Thursday, July 25, 2019

What Does This Goblin Smell Like?

Stink. Stank. Stunk.

Generator automator here:

D100What Does This Goblin Smell Like?
1Sweat and pennies.
2Moldy garlic.
3Stale farts and cigarettes.
4A dead dog in a ditch.
5Spoiled wine.
6Rotten eggs.
7Piss and vinegar.
8A drunkard’s puke.
9Blood and bile.
10Ants crawling up your nose.
11Crusty jizz rags.
12Rust and gunpowder.
14Burnt hair.
15Meat gone bad and marinated in a toilet.
16Crushed maggots.
17Pus and earwax.
18A leper’s taint.
19An open sewer.
20A necrotic colon.
21Unwashed ass.
22The floor of an adult theatre.
23Reused diapers.
24Snorted ammonia crystals.
25A sick child’s snot.
26Fried kidney.
27Salty rubber.
28An oven-roasted turd.
29The underside of an old log.
30Hot dog water.
31Moss and mildew.
33Putrid shellfish.
34Ingrown toenails.
35Smoked scabs.
36Tomcat musk.
37A mosh pit held in a pigsty.
38Choking, stolen perfume.
39Tar and feathers.
40A petting zoo tossed into a wood chipper.
41An overflowing chamber pot.
42Skunk spray and overripe tomatoes.
44A freshly-popped abscess.
45Greasy rats.
46Diarrhea on toast.
47Concentrated onion juice.
48A fungal infection.
49Mushrooms growing between moist fat folds.
50Boiled cabbage.
51Raw liver.
52Eviscerated fish.
53Rancid guts.
54A mismanaged tannery.
55A wad of chewed tobacco.
56Old coffee grounds.
57Decaying durians.
58Anal gland discharge.
59Terminal halitosis.
60A convention for the chronically flatulent.
61A barrel full of stinky cheese.
62Sour beer.
63A bouquet of corpse lilies.
64A handful of cavity-ridden teeth.
65A wheelbarrow full of horse manure.
66Wet dog and mouldering hay.
67Chlorine and exhaust fumes.
68Pond scum.
69Mud and deer spoor.
70A cat lady’s litter box.
71Huffed paint.
72Curdled milk.
73A patch of slime mold.
74Fecal pap.
75Amniotic fluid.
76Jellied eels.
77Penguin barf.
78Powdered lead.
80Lutefisk and verdigris.
81Pure capsaicin..
82Burning plastic.
83Owl pellets.
85Damp socks.
86Mashed pickles.
87Armpits and cauliflower.
88A spilled ashtray.
89Dried pig ears.
90A bundle of pubes.
91Ozone and methane.
93Baked compost.
94Festering potatoes.
95Fermented melons.
97A beached whale about to burst.
98Putrefying yoghurt.
99Slugs that’ve been stuck out in the sun for too long.
100Teen spirit.


  1. lol what a random thing, but this is great. #100 especially haha.

  2. How about one that smells like freshly baked bread but an outcast from goblin society because of it.