Thursday, August 31, 2023

D20x5 Peculiar Peasants

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D20 These peculiar peasants wear 
1 bonnets sewn with scraps of dyed cloth to resemble flowers.
2 belts hung with clattering slats of horn and antler.
3 shirts with astoundingly voluminous sleeves.
4 horsehair cilices, to scourge themselves of venality.
5 boots with split snake-tongue toes.
6 masks of a sort of painted papyrus, with comical features and colours.
7 mantles embroidered with their family history in an inconsistent combination of literal and abstract depictions.
8 an orange resinous polish on their teeth and nails.
9 blood-stained kerchiefs to signal their willingness to fight for their rights.
10 the mummified heads of their deceased pet cats as amulets.
11 iron rings adorned with chunks of salt.
12 nothing coloured blue, and they react poorly to those who do.
13 headbands with rabbit ears glued to them - sudden prosperity, brushes with death, and the like are excuses to add more ears.
14 long skirts regardless of gender, sewn with loops to hold tools.
15 lines of chalk face-paint reminescent of a bare skull.
16 ashen cosmetics to pale their hands and ears.
17 a curly-tipped dagger on their hip - the mark of their initiation into adulthood. That initiation involves sacrificing an animal and burying its bones - the sort of animal and the location of its bones are held to be potent occult secrets.
18 copper disk anklets, the more they can afford the better. The truly wealthy can have trouble bending their knees with how many they wear.
19 yellow-grass chokers as a charm against hunger and gluttony.
20 necklaces strung with glazed clay eyes to ward off evil magic.
D20 These peculiar peasants inhabit 
1 polypore-pocked log cabins.
2 woven reed huts.
3 hollow piles of sod.
4 cabins raised on stilts.
5 domed stacks of mud and tree trunks like beaver dams.
6 stone barrows, alongside the dusty remains of their ancestors.
7 sun-baked mud-brick cubes.
8 dug-out shelters in the sides of deep pits.
9 patched-up and piled-up tumbledown ruins.
10 underground villages carved out from soft rock.
11 multi-family apartments built like walled honeycombs around central shared courtyards.
12 wattle-and-daub cottages.
13 rock-lined trenches.
14 labyrinthine complexes dug into cliff-faces.
15 semi-nomadic wagon caravans.
16 caves painted on every surface by dozens of generations.
17 yurts made from the hides of many animals stitched together to resemble a balled-up chimera.
18 the stalks of giant petrified mushrooms.
19 floating raft-houses.
20 ancient shelters made from the bones of beached whales with sheets of woven baleen tied between them.
D20 These peculiar peasants subsist 
1 on deep-growing, torso-sized tubers. Excavating then requires days of teamwork.
2 on the regurgitated fodder and meat of wooly grubs that must be rolled around their grazing grounds.
3 on the fish and algae they can reap from the sea.
4 on the carefully-drained blood of beasts that have slumbered beneath the earth for eons.
5 on pudding made from the caecotrophs of the giant rabbits they herd.
6 on bread pounded from the inner bark of fast-growing trees.
7 on bitter berries grown in brambly hedges.
8 on bur-like nuts harvested by driving sheep through the fields then picking the nuts out of their wool.
9 on a fungus they grow on piles of fallen leaves.
10 on fist-sized ticks they allow to fatten themselves on their herds of skinny cattle.
11 on kudzu-like beans that grow everywhere rapidly. You have to eat piles of the things to get even a modicum of nutrients.
12 on a paste made from migratory butterflies, harvested in massive numbers as they pass twice a year.
13 on a thick and off-putting wine. The harsh fermentation process is the only thing that can make their water supply and rough cereals edible. 
14 off a soporific-sapped lettuce-leaf that grows up to a man's shoulder, and puts him to sleep if he makes a meal of it.
15 on locust-hordes caught up and stuffed in pots of honey to preserve them.
16 off the eggs of twisty-tongued ducks that're able to pluck up this'n'that creature of the soil.
17 on the nutritious, organic tar that bubbles up on their land.
18 on the fatty nuts of bonsai conifers.
19 on stinking, fermented jellies made from buried hay.
20 on yolk “milked” from the cloacas of oversized cow-hens.
D20 These peculiar peasants are troubled by 
1 their lord’s child, a vicious and unaccountable bully.
2 the recently increased zealousness of their priest, and that priest’s castigations of them for drinking and playing music.
3 a pack of wolves that have learned that lone and drunken people are easier prey than deer.
4 freakish and devastating weather that seems to emanate from an abandoned tower nearby.
5 a surging plague that lengthens and fuses victims' hair into a frizzy cocoon, liquefying them within.
6 treasure hunters following rumours of buried gold nearby.
7 a suspected witch among them accused of casting curses.
8 a heavier burden of taxation laid on them to fund a war.
9 brigands who've set up in an old ruined fort nearby.
10 giant bats with the heads of fat and sharp-toothed children that seem obsessed with ruining their preparations for an upcoming feast.
11 a fanatic attempting to recruit them for a people's crusade.
12 an idealistic monarchist seeking the true heir to the throne among them.
13 a slimy, sleazy siren taking up residence in their favourite well.
14 the leaders of a failed revolt holing up in their homes, and the sheriff pursuing those rebels.
15 an offended spirit undermining their livelihood.
16 their children inexplicably being born as monsters.
17 a landslide that revealed an entrance into a dungeon, releasing its foulness onto the land.
18 too many youths moving away to the city, prefering to try their luck there than make a living in the traditional fashion.
19 an intelligent monster lairing nearby, demanding tribute in treasure or victims.
20 an expanding market network making it more profitable to grow narcotics, with the criminal element coming along with that.
D20 These peculiar peasants entertain themselves 
1 by telling tall tales to passers-by.
2 by doing barbershop quartet-style singing.
3 by kicking the skulls of those their families killed in ancient blood feuds between posts.
4 by practicing a martial art which uses a quarterstaff or a pair of wooden rods.
5 by wrestling boars. Children begin with piglets.
6 by playing dice and making ridiculous wagers, like ownership over particularly squiggly clouds.
7 by dressing up as bogeymen and frightening children.
8 with contests of poetry.
9 by hitting precise targets with sling-stones.
10 by electing a ceremonial queen who leads them in imaginative festivities.
11 with traditional dances.
12 with feats of strength and memory.
13 by attempting to tame wild beasts into harmless pets.
14 with raucous, improvisational theater.
15 by attempting to predict the weather by various divinations.
16 by hurling darts into rings.
17 with the breeding of ever-more-flamboyant blossoms.
18 with rhyming word-games.
19 by getting blind drunk.
20 by training rats to fight each other.