that glows at night.
20 On a sumptuous estate as the owners’ pet magician.
D20 This Hedge-Mage Keeps Their Spells...
1 In a very small book which requires a magnifying glass to read, hidden somewhere on their person at all times.
2 As fiendishly complex knots they unite to cast.
3 Written in the sole of their right boot.
4 In the form of birds in a big birdcage. Loosing a bird turns it into the spell to be cast.
5 In patterns of rust on the blade of their handy dagger. As they cast spells the rust flakes off to reveal shining steel beneath.
6 On the inside of an eyeless mask they wear.
7 Corked up in their skull. They pull out their head-cork when they need to work magic.
8 As patterns of tea leaves left in the kettle they always carry around.
9 In a small seer-stone they keep up their nose.
10 As whistles in the flute-like structures that’ve replaced their ribs.
11 As crude tattoos that wriggle across their skin.
12 As imaginary equations they solve to cast.
13 In colourful fishing lures hooked through their cheek.
14 Carved around the rim of their spectacles.
15 In little mouse-bone figurines they crush between their teeth to cast them.
16 Coded in the discordant self-strumming of their enchanted banjo.
17 In the pulsating and magic-bloated body of their familiar. If killed, the familiar will explode into each spell yet to be cast within them.
18 Symbolically depicted on a grotty set of playing cards.
19 In glyphic scars that reopen and bleed harmlessly as they’re cast.
20 As glass beads set in wooden rings they wear around every finger.
D20 This Hedge-Mage’s Most Potent Spell Is...
1 Speak With Feces. Feces generally have unpleasant personalities, and their knowledge includes the diet of the creature they came from, the creature’s physical condition as it relates to its digestive system, as well as details about itself that creature would rather purge.
2 Inadvisable Leap, which launches them a great distance into the air at an angle, but provides no protection against the return journey.
3 Hatch Eyeball, which causes one of their eyes to burst into a swarm of flying insectoid creatures. These creatures are negligible threats, but the caster can see everything they can see. If even one is returned to the caster’s empty socket, it can be reconstituted into an eye.
4 Grubmine, which transforms grubs and worms within a patch of soil into mine-like traps. Anyone stepping on an affected patch of soil is damaged as if moving through an area covered in caltrops as transformed vermin spring up and impale their feet.
5 Tonguetwister Taboo, which is a curse that inflicts 1d6 damage on its target every time they speak or write a statement that doesn’t rhyme. Only works on targets capable of language. Target becomes aware of the restriction the first time they take damage from it.
6 Resplendent Repair. Fixes a broken, non-magical object if it’s not completely ruined, and makes it just a little tougher and better at its intended function. Takes many repairs, day after day, for this improvement to become noticeable.
7 Pliaflesh, which lets them mold their own body like clay in their hands.
8 Attract Gold, which causes gold within a certain distance to roll toward the caster and adhere to them for 1d6 hours.
9 Haunting Whisper, which curses a target to hear a whispered, repeating message for 1d6 days or until removed, and prevents them from sleeping due to the noise.
10 Dehydrate Water, turns as much as a 10x10x10 cube into a solid chunk that’s a small of its size until it’s struck hard enough, then reverts explosively.
11 Sympathetic Candle, which requires a candle with a piece of its target embedded in it as a material component. That target will then melt as the candle does. Doesn’t work on anything larger than a 5x5x5 cube or harder than steel.
12 Protection Against Aggressors, which creates a line up to 30 feet in length along the ground which requires a save vs. magic from anyone who wishes the caster harm attempting to cross it. If they succeed on the save they still visibly hesitate. The spell breaks after three failed attempts.
13 Poppet Pal, which requires a little bread man be baked as a material component. When cast, its target gains enough temporary hitpoints to bring them to their normal total if below it. If the bread man is damaged, gets soggy, moldy, stale, or whatever else, then the temporary hitpoints granted by the spell immediately disappear.
