Saturday, March 11, 2023

The New Index

To celebrate 400 posts I am updating the index and having a warm glass of milk. Enjoy:


The Yellow Musk Menace of Outhouse Hill

The Imperial War-Beast: Lakedrummer

Twenty Minute Dungeons

Barebones Dark Urban Fantasy Scenario 



Abjurer Wizard

Action Movie Hero

Ascended Baneposter

Lich Aspirant

Master of Disguise

Monkey Breathing Δ Abilities

Monster Binder

Necromancer Wizard

Pickle Wizard (+ Jarred Loot)



The Most Rangerous Ranger

Maximum Recursion Depth:

Bottom of the Bottle Alchemist



Move Over Lovecraft

D20x5(xA Lot) Lovecraftian Servitors to Summon for ????? and !!!!!

D20x8(+9) Lovecraftian Entities that Didn't Make the Cut

Ex Chetera:

D20 Random Sex

D12 Reasons Why The Bookstore Nearby Which I Meant To Go To But Never Did Has A Heavy-Duty Lock And A Cardboard Sign That Says "DO NOT UNLOCK!!!" On Its Door

A Post Written Entirely With My Phone’s Suggested Words (Except For This Title); Or, The Most Impressive Thing In A World Of Human Flesh

How to Re-Colonize D&D in 7 Easy Steps


You Are Approached By An Upset Redditor


All Thrones Were Trees And Stones

Architectural Parasitism

Beware the Werewolf

Build a Witch Challenge: Miss Mulberry

D12 Castaways, Maroons, & Shipwrecked Souls

D20 Mooncalves & The Dooms They Foretell

D20 Other Kinds of Peasant Than “Farmer”, D20 Other Kinds of Noble Than “Rich Asshole”

D20 Reasons Why This Flying Castle/Mountain/Etc. Is In The Sky, Though By Common Sense It Should Not Be

D100 Answers to the Question: What's the Deal with this Town? 

D100 Things for this Weird Egg You Found to Hatch Into

Doing Names Backwards, With Devils; Or: A Method By Which One May Gain Inspiration From The Innumerable Subtypes of Monsters

GLOG-Style Dwarf Fortress Races (+ Horn Beetles)

How to Make a Magic Sword

More RPG Blogs As Fantasy Taverns

Mud Flood Dungeonry

Objects from Bebahidari 

Plot Hooks Drawn from PCs' Families

Psychomatic Mini-Dungeons - Secret Santicorn 

Quarter Hour Writing Challenge: Spice

'Round These Here Parts

The Dreams of Trees are Awful Things

The Hunter's Rosary 

They Are Hungry We Are Fat

Weddingcrashing & Random Tables for the Royal Wedding

What Is The Outrageous Deformity Of This Fashionable Lapdog? & Related Miscellanea 



A World in 13 Items Challenge


D20 Cozy Cottages

In the Land of Nod

Itaban's Verge



The City of Mounds

The Republic of Beards

The Silvertine Coast

What Cities Those Babies In

This House Has Many Walls


A Diagrammatic Examination of the Great Wheel


The Elemental Evils

The Quasi-Elemental Plane of Steam

The Quasi-Elemental Plane of Salt

Ravenloft Riffs:

Cultigens & Domesticates of the Lands of Dread




Break Jesus Out of Babylon

The Cult of Mak Thuum Ngatha

Wizards as Clerics of Magic

Science Fiction:

20 More Questions for Your Sci-Fi Game

Some Planets & Their Pantropes

Speculative Evolution - Teegarden's Star B - Part I

The Alien Depicts the Alien

Weird Modern:

D10 More Black Books

D12 Weird Radio Stations to Tune In To

D20 Additional Anomalous Media

D100 Answers to the Question: What’s In This Dude’s Car/Couch/Carrying Case? Or: Some Minor Modern Fantasy Loot 


Homo Occultus

Random Numbers

Ten More Fictional Modern Faiths

Uncle San


Alien Generators:

D20x5 Alien Abductees

D20x5 Alien Infiltrators

D20x5 Alien Invasions

D6x6 Apex Predators

Dwarf Generators:

D20x6 Dwarven Exiles

D20x5 Dwarven Mountain Halls

Elf Generators:

