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D100+ Mythic Monsters

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More RPG Blogs As Fantasy Taverns

Format taken from Rise Up Comus here: http://riseupcomus.blogspot.com/2022/11/rpg-blogs-as-fantasy-taverns.html

Whose Measure

Aesthetic: The furniture and decor are old, but well cared-for - musty, but not moldy. Behind everything is a story. Its tables are round, separate enough for quiet conversation at one to be just barely audible at another if you strain to listen. The chairs are plush, easy to sink in to. Both hold secret compartments, drawers popping out with the clicking of tiny latches and buttons, messages carved seamlessly among embellishments.

Regulars: Intellectuals and artists - intellectuals who'd never be granted tenure at any reputable university, artists whose work won't be displayed in fancy galleries in their lifetime. Scruffy people, people with day jobs that don't involve much art or deep thinking, who accomplish ten times more in their field than those who've been publicly and popularly accredited. They compete and intrigue among themselves - subtle wars of style and taste conducted right under the nose of the unwary, who might be swayed as unknowing pawns.

Proprietor: A demure man simply called "Phlox", for the flower he keeps pinned to his lapel. He rhymes with the best of the artists, debates with the sharpest of the intellectuals, riddles with the shadiest conspirators. Once, way back in the day, the intrigues of his tavern broke out into open violence. Phlox stepped in to defuse the situation, and took the stem of a wine-glass through his throat for the trouble. The next day he was back, smiling and laughing with a circle of old-timers, the phlox on his chest fresh as ever.

On Tap: Sweet and cozy fare - hot and spicy chocolate, mulled wine, energizing tinctures, fruitsome liquers. The food is simple by comparison: breads, cheeses, and salads on little platters.


  • One of the tavern's guests is a bloodthirsty vampire. She seeks to convert others in the tavern, subverting their talents to spread and legitimize her undead curse.
  • A sword is hung above the tavern's fireplace - a magic sword, with a mild enchantment, yet it is part of a set which when assembled will release the full power of all its components. A band of philistinous thieves plot to steal it from under Phlox's nose.
  • A natural philosopher of some renown has stolen the work of one of the Whose Measure's patrons and passed it off as his own. That patron now wants to assemble a crew to artfully humiliate the philosopher and reveal his ignorance and venality.

Weird & Wonderful Worlds

Aesthetic: A bonkers motley, ever-changing by the day. Often garish to the point of hurting to look at for too long, but just as often appealing in a way you couldn't have imagined before you walked in. Small and crowded, but not cramped - the more you interact with the space, the more you find yourself fitting in like the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle. The only things you can be sure not to expect are the dreary and the flatly traditional.

Regulars: A peculiar bunch, each with their own distinct quirks and obsessions that by some combination of accident and ingenious design mesh together more often than not.

Proprietor: Max-A-Million, who may be some kind of giant, robotic beetle - it's hard to tell under all the prostheses and cybernetics. He claims to have been a scientist once, somewhere strange and far away from here. His former discipline is esoteric, hard to grasp for most, but he's able to apply it to the operations of his tavern in fascinating ways. Keen to argue on any of a thousand topics, but rarely takes offense. Has a good eye for people even when he seems caught up in some occult reverie.

On Tap: Like the decor - never the same twice, yet always at least a little zany. You might come in and be served a peanut butter squid stout, a fizzy durian-and-vanilla cocktail, a soup using a deep-fried beaver tail as its bowl, liquid rubies fired into your mouth with a blunderbuss, to name some very few options.


  • Bring in rare and unusual ingredients for the tavern's food & beverages.
  • A collaboration of the tavern's patrons unleashed an experimental chimera on the city - capture it without killing it for a big reward.
  • The tavern's caught in a disastrous time-loop that inevitably results in the demise of all its patrons - find the critical inconsistency to unravel the loop and save some lives.

Numbers Aren't Real

Aesthetic: Damp and drafty, hewn right from the cold, pale stone. Furs are heaped here and there for the taking, and a stiff shot to warm you up is provided at the door. Everything's built for someone half-again as big as you. Everyone within wears a mask - never unique to the individual wearing it, but some triangulated combination of animal and colour and expression.

Regulars: A tight-knit and exclusive bunch. Regimented in all their behaviours within the tavern's confines - the songs, their nicknames, the symbolism of the mask they wear and the drinks they sip. Those who deviate from the exacting standards are ostracized, or physically cast out if they persist. Feathery, spiral-bound books written in a smattering of personal ciphers encode the rules of the place, recorded over the generations of its patronage.