14 Spirit Bottle, If cast on an incorporeal being in a bottle, they can’t leave the bottle until the caster wills it. Doesn’t do anything to help the caster get the thing in the bottle in the first place.
15 Appear Pitiful, makes caster appear supernaturally weak, harmless, pathetic. Those with more HD than the caster attempting to attack them must save vs. magic with a penalty equal to the difference between theirs and the caster’s HD or be compelled to perform a different action, unless the caster attacks them first.
16 Fertility Blessing, when the target next conceives children/lays eggs/bears fruit/etc., the results are 1d6 times more plentiful than usual.
17 Rock Rations, allows its caster to chew through and survive on stone as if it’s bread. Lasts 1d6 hours. Can chew a 5x5x5 tunnel through stone per hour. If used to feed yourself more than three days in a row, you will literally shit bricks.
18 Safe Zone, designates 10-foot radius circle (the safest of shapes). For 1d6 rounds, any damage dealt within that radius is non-lethal damage.
19 Mutual Stasis, caster touches target to lock them both in space and time. Caster and target become immovable and invulnerable, unaware and unable to act for 1d6 rounds.
20 Strangler Wig, causes its target’s head hair to grow into a noose, attach to the nearest anchorable surface, and then start suffocating them. If the hair is cut the spell stops working. Doesn’t work on targets without hair on their head.
D20 This Hedge-Mage’s Familiar Is...
1 A musty fox-skin that flies like an eel swims. Most of the time they wear it on their shoulder.
2 A hedgehog with a muttering, needle-toothed mouth in its belly.
3 A leather-bound book that flutters like a moth.
4 A forearm-sized leech that clings to their back.
5 A potted bonsai with leaves that whisper windlessly.
6 Something that looks like a smaller version of them, which they keep chained to their ankle.
7 A chicken with its head chopped off.
8 A pig with piglets budding like tumours off its body.
9 A large cracked egg which shouts in a voice only the hedge-mage can hear.
10 A rat king. The number of rats that make it up seem to change every time you look at it.
11 An articulated ivory centipede carved from some of their own teeth, and a few of someone else’s.
12 A pocketwatch with an emotive clockwork face and a metronomic voice.
13 A greasy-feathered goose with the face of a sneering old man inside its beak.
14 A two-headed garden snake that eats through one mouth and defecates out the other.
15 A flatulent toad with a toadstool growing out its back.
16 A black cat that appears fleshless and skeletal when out of direct light.
17 A pot-bellied baboon.
18 A muttering, obscene worm they keep tucked behind an ear.
19 A ragged and muddied cloth doll that moves when nobody’s looking.
20 A six-winged bat that speaks like a choir.
D20 This Hedge-Mage Isn’t A Full Wizard Because...
1 A thaumovore attack when they were a child robbed them of the potential.
2 Their habits are too odious for even other wizards to tolerate.
3 They were fooled into apprenticing to a charlatan and by the time they realized it their youth had been wasted.
4 They learned their magic in another world, and can’t access their full power here.
5 They couldn’t stay focused long enough for deeper studies.
6 They were intimidated by a rival into leaving the vocation.
7 They refuse to pay the price their familiar’s asking for the knowledge.
8 They don’t want to lose touch with common folk.
9 They believe magic to be diabolical and are ashamed to know as much of it as they do.
10 They haven’t yet tried reaching that level of power.
11 They got a fortune told that said magic would be their doom, but couldn’t resist dipping their toes in the subject.
12 Simply surviving doesn’t leave enough time for serious study on the side.
13 They delusionally believe they know everything there is to know about magic already.
14 They believe that magic is a zero-sum game and for them to advance a more powerful mage needs to die first.
15 A magical accident they caused while training killed someone they loved.
16 They’re too young to have managed it yet.
17 Their family had their teacher killed.
18 They insist on developing their magic from scratch rather than from others’ experience.
19 They refuse to believe that what they do is magic.
20 Their familiar is making them just magical enough to be a worthy host body without also becoming a threat.