D6x6 Despicable Drow

D20x5 Eccentric Elves

D20x5 Elf-Knights 

D20x5 Elven Forest Retreats

D50x3(x20x8) Fairy Nobility

D100+ Phantasmagoric Fey

D6x6 Pithy Pixies 

Equipment / Loot Generators:

D6x6 Arcane Axes

D20x5 Bountiful Bows

D20x5 Comely Coinage

D20x5 Dubious Drugs 

D66(xD10xD10) Fantastical Fires

D20x5 Freaky Fungi 

D20x5 Grimoires of Forbidden Lore 

D6x6 Haughty Hats

D6x6 Heady Healing Potions

D20x5 Headstrong Helmets

D20x5 Eldritch Idols

D20x5 Illustrious Intelligent Swords

D20x5 Jangly Jewelry 

D20x5 Magic Weapons That Aren't Swords 

D100+ Ominous Orbs

D20x5 Potent Poisons

D100 Irregular Rations 

D100+ Saintly Relics

D20x5 Shocking Shields

D20x5 Wacky Wands

D100+ Winsome Wines

Encounter Generators:

D100 Encounters Along A Beach

D100 Encounters Along A Lonesome Road

Faction Generators:

D20x5 Barefaced Banks

D20x5 Bizarre Barbarian Bands

D6x6 Capricious Conspiracies

D20x5 Kooky Cults

D100+ Factious Faction Names

D6x6 Feral Tribes

D20x5 Gonzo Gangs

D6x7 Gith Sects

D20x5 Grotty Goblin Groups

D100+ Idolatrous Cults & The Idols They Adulate

D20x5 Non-Standard Knightly Orders 

D100+ Martial Arts Schools

D100+ Noble Houses

D20x5 Impractical Priesthoods

Monster Generators (D6x6):

D6x6 Abuzz Abeills

D6x6 Amazing Amazons

D6x6 Animated Armours

D6x6 Beholden Beholders

D6x6 Disembodied Brains

D6x7 Brownies, Domovoi, & Other Domestic Spirits

D6x6 Giant Radioactive Bugs

D6x6 Bubbly Bullywugs

D6x6 Eerie Ettercaps

D6x6 Evil Trees

D6x6 Facinorous Firenewts

D6x6 Giddy Giff

D6x6 Gloomful Ghouls 

D6x6 Gnarly Gnolls

D6x6 Gnomic Gnomes

D6x6 Halcyon Harengons

D6x6 Harsh Harpies

D6x6 Hydrated Hydras

D6x6 Killing Spirits

D6x6 Chthonic Kobolds

D6x6 Lively Lizardmen

D6x6 Loopy Locathah

D6x6 Masticating Manticores

D20x5 Mercurial Merfolk

D6x6 Mingy Mind Flayers

D6x6 Misanthropic Minotaurs

D6x6 Mystifying Myconids

D6x6 Nauseating Nagpas

D6x6 Ornery Owlbears

D6x6 Perilous Perytons

D6x6 Raring Ratatosks

D6x6 Savage Sahuagin

D6x6 Scornful Scarecrows

D6x7 Saucy Sphinxes

D6x6 Swooping Swanmays

D6x6 Toddling Tortles

D6x6 Trifling Treants

D6x7 Trite Tritons

D6x6 Worrisome Wights

D6x6 Wily Will-o-Wisps

D6x6 Wrathful Wraiths

D6x6 Wriggly Wyrms

D6x6 Wanton Wyverns

D6x6 Unctuous Umber Hulks

D6x6 Unique Unicorns

D6x6 Varying Vargouilles

Monster Generators (D20x5):

D20x5 Accursed Ones

D20x5 Angels to Summon for Chastity and Humility

D20x5 Baleful Bogeymen

D20x5 Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers

D20x5 Chanceful Changelings 

D20x5 Demons to Summon for Fun & Profit

D20x5 Demon Lords

D20x5 Foul Fallen Angels

D20x5 Genial Genies

D20x5 Genuine Giants

D20x5 Ghastly Ghosts 

D20x5 Grotesque Gorgons

D20x5 Hellacious Halflings

D20x5 Horrible Homunculi

D20x5 Hungry Ghosts & Unclean Spirits

D20x5 Mischievous Mimics

D20x5 Nasty Nagas

D20x5 Odious Ogres

D20x5 Odd Orcs

D20x5 Rash Rakshasas

D20x5 Ready Reapers 

D20x5 Assorted Slimes

D20x5 Spooky Scary Skeletons

D20x5 Trendy Trolls 

D20x5 Wizardly Abominations

D20x5 Variant Vampires 

Monster Generators (D10x10): 