Proprietor: Never seen, at least not explicitly, but hinted at - the regulars can breathlessly tell you a hundred stories of his exploits. "The God in the Curves" is one of his names among them. The bar-top holds an ashtray that hasn't been used in some time. To use it or empty it yourself is taboo. His typical manifestations, according to the tavern's regulars at least, are an invisible wind, or a masked individual indistinguishable from anyone else in the establishment.

On Tap: Red wine, or cocktails of myriad exacting specifications. Food is provided on demand, to its orderer's specifications, dumped out the door of an iron dumbwaiter - however it's bound to the same baroque bureaucracy as everything else - if you order anything fried or basted in butter, you will be exiled, never to be allowed re-entrance. Olive oil seems fine however.

  • The mysterious proprietor keeps the devil himself trapped under the floorboards for heating. The condition of his binding is that he's told a joke he's never heard before that makes him laugh. Go and wrangle up jesters and jokesters so the place doesn't get too chilly.
  • A merchant in a nearby port city is withholding a shipment of premium olive oil amphorae. Sail out there and convince him by any means necessary, and thereafter receive a commission.
  • There's a cloggage in the delivery-pipes of the tavern's provender - delve into its seemingly-infinite array of hydraulic and pneumatic distribution systems to sort it out.

Throne of Salt

Aesthetic: Rustic and utilitarian - save for the flares of red, swatches of penants and banners taken from battlefields past swaying over the crowd. Laid out like a squashed horseshoe - letting those who just need a hot meal come in and out, with room to the side for those looking to put their feet up, and to the back for those needing a place to sleep for the night.

Regulars: Anyone and everyone who can respect the space and each other. The place is run more like a charity than a business - pay if you can, but still help yourself if you can't. On more than one occasion an aristocratic would-be freeloader has been tossed out into the neighbouring alley. Regulars back each other up in the establishment and in the streets, sharing resources, education, and cracking the occasional head that's asking for a cracking. Conversation within tends to turn fiery, only to be defused by the profusion of free booze.

Proprietor: A stout and scarred man called "The Dandy". Veteran of a dozen revolts and revolutions - uses the spoils and salaries he won from those conflicts to fund the place. Often overheard griping about something or other, but drops his own complaints quickly to help those in need. Has a fondness for astronomy, and will let those he's warmed up to borrow his collection of telescopes and star-charts.

On Tap: Ale, moonshine, salty crackers, salt pork, salt fish, and heaping helpings from any of the pots of perpetual stew the tavern has kept going every day since its founding.


  • The Dandy's war-chest is running low, and the Throne of Salt might struggle to supply all comers soon if it's not replenished. One of the regulars has let it be known that a corrupt and brutal baron will be shortly sending out a shipment of his personal stock of silver - the perfect score, if you're willing to risk the baron's retribution.
  • A few of the Throne of Salt's rowdier patrons are getting entrapped in a scheme by a secret police agent to squash the place and its rebellious sentiment. Sort them out before they give the authorities an excuse.
  • Oh shit - the revolution's actually happening! A crisis elsewhere drew off loyalist forces in the city, and rebel factions took the opportunity to seize control, at least for now. The Throne of Salt is the current, impromptu meeting place for the rebellion's squabbling leaders - forge a vanguard that can fend off the coming counter-revolution and maintain popular support, or fail like so many others who walked the same path before you.

Sheep and Sorcery

Aesthetic: Roomy woolen revival tents filled with delicious smoke from barbecue-braziers, wagons with bands and magicians performing circled 'round. A circus where the marvelous and unusual can show off, be at home. The tavern's nomadic - rolling it up and rolling out is the work of a morning. It can pop up as a welcome sight just about anywhere, accompanied by its herd of singing sheep.

Regulars: Weary travelers stopping in from the road, pilgrims who aren't sure where they're going in the end, country folk dropping in for some novel entertainment.

Propietor: A gentle and gregarious halfling by the name of Smix Chael who can switch on his larger-than-life preacher-man voice in an instant. Smix is a former adventuring cleric who gave up that dangerous life to spend more time with his family. He still performs exorcisms, turnings, marriages, and other such services pro bono.

