Monday, January 28, 2019

D20x5 Assorted Slimes

God bless our goops and slops.

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D20This slime’s colour:
1Is red. Its touch is burning hot.
2Is blue. Its touch is freezing cold.
3Is green. Its touch is acidic.
4Is yellow. Its touch carries an electrical shock.
5Is purple. Anyone touched by it must make a save or else fall under its control.
6Is orange. Its touch is poisonous.
7Is brown. Its touch is a vector for a nasty disease.
8Is white. It’s vampiric, converting health it drains from those it touches into its own.
9Is black. Every 1d4 rounds, anything caught in the slime is annihilated.
10Is grey. It attacks by exploding and then reforming itself 1d4 rounds later.
11Is clear. It deals the same sort of damage as the last attack that hurt it.
12Is mirrored. Any attacks against it are reflected back at the attacker. The only reliable way to damage the slime is to do it indirectly.
13Is gold. It’s extra-dense, and bludgeons prey with its mass to mash them into a paste it can absorb.
14Is silver. It shapes itself into sharp blades to attack, slicing prey into bits small enough for it to absorb.
15Is octarine. It absorbs spells from the wizards, scrolls, etc., it touches, then casts them randomly.
16Is pink. Its touch implants spores that start off sealing a single point of damage, but increase in severity each round you don’t use an action to remove them (1>1d4>1d6>1d8>etc.).
17Is glowing lime. Its touch inflicts mutations.
18Is mauve. Anyone touched by it must save or be paralyzed.
19Is teal. It’s tactilely telekinetic. Anything it touches it can move for 1d4 rounds telekinetically with force equivalent to someone with a strength score of 15.
20Changes every round. Reroll its colour at the start of every round, if a 20 is rolled again it explodes or something, fuck.
D20This slime’s texture:
1Is chunky. It’s tougher than other slimes of a similar size would be.
2Is oily. It’s slippery and moves faster than other slimes.
3Is sticky. It can ooze up sheer surfaces and is even harder to escape from if it grapples you.
4Is lumpy. When damaged it splits into two slimes with half the health of their original.
5Is gritty. Its attacks deal more damage than those of other slimes of a similar size.
6Is foamy. It’s more fragile than other slimes of a similar size, but is also light enough to glide short distances.
7Is rubbery. It moves by bouncing rather than flowing, and can move very far after a drop.
8Is spongey. A swarm of vermin live symbiotically in its holes.
9Is runny, thin. Bits of it splash off when it is wounded. After it is killed in a fight there is a 10% per HD chance of the slime reforming in a weakened state from a bit of itself stuck to your boot, or in a crack in the floor, or wherever else, unless special care is taken to destroy every trace.
10Is tongue-like. It can track scents like a bloodhound.
11Is silky. The slime possesses an inhuman intelligence concerned only with acquiring more food.
12Is blissfully soft. Attempts to escape its grasp are based on wisdom rather than strength, as will more than muscle is required.
13Is prickly. It can fire darts from its own mass which carry its touch effect.
14Is abrasive. Any contact with it deals minor damage to people and equipment.
15Is clammy. It can mimic the colours and shapes of inanimate objects to aid in ambush, but its texture will always be recognizably abnormal.
16Is crusty and flaky. It leaves inert pieces of itself around its territory that act as traps that inflict the effect of its colour when touched.
17Is fuzzy. Bits of it cling to those it strikes, dealing more of the slime’s damage/effect over time unless washed/scraped off.
18Is ichorous. The slime regenerates damage over time.
19Is resinous. It can symbiotically inhabits the bodies of other organisms and will emerge to protect its host.
20Is turbulent. It must always keep moving, or else it dies. It can knock enemies back with a charge attack.
D20This slime prefers to feed:
1By insinuating itself into peoples’ bodies then digesting them from the inside-out.
2By clinging to ceilings and dropping on those who walk below.
3By diluting itself in bodies of water and dragging those who come to drink or swim in.
4Even over survival. It can be lured into obvious traps with food.
5On vegetable rather than animal matter, but won’t turn the latter down if hungry.
6By hiding in containers and enclosed spaces then springing out at whoever opens them.
7Less than it does to hunt. It will abandon sure, captured prey if a new opportunity for a chase presents itself.
8By being fed by others. It is subservient by nature.
9On prey in the throes of fear, and will instinctually attempt to produce dread and trepidation in those it hunts.
10With a minimal expenditure of energy.
11In order to fuel its own reproduction rather than its growth.
12On things it’s never tasted before.
13Like a scavenger, and by stealing other creatures’ prey.
14Like a parasite on a much larger creature.
15Like a swarm of locusts, leaving a desolate trail.
16By rolling down slopes and stairs like a flood.
17In the dark, without interruption.
18Slowly, with ample time in a safe place to smother and absorb its prey.
19On one larger meal rather than many smaller ones.
20On a particular organ of its prey, and nothing else.
D20This slime came from:
1The snot of a great demon.
2An alchemical experiment gone wrong.
3A glob of slime mold that got caught in a temporal distortion field and emerged hyper-evolved.
4The sputum of someone who ate a cursed fruit.
5The mixture of chemical weapons on a battlefield.
6The remains of someone who died of a liquefying disease.
7Dew that condensed in an enchanted bowl.
8Another dimension, where gelatinous life won out over solid organisms.
9The unfortunate victim of a modified disintegration spell.
10The creation of a fleshworker trying to mutate themself into a perfectly resilient lifeform.
11A bet between a theologian and a natural philosopher to see who could best recreate their theorized primordial ooze.
12Underworld cave-slime selectively bred into a weapon.
13The tailings of a mine of magical ore.
14The ill-fated mating of a human and a watery spirit.
15A meteor from an alien world.
16A wizard’s attempt to create the perfect pet.
17A flawed ritual to summon an acid elemental.
18A very bad idea for a new sort of paint.
19The degenerated nano-golem technology of an extinct culture.
20Necromantically reanimated stomach contents.
D20Extracts from this slime can be used to:
1Extract precious metals from alloys and ores.
2Temporarily animate potions into loyal mini-slimes.
3Treat gout.
4Disguise one’s scent.
5Coat weapons in an oil that temporarily grants them the effect of the slime’s touch.
6Create an ointment that temporarily grants the person who uses it resistance to effects similar to the slime’s touch.
7Eat through locks and other small devices.
8Flavour food as a much sought-after spice.
9Fill grenades that explode to apply the effect of that slime’s touch to an area.
10Moisturize the skin and retain a youthful look.
11Distill pheromones that allow simplistic, temporary control of other slimes.
12Lubricate the workings of arcane machines, bring ancient technology back to a modicum of functionality.
13Provide fertilizer for otherworldly crops.
14Get very high.
15Treat leather and textiles into superlative armours.
16Repel vermin.
17Distill alluring perfumes.
18Reform the slime in alkahestral baths.
19Clean silverware and other corrosion-resistant goods to a remarkable sheen.
20Prevent wounds from getting infected.


  1. I like it! I've been wanting to do a slime table for a while actually.

    1. Go for it, it’d be cool to see what directions you take slimes in