Thursday, August 29, 2019

D6x6 Gloomful Ghouls

Just one bite couldn’t hurt... right?

Generator automator here:

D6This ghoul looks
1emaciated, dressed in dirty rags.
2like a ruddy, corpulent fellow in a black funeral suit with stinking old wads of gristle stuck between their teeth.
3like a mummy with wet red eyes and cheeks peeled away to reveal sharpened molars.
4resplendent in decaying grave-good finery.
5swaddled in sagging flesh, like a bloated corpse that’s been pressed for its juices.
6like they did in life, only paler and with a wild, wolffish yearning about their eyes.
D6This ghoul’s personality
1is vivacious, irreverent, and self-indulgent.
2is subsumed beneath a bleak hunger, emerging into remorseful awareness only shortly after gorging.
3is darkly humorous and bitterly self-effacing.
4is splintered between that of a childlike innocent and a sociopathic predator.
5simmers resentfully towards the living.
6is that of a sin-eater, believing they take the evils of the world into themself to save those they consume.
D6This ghoul can
1assume the appearance of anyone whose flesh they’ve tasted.
2command carrion-eating animals with the promise of a shared meal.
3dig swiftly through the earth, and drag their prey beneath.
4launch their sticky guts out their mouth like a chameleon’s tongue to reel in prey.
5exude a cloud of mold that rots organic matter exposed to it.
6inflict compulsive autophagia on their enemies.
D6This ghoul became a cannibal
1out of desperation in a skeletally lean year.
2as part of the rites of a transgressively hedonistic mystery cult.
3to spite a murdered foe and rob them of a peaceful repose.
4without their knowing after buying meat from a disreputable butcher.
5when they were forced to by a pack of ghouls seeking to bolster their numbers.
6so that they might transform into a ghoul and escape the sickness that was consuming their body.
D6This ghoul prefers to get their meat
1through traps, trickery, and proxies, still unable to look their prey in the eye.
2fresh, to appreciate the way a cracked open skull steams.
3seasoned to perfection, a little luxury to obscure the beastliness of their unlife.
4from prey who’ve just been read their last rites, in the hope that this will win them a lesser damnation.
5through proxies like resurrection men, to throw off potential ghoul-hunters.
6after it’s been left to decompose for a while.
D6This ghoul
1won’t eat a child, at least not fully. If it’s been too long since they’ve last eaten they might not be able to stop from gnawing off some little fingers.
2wears a brass locket inscribed with prayers, a relic of their living days.
3can be bribed with alcohol, which takes the edge off their hunger.
4has become the servant of a necromancer, who will investigate and avenge their demise.
5has a jangling belly full of swallowed valuables.
6is an elder among their ageless kind, and remembers many secrets.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

D100+ Factious Faction Names

For when you're feeling baroquely overwrought.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

D6x6 (Fucking Why Do I Feel Compelled To Make This) Podcasts

In case you’re running a really weird Esoteric Enterprises game.

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