On Tap: Clean, cool water and various juices - it's a dry establishment. Plates of mutton and veggies roasted over smoky wood-fires. There's also a boulder-sized hookah, the smoke of which takes the forms of its exhalers' dreams, but there's usually a long line for it.


  • A great and mighty mage has retired and is now working at the Sheep and Sorcery under an assumed identity. If you can find and impress him, he'll teach you a few of his tricks.
  • An old adventuring companion of Smix has come to the Sheep and Sorcery trying to recruit him for one last job - raiding the Catacombs of the Aurum Arachnoids, a legendary place, their white whale which they tried and failed to track down for many years. Smix is unwilling to go, but recommends you in his stead.
  • The Sheep and Sorcery has become lost among the innumerable worlds and planes after wandering odd roads - are you bad enough to lead it back to its home-reality?

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A List of the 1000 Most Common Names on Earth - With Embedded Automatic Roller, Because Who Has a D1,000 On Hand - Do Those Even Exist?

Per request of Josie on the secret GLOG discord.

These names are in no particular order, and come with no claim to accuracy - only what I've compiled from various sources. Skipped over alternate spellings of the same name unless I forgot to.

Click the button below to receive a name, or scroll down for the full list:

Special thanks to Spwack for the automatic rollernator: http://meanderingbanter.blogspot.com/2018/10/automatic-list-to-html-translator-v2.html