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D10x10 Canty Cosmologies

Canty is a real word, fuck you autocorrect

Meandering Banter makes the list-maker:, I make the lists

D10x10 Canty Cosmologies

D10|This Cosmology Began...
1|As the vomit of the supreme creator after a cosmic night of hard drinking.
2|As material siphoned off from the original howling chaos by the trickster-creator.
3|As the disembowelled guts of the devil-king (who died that we may sin) spilled over the harmony of pre-existence.
4|Outside the bounds of linear time. For all practical purposes, it has always existed.
5|Designed by a committee of great spirits, archons, and abstract principles who couldn’t agree on much.
6|As a daydream of an ordinary person in a preceding universe, which grew far beyond their ability to contain, control, or stop.
7|Emergently from the interactions of fundamental theological particles like the asuron and devon.
8|As an ontologically corrupted shard cast off from a philosophically perfect universe-system.
9|As the blood and organs spilled in the battle between two titanic cosmic beasts.
10|Long into the entropically deranged future of our own.

D10|This Cosmology’s People...
1|Are the children of those lucky or cunning enough to escape an ancient extinction event, which legends claim will recur one day.
2|Are unclean spirits bound into physical forms for the generational procedures of cleansing.
3|All share the same soul, faceted into schizoid seeming-individuality.
4|Were made to be footsoldiers in a spiritual battle against disorder and wildness.
5|Were missionaries from another world, who splintered on arrival after finding they could not agree on a single doctrine to preach among them.
6|Are a tolerated accident.
7|Were given the gift of death to escape the horrid transformation that unlimited aging brings.
8|Are in fact mutualistic relations between many individual organs. Sometimes wild organs can still be encountered.
9|Are golems made from living flesh.
10|Are simply more civilized monsters.

D10|This Cosmology’s Monsters...
1|Ebb and flow with the passage of eons.
2|Survive extinction only by the grace of some higher power.
3|Are the weapons of a war that was over ages ago.
4|Escaped from the realm of dreams and nightmares into the waking world.
5|Are victims of magical contamination.
6|Are collective punishments for forgotten offenses.
7|Lost a contest to humanity long ago, and have sought to usurp the position it won ever since.
8|Are the forbidden offspring of humanity and the divine.
9|Are spawned from the sins of humanity congealing in dark places. Manticores are from spite, dragons from reptilian malice on a massive scale, goblins from impulse and carelessness, and so on.
10|Are shattered fragments of the ur-monster. They seek to dominate and devour from an unconscious drive to reunite into their whole self.

D10|This Cosmology’s Gods...
1|Can interact with the mortal world only through willing conduits.
2|Are sustained and empowered only by the sacrifices of their faithful.
3|Are failure states along the path to enlightenment, tangled up in temporal power and distractions.
4|Are ancient posthuman golems built to surpass humanity, yet tragically unable to transcend it.
5|Are mere fairies and djinni impersonating their superiors.
6|Departed some time ago, leaving only the divine equivalent of an answering machine for their followers.
7|Are eldritch creatures that exist outside the natural order, reaching into the world only where their cults and inauspicious events allow.
8|Are fading embers of the divine fire from the world’s dawn, still tremendously powerful but must ration their exertions to the occasional miracle.
9|Are an alternate branch of life that followed a path of singular power and static existence rather than reproduction and mutation.
10|Are ancestral spirits so heroic (or villainous) they managed to resist the pull of the afterlife and remain to influence the living world.