D10x10 Cursed Dolls

D10x10 Deadly Dragons 

D10x10 Calamitous Kaiju 

Monster Generators (D100+):

D100,000 (Approximately) Goblin Churls

D20x??? Hideous Hags

D100+ Mythic Monsters

Monster Blender Part I

Monster Blender Part II

D50 Necromantic Nasties & D50 Goofy Golems

D12x??? Onerous Oni 

Some More Horsemen of the Apocalypse

D100+ Weighty Werebeasts

People Generators:

D20x5 Boisterous Bandits

D20x5 Brutal Berserkers

D100+ Busy Bureaucrats

D20x5 Calibans, Igors, Renfields, & Other Wretched Servants 

D20x5 Clownish Clerics

D20x5 Dastardly Dandies, Ponces, And Rakes/More Expensive But Ethically Sourced Underlings

D20x5 Evil High Priests

D6x6 Regretful Fausts

D20x5 Fearsome Fighters 

D6x6 Funky Fortune Tellers

D6x6 Frank Frankensteins

D20x5 Gratuitous Gladiators

D20x5 Hedge-Knights

D20x5 Humble Hedge-Mages

D20x5 Men With Guns To Come In Through A Door 

D20x5 Marvellous Merchants

D100+ Metal Gear Characters

D20x5 Ignoble Nobles

D12x8 Onionless Italians

D20x5 Pitiable Orphans/Cheap & Disposable Hirelings

D20x5 Outrageous Outlaws

D6x6 Particular Patrons

D20x5 Piecemeal Pirates

D20x5 Quixotic Questers

D20x5 Rival Adventurers

D20x5 Strange Sailors 

D20x5 Scattered Scholars

D20x5 Truculent Time Travellers

D20x5 Worrying Warriors

D20x5 Wicked Witches

D20x5 Weird Wizards

Place Generators:

D100+ Demiplanes

D20x5 Darkling Dungeons

D20x6 Dungeon Pubs

D6x6 Foundational Dungeon Fountains

D20x5 Harrowing Hells

D20x5 Haunted Houses

More Lands

D20x5 Dungeon Markets 

D10x10 Mysterious Megastructures

D6x6 Mousy Monasteries

D20x5 Forlorn Outposts

D20x5 Passages to the Underworld 

D20x5 Schools of Sorcery

D6x6 Empty Shrines 

D6x6 Suspiciously Spacious Sewers

D20x5 Sword & Sorcery City-States

D20x5 Atypical Taverns

D20x5 Tantalizing Trade Routes 

D20x5 Terrible Towns

D20x5 Wondrous Wizard Towers 

Science Fiction Generators:

Assorted Cyberpunk Tables

D20x5 Cyberpunk Megacorporations

D20x5 Post-Apocalyptic Scenarios

D20x5 Post-Apocalyptic Raider Gangs

D6x6 Rebellious Robots

D20x5 Street Samurai

D20x5 Supreme Space Marines

D20x5 Uplifted Animals 

D6x6 Memetic Viruses

D6x6 Xeno-Swarms

Superhero Generators:

D66x6 Speedy Superheroes/Villains

D100+ Superhero Names

D100+ Supervillains 

D20x5 Supervillain Hideouts

Uncategorized Generators:

D20x5 Astounding Alternate Histories

D20x5 Abhorrent Apocalypses

D1,000,000 Answers to the Question: What Do This Wizard's Magic Missiles Look Like?

D100 Answers to the Question: Where Did This Wizard Learn Magic?