The List:
1. Maria
2. Nushi
3. Mohammed
4. Jose
5. Wei
6. Ahmed
7. Yan
8. Ali
9. John
10. David
11. Li
12. Abdul
13. Anna
14. Ying
15. Michael
16. Juan
17. Robert
18. Daniel
19. Luis
20. Carlos
21. James
22. Antonio
23. Joseph
24. Hui
25. Elena
26. Francisco
27. Hong
28. Min
29. Lei
30. Yu
31. Ibrahim
32. Peter
33. Fatima
34. Alexander
35. Richard
36. Xin
37. Paul
38. Bin
39. Lin
40. Sri
41. Ping
42. Olga
43. Pedro
44. Rosa
45. William
46. Thomas
47. George
48. Yong
49. Elizabeth
50. Ram
51. Sergey
52. Patricia
53. Hassan
54. Anita
55. Manuel
56. Victor
57. Sandra
58. Ming
59. Siti
60. Miguel
61. Samuel
62. Ling
63. Charles
64. Sarah
65. Mario
66. Tatyana
67. Joao
68. Mark
69. Rita
70. Martin
71. Svetlana
72. Patrick
73. Natalya
74. Qing
75. Martha
76. Sunita
77. Andrea
78. Christine
79. Irina
80. Linda
81. Laura
82. Marina
83. Carmen
84. Ghulam
85. Vladimir
86. Barbara
87. Angela
88. Peng
89. Ivan
90. Ekaterina
91. Qiang
92. Yun
93. Jesus
94. Susan
95. Sara
96. Noor
97. Dmitri
98. Eric
99. Zahra
100. Fernando
101. Esther
102. Jin
103. Diana
104. Mahmoud
105. Chao
106. Rong
107. Santosh
108. Nancy
109. Musa
110. Anh
111. Omar
112. Jennifer
113. Gang
114. Yue
115. Claudia
116. Gloria
117. Ruth
118. Teresa
119. Sanjay
120. Na
121. Nur
122. Kyaw
123. Francis
124. Amina
125. Dennis
126. Stephen
127. Sunil
128. Gabriel
129. Andrew
130. Abdullah
131. Grace
132. Anastasia
133. Mei
134. Rafael
135. Christian
136. Aleksei
137. Gita
138. Frank
139. Jianhua
140. Mo
141. Karen
142. Masmaat
143. Brian
144. Christopher
145. Xiaoyan
146. Rajesh
147. Mustafa
148. Eva
149. Bibi
150. Monica
151. Oscar
152. Andre
153. Catherine
154, Kai
155. Ramesh
156. Sona
157. Liping
158. Mina
159. Ashok
160. Rose
161. Manoj
162. Ning
163. Rekha
164. Chen
165. Lan
166. Aung
167. Suresh
168. Anil
169. Mehmet
170. Syed
171. Vijay
172. Kevin
173. Adam
174. Zhen
175. Julio
176. Angel
177. Edward
178. Julia
179. Victoria
180. Cheng
181. Ronald
182. Lakshmi
183. Veronica
184. Roman
185. Ismail
186. Margaret
187. Luz
188. Silvia
189. Kamal
190. Raju
191. Walter
192. Lisa
193. Nadezhda
194. Marco
195. Albert
196. Alice
197. Asha
198. Xiang
199. Isabel
200. Zainab
201. Michelle
202. Long
203. Pierre
204. Saleh
205. Haiyan
206. Felix
207. Salma
208. Hector
209. Manju
210. Jan
211. Joyce
212. Jessica
213. Lucia
214. Pavel
215. Hai
216. Nadia
217. Jianping
218. Jacqueline
219. Halima
220. Nan
221. Benjamin
222. Rama
223. Rebecca
224. Vera
225. Vinod
226. Kun
227. Khalid
228. Ramon
229. Sharon
230. Suman
231. Lihua
232. Shanti
233. Zaw
234. Bruno
235. Monica
236. Maksim
237. Kenneth
238. Helen
239. Rina
240. Zhiqiang
241. Anton
242. Raul
243. Xiaohong
244. Wai
245. Betty
246. Nelson
247. Igor
248. Adriana
249. Pablo
250. Raj
251. Regina
252. Rajendra
253. Brenda
254. Sani
255. Hussein
256. Gul
257. Sima
258. Giuseppe
259. Dinesh
260. Tatiana
261. Bernard
262. Gary
263. Sita
264. Javier
265. Shan
266. Hasan
267. Ni
268. Moses
269. Agnes
270. Cesar
271. Xiaoli
272. Usha
273. Alfredo
274. Meng
275. Jianguo
276. Kiran
277. Rani
278. Carol
279. Ha
280. Isaac
281. Krishna
282. Raymond
283. Erica
284. Jianjun
285. Blanca
286. Deborah
287. Amanda
288. Gladys
289. Florence
290. Asma
291. Usman
292. Donald
293. Lijuan
294. Zhi
295. Stephanie
296. Tingting
297. Saeed
298. Edgar
299. Maya
300. Han
301. Mahdi
302. Khadija
303. Ruben
304. Tuan
305. Jason
306. Ei
307. Doris
308. Darya
309. Cecilia
310. Umar
311. Cynthia
312. Gustavo
313. Kim
314. Lucas
315. Zin
316. Xuan
317. Abdo
318. Moussa
319. Amit
320. Xiaoling
321. Yuanyuan
322. Beatrice
323. Xiaodong
324. Hung
325. Scott
326. Ajay
327. Alina
328. Denise
329. Pushpa
330. Joan
331. Leonardo
332. Ravi
333. Virginia
334. Hamid
335. Alain
336. Lyubov
337. Xiaoming
338. Mohan
339. Hans
340. Xing
341. Laoshi
342. Santos
343. Di
344. Haji
345. Felipe
346. Amal
347. Bekele
348. Donna
349. Yolando
350. Hugo