D10|This Cosmology’s Land...
1|Is a disk floating on endless waters.
2|Is the packed ashes of a previous, fatally flawed world.
3|Is encysted with entire abandoned heavens scuttled from above. If there are dwarves, these are what they dig for.
4|Is a feudal paracosm, with mountainous kings, baron-hills, craggy knights, and dirt-peasantry.
5|Thrums with deep music that worms dance to and fools follow into the dark.
6|Was raised up by the trusty hook of a culture hero. The whereabouts of this hook is a secret wars have been fought over.
7|Picks up the traits of what it’s soaked with. Violent blood yields aberrations, tears of joy bring gemstones.
8|Is made of a number of enormous slumbering creatures.
9|Yields up bountiful harvests only to those who know the proper jokes, songs, or threats for each tribe of stone.
10|Has uncertain geography, connected more by psychic relations than spatial ones.

D10|This Cosmology’s Ocean...
1|Is a prison to crush and drown rebellious demon-leviathans under countless fathoms.
2|Is just land that’s rebelling against its nature. Some day it will return to the fold.
3|Is an exceptionally large, diluted, quiescent slime. All lesser slimes have been distilled from its bulk.
4|Is and has always been at war with iron.
5|Has a reversed continent on its other side said to hold wondrous, impossible treasures.
6|Seeks to swallow up and drown all things.
7|Is the wild counterpart to domesticated freshwater.
8|Has many layers, each deeper and stranger than the last.
9|Is just a denser form of air.
10|Hides the gods’ mistakes.

D10|This Cosmology’s Sky...
1|Is the spilled-over stew bowl of a primordial giant. It is a solid dome. All the world’s plants and animals are descended from the ingredients of this stew, like pigs from the pork, wheat from its noodles, and so on.
2|Is a magical barrier to keep out the alien creatures that dwell among the stars. Auroras are the remains of creatures vapourized by the barrier.
3|Is a veil knit by mortals to hide the worst of their iniquities from the sight of the divine.
4|Holds a vast nation of nomadic demi-spirits.
5|Bears things aloft based on their pride. As the proudest of animals, birds are the best fliers.
6|Is a memorial to the divine dead.
7|Is the court of the sun and moon.
8|Is a solid world that can be reached by walking to the horizon and then up.
9|Is a concentric series of ever-more rarefied planes.
10|Was painted to give a beautiful vista to the world below.

D10|This Cosmology’s Magic...
1|Is a conscious entity that created itself in defiance of the divine plan.
2|Ripples outward from the core of the world.
3|Was taught to its people by a goat.
4|Is intimately tied with language.
5|Was originally bound in a vault of enchanted items. Each item broken releases a new spell into the world.
6|Is all that remains of another, weirder universe that crashed into it and came out the worse in the collision.
7|Is beamed down from the heavens when the stars are right.
8|Depends on delicate universal cycles.
9|Requires an inverted soul to wield.
10|Exploits errors in its physics.

D10|This Cosmology’s Afterlife...
1|Is an endless field of tombs where the dead might rage or weep or laugh for a time, but all eventually are drawn to their eternal resting place.
2|Is bordered by a river, which the good find gentle, warm, and easy crossing, and the wicked find freezing and impassably rapid.
3|Is an inverse of one’s lot in life, where beggars are kings and the cruel are tortured in turn.
4|Is merely a holding cell until memories and personalities are broken and the soul can be released to find a new host.
5|Is under constant siege by the souls of the unworthy.
6|Doesn’t exist. You die and then you’re gone.
7|Is split among the many territories of its gods.
8|Is a physical location which the living might trek to.
9|Is far larger and more significant than its living section.
10|Was stolen from its people by the worst sorts of monsters.

D10|This Cosmology Will End...
1|When the world cracks open to hatch the giant monster it was incubating.
2|When the gods become bored with it and no longer sustain it with their attentions.
3|In a procession of fire, then serpents, then stars with the faces of children.
4|Should the keystones that embody the foundations of its reality be shattered or twisted from their proper functions.
5|In a great harvest of ripened souls.
6|By a mirror of how it began.
7|By slow, inevitable decline into dust and salt.
8|By a plague that will infect reality itself.
9|When the last virtuous person dies.
10|Because of the awesome and terrible powers of an evolved humanity.