A List of the 1,000 Most Common Names on Earth

D10x10 Canty Cosmologies

D100+ Company Names

D50x2 + D20 Conditional Invulnerabilities

D50 Dire Diseases & D50 Curious Cures

D20x5 Exquisite Eels

Five Tables of Medieval Dog Names

D20x5 Horror Movie Premises

D20x5 Horses (& Some Not-Quite Horses)

D100 "I Search The Body" Complications 

D100 Lucky Charms

D6x6 Murky Miasmas

D100 Morbid Miscasts 

Odd Job Mash-Up Generator

D100+ Mutations

D6x6 Podcasts

D8x2xD20x6 Cryptic Prophecies

Random Racist Political Pamphlets

D20x5 Radical Religions 

D100+ Surreal Sodas

D100+ Wars 

What Does This Goblin Smell Like?

Mechanics, Loot, & Similar Gameables


100 More Miscellaneous Magic Items

D10 Cursed Codpieces

D12 Ensorcelled Scabbards

D20 Miscellaneous Magic Items

D20 Extraneous Miscellaneous Magic Items

D12 Flaming Swords

D10 Culinary Curios

D10 Goblin Goodies

D10 Magic Maps

D20 Magic Rings

D50 Shitty Potions from Hack Alchemists

Some Three Word Swords

Ventriloquist Dummies of the Nine Worlds 

Mechanics & Suchlike:

D20 Fates Other Than Just Dying When You Reach <0 HP

Another Way to Identify Potions

Knowledge is Power; or: Magic Without Spells

Language Slots as Flexible Spells

Traps & Rooms:

D100 Tricky Traps That Might Not Even Technically Be Traps

D12 Obvious Traps with an Unexpected Twist

Twenty-One 21-Word Dungeon Rooms



I'm Writing For A Centipede Zine


Lessons in Running Horror from Six Idiots in a Dental Office

Book Reviews:

Pathfinder Bestiary 5 vs. D&D 3.5 Monster Manual V

Revisiting Lords of Madness

The Thawing Kingdom

Dicember 2021:

Days 1-5: Ammo, Ice, Child, Rage, Blade

Days 6-10: Shame, Daemon, Present, Night, Skull

Days 11-15: Forest, Help, Food, Ooze, Snow

Dungeon 2023:

Preliminary Notes

More Preliminary Notes

Week 1

Week 2


The Original Index

This Index


Interview with False Machine

Movie Reviews:

Movie Review 1

Movie Review 2

Movie Review 3

Movie Review 4

Picture Pong (with Phlox):

A Paddle Stirs the Water, A Paddle Strikes the Ball

About to Go Forrest Gump on this MFer

One Ponged Over the Pingpong Table

If We Dream of Plastic Sheep Are We Ping Pong Balls

Picture Pong (with Rememberdismove):

The Rememberdismove Strain

Swift & Silent as Lightning Before the Thunder

Things Have Learnt to Ping that Ought to Pong

Donkey Pong

The Endinning of the Begend

Session Reports:

Beyond the Bizarre Armoire 1

Beyond the Bizarre Armoire 2

Beyond the Bizarre Armoire 3

Beyond the Bizarre Armoire 4

Beyond the Bizarre Armoire 5

Beyond the Bizarre Armoire 6

Beyond the Bizarre Armoire 7

Beyond the Bizarre Armoire 8

Beyond the Bizarre Armoire 9

Beyond the Bizarre Armoire Extras:

Religious Primer



5 Monsters

5 Monsters Inspired by Old-Timey Halloween Costumes

5 Further Monsters

D12 Answers to the Question: How Does This Monster Move?

D12 Answers to the Question: How Does This Monster Perceive You?

D20 More Soulslike Bosses



Monsters in Collaboration with Filth Pig

Five Monsters in the Style of Throne of Salt

Grugach & Cooshee

Here There Were Dragons

More Inverted Monsters

One-Eyed King Anemone


Some More Animal Name Monsters - From French This Time

Some Non-Threatening Cosmic Monsters 

The Glitchling

Virtuesome Lilies & Lily Maidens

Slush Piles

Slush Pile 1

Slush Pile 2

Slush Pile 3

Slush Pile 4

Slush Pile 5

Slush Pile 6

Slush Pile 7



What Causes That Strange Black Lightning

Sinister: A Roleplaying Experience About Queering Handedness

No More Roleplaying



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  2. Congrats on 400 posts! Can't think of a blog that I've used more at the table than this one. Thanks for all your work here, fam.