351. Yin
352. Qiong
353. Ayse
354. Phuong
355. Melissa
356. Quan
357. Wilson
358. Trang
359. Giovanni
360. Larry
361. Hang
362. Elias
363. Zhigang
364. Jamila
365. Kelly
366. Osman
367. Savita
368. Xiaoying
369. Philip
370. Oksana
371. Raja
372. Dorothy
373. Zhiwei
374. Sultan
375. Ernesto
376. Jianfeng
377. Xiaohui
378. Xiaomei
379. Oleg
380. Ruslan
381. Shu
382. Song
383. Shirley
384. Hongemi
385. Dung
386. Xuemei
387. Justin
388. Shiv
389. Enrique
390. Serhei
391. Vanessa
392. Prakash
393. Jitendra
394. Susana
395. Douglas
396. Saroj
397. Bashir
398. Elsa
399. Samir
400. Abbas
401. Aya
402. Sarita
403. Chunyan
404. Guillermo
405. Jinhua
406. Mai
407. Thu
408. Hongwei
409. Leila
410. Weiwei
411. Dongmei
412. Tong
413. Konstantin
414. Tania
415. Aziz
416. Pascal
417. Fred
418. Tamara
419. Naseem
420. Ryan
421. Lucy
422. Surendra
423. Jyoti
424. Zhihua
425. Sabina
426. Guadalupe
427. Salim
428. Mahendra
429. Guoqiang
430. Salah
431. Ilya
432. Leticia
433. Nasir
434. Sadia
435. Narayan
436. Kavita
437. Pramod
438. Pa
439. Sofia
440. Hari
441. Chi
442. Yasmin
443. Shuang
444. Zhiming
445. Petra
446. Rahul
447. Xiaojun
448. Nina
449. Mahesh
450. Sumitra
451. Nirmala
452. Ingrid
453. Ganesh
454. Joy
455. Jeanne
456. Jeremy
457. Weidong
458. Agus
459. Pamela
460. Sangita
461. Karim
462. Xiaofeng
463. Irma
464. Timothy
465. Mercy
466. Amy
467. Jianming
468. Sushila
469. Anwar
470. Xiaohua
471. Magdalena
472. Lalita
473. Lyudmila
474. Yanping
475. Gopal
476. Carla
477. Shankar
478. Mira
479. Adrian
480. Rachel
481. Savitri
482. Hiroshi
483. Alan
484. Zhiyong
485. Edith
486. Vincent
487. Sunday
488. Huan
489. Chun
490. Alfred
491. Arun
492. Diego
493. Galina
494. Kenji
495. Emma
496. Evelyn
497. Radha
498. Brigitte
499. Mukesh
500. Urmila
501. Abdelkader
502. Brahim
503. Inji
504. Djamel
505. Hamza
506. Tareq
507. Bakary
508. Modibo
509. Sekou
510. Souleymane
511. Wassim
512. Ayoub
513. Naim
514. Amir
515. Lethabo
516. Lubanzi
517. Enzokule
518. Banele
519. Junior
520. Lethokuhle
521. Ayabonga
522. Siyabonga
523. Omphile
524. Lyna
525. Esperanza
526. Milagrosa
527. Reem
528. Rania
529. Hoda
530. Nesreen
531. Aminata
532. Oumou
533. Djeneba
534. Bintou
535. Fanta
536. Kadiatou
537. Nour
538. Assia
539. Nora
540. Lisakhanya
541. Lesedi
542. Okuhle
543. Rethabile
544. Shayma
545. Khawla
546. Mateo
547. Bautista
548. Noah
549. Benicio
550. Thiago
551. Ciro
552. Liam
553. Arthur
554. Dylan
555. Gael
556. Theo
557. Jackson
558. Maximiliano
559. Nathan
560. Aiden
561. Ian
562. Agustin
563. Emiliano
564. Jeronimo
565. Inuk
566. Malik
567. Minik
568. Inunnguag
569. Ulloriaq
570. Norsaq
571. Aputsiaq
572. Ivik
573. Miki
574. Qillaq
575. Maligiaq
576. Inutsiaq
577. Nuka
578. Salik
579. Joshua
580. Stanley
581. Malachi
582. Jordan
583. Kyle
584. Oliver
585. Ethan
586. Henry
587. Sebastian
588. Joaquin
589. Mia
590. Catalina
591. Delfina
592. Roxana
593. Rosmery
594. Heloisa
595. Amelia
596. Chloe
597. Aria
598. Zoey
599. Lily
600. Mila
601. Luna
602. Harper
603. Micaela
604. Antonella
605. Fahd
606. Narek
607. Monte
608. Hayk
609. Tigran
610. Areg
611. Muchen
612. Haoyu
613. Elchin
614. Vugar
615. Murad
616. Aykhan
617. Elnur
618. Elshan
619. Mingze
620. Rashad
621. Yichen
622. Yuze
623. Haoran
624. Yize
625. Yuxuan
626. Muyang
627. Kazi
628. Sheikh
629. Viraj
630. Rishaan
631. Ayansh
632. Shivansh
633. Kiaan
634. Atharv
635. Advik
636. Hydar
637. Reza
638. Yehuda
639. Ren
640. Charbel
641. Haruto
642. Aoi
643. Itsuki
644. Minato
645. Asahi
646. Ritsu
647. Alikhan
648. Nurislam
649. Alinur
650. Chuluun
651. Wan
652. Batkhaan
653. Sukhbataar
654. Naranbaatar
655. Manish
656. Siddhartha
657. Elie
658. Jacob
659. Seo-jun
660. Ha-joon
661. Do-yun
662. Eun-woo
663. Si-woo
664. Ji-ho
665. Ye-jun
666. Ju-won
667. Min-jun
668. Chia-hao
669. Chih-ming
670. Chun-chieh
671. Chien-hung
672. Chun-hung
673. Chih-hao
674. Chih-wei
675. Wen-hsiung
676. Chin-lung
677. Chih-chiang
678. Somchai
679. Somsak
680. Somporn
681. Somboon
682. Prasert
683. Mirac
684. Eymen
685. Alparslan
686. Sevinij
687. Gunel
688. Sevda
689. Aygun
690. Yinuo
691. Ruoxi
692. Yihan
693. Yinuo
694. Zihan
695. Yimo
696. Yutong
697. Xinyi
698. Yuxi
699. Prisha
700. Aadhya
701. Amyra
702. Inaya
703. Pari
704. Siya
705. Kyra
706. Dhriti
707. Riko
708. Rin
709. Hina
710. Mio
711. Yuina
712. An
713. Tuleen
714. Althea
715. Bismah
716. Khongordzol
717. Oyunbileg
718. Bayarmaa
719. Bolormaa
720. Odval
721. Sherifa
722. Niharika
723. Asmita
724. Fozia
725. Rabina
726. Shristi
727. Tsumugi
728. Himari
729. Mersana
730. Jori
731. Ava
732. Zeinab
733. Camila
734. Savannah
735. Brianna
736. Judeline
737. Aviana
738. Paninnguaq
739. Malu
740. Pipaluk
741. Niviaq
742. Ivalu
743. Uiloq
744. Nivi
745. Ivaana
746. Celeste
747. Aitana
748. Luciana
749. Trinidad
750. Charlotte
751. Lianne
752. Princess
753. Roko
754. Connor
755. Cilian
756. Arlo
757. Lorenzo
758. Jokubas
759. Herkus
760. Adomas
761. Dragan
762. Zoran
763. Finn
764. Pavel
765. Relja
766. Simon
767. Darius
768. Klea
769. Ambra
770. Polina
771. Androula
772. Freja
773. Adela
774. Dominic
775. Ivy
776. Bence
777. Roel
778. Roan
779. Aaron
780. Shu-hua
781. I-chun
782. Shu-chen
783. Shu-chuan
784. Li-hua
785. Mei-hui
786. Ya-ting
787. Mei-ling
788. Shu-hui
789. Shu-fen
790. Ji-a
791. Soo-ah
792. Ji-woo
793. Ji-yoo
794. Ha-rin
795. Seo-yun
796. Ha-eun
797. Seo-ah
798. Ha-yoon
799. Ji-an
800. Latifa
801. Enzo
802. Hannah
803. Ada
804. Willow
805. Kyriaki
806. Ioanna
807. Vesna
808. Isla
809. Ida
810. Ulfur
811. Johann
812. Gunnar
813. Guomundur
814. Jokull
815. Athanasios
816. Vasileios
817. Panagiotis
818. Ionannis
819. Nela
820. Nahia
821. Yelena
822. Milica
823. Dunja
824. Izaro
825. Irati
826. Marharyta
827. Solomiya
828. Kiwa
829. Kairo
830. Manaia
831. Mikaere
832. Koa
833. Ari
834. Nikau
835. Teiki
836. Moana
837. Marama
838. Teva
839. Tamatoa
840. Tapuraii
841. Matilda
842. Ella
843. Maeve
844. Titaina
845. Heikapu
846. Kora
847. Karl
848. Mamta
849. Mercedes
850. Shigeru
851. Farida
852. Hawa
853. Sakina
854. Jianxin
855. Marcel
856. Wolfgang
857. Nam
858. Myat
859. Guohua
860. Tara
861. Abraham
862. Jay
863. Imran
864. Sai
865. Jamal
866. Thao
867. Jianzhong
868. Phyo
869. Roland
870. Hatice
871. Jules
872. Jayden
873. Kyro
874. Mason
875. Nozomi
876. Joel
877. Neil
878. Ines
879. Leonie
880. Oceana
881. Cristobal
882. Fernanda
883. Javiera
884. Constanza
885. Ashley
886. Madison
887. Nil
888. Abigail
889. Jocelyn
890. Rowena
891. Miyu
892. Yaritza
893. Navy
894. Kokoro
895. Jade
896. Emika
897. Milan
898. Tobias
899. Sander
900. Artjom
901. Rasmus
902. Veeti
903. Joona
904. Clement
905. Quentin
906. Levente
907. Dovydas
908. Magnus
909. Xavier
910. Sydney
911. Chiara
912. Amoura
913. Aurora
914. Sekani
915. Ermias
916. Archie
917. Ambrose
918. Alejandro
919. Eugene
920. Rustam
921. Lorena
922. Thierry
923. Kailash
924. Bernadette
925. Sandeep
926. Heinz
927. Faith
928. Saraswati
929. Chandra
930. Yen
931. Tien
932. Kirill
933. Shakuntala
934. Roy
935. Maha
936. Nasreen
937. Gerhard
938. Dora
939. Sabrina
940. Haiying
941. Pei
942. Bharat
943. Dolores
944. Faisal
945. Hoang
946. Katsumi
947. Nestor
948. Masako
949. Kassa
950. Shizuka
951. Sachiko
952. Ravindra
953. Jianwei
954. Yanhua
955. Manfred
956. Guy
957. Umesh
958. Habiba
959. Thuy
960. Yvonne
961. Yanhong
962. Klaus
963. Prem
964. Ngoc
965. Ranjit
966. Liming
967. Fabio
968. Abel
969. Van
970. Rashid
971. Robin
972. Amadou
973. Parvati
974. Weihua
975. Eunice
976. Sheila
977. Gerardo
978. Ashraf
979. Rodolfo
980. Marlene
981. Lilian
982. Om
983. Jim
984. Yanling
985. Ursula
986. Cong
987. Werner
988. Pradip
989. Zhijun
990. Olha
991. Sylvia
992. Subhash
993. Valerie
994. Elvira
995. Stella
996. Wendy
997. Punam
998. Hilda
999. Nabil
1000. Uma

Monday, November 7, 2022

Slush Pile 6

Culture that never goes outside without their heads covered - believe their ancestors offended the stars, and will destroy them if they make themselves visible - they’re right

A portrait so perfectly representative that it develops its own intelligent spirit. Years pass, the portrait’s subject grows older, and the portrait becomes disgusted with its subject, believing it must kill them and become the “true” person. Uses madmen obsessed with it, art thieves, gallery owners, etc., as the tools to do it.

“Sparklock” weapons of the post-apocalypse use batteries to ignite their powder

Order of assassins who wire their pistols up around their arms, blowing their veins open after they take a shot

The Insane Clown Posse’s dark carnival as a domain of dread

Domain of dread set in/around mine or something along those lines, curse is the miners become more and more suffused with the stuff they mine - crystals splitting skin, hands fusing into clubs of ruddy ore - becoming monsters, a new crew needing to be recruited by more-or-less coercive methods in a grim and futile cycle

Mareld - the sea glow

Acthnici- the salamanders-over-the-water

Reifs of the upper air (like reef + reify) - lush ecologies where the air grows so thin that ideas can push through into the material - flocks of micro-national principalities scatter before a swooping Empire, an old and milky-eyed Justice has Corruption and Venality perch on its back, picking up the scraps of its mistargeted kills
-Waterspouts are bridges to the middle air - and the middle air is home to zeppelinoid life derived from throat-inflating frogs, air plankton, and suchlike

A barren old tree. Impale eyes upon its branches to see throughout time, across the whole lifespan of the tree.

The Rotary Rosary - a divine implement that lets one outrace even death

"they wait patiently for the nightmares that will wake them into a more passionate world"

A silent knight in dented armour sitting at the entrance of a dungeon, cutting down any monsters that try to leave

"Uncontacted Amazon tribe", but it's workers who've become lost and feral in the back shelves of an Amazon warehouse

Murrain - various infectious diseases afflicting sheep and cattle

GLOG class based on self-mutation

Boss/prisoner at bottom of dungeon able to project illusory duplicates higher up to hinder, confuse, maybe even help

Cyberspace ecosystem - insurance rate hikers stalk prey and get them into accidents, hatecurse bodyjackers seek a way into flesh to torment and kill their target, firestorm sporulators overclock digital infrastructure until the heat build-up explodes its 3-D printed offspring into the upper atmosphere, extremophile - lures and isolates people into ideological cysts, escalates and infects surveillance when their prey gets put on watchlists

Something-crawling across the ioun stones orbiting an archmage's head

A head in the sky like a low-hanging moon - decapitated monsters roam the streets - if the head can see you, then so can the monsters

Stilt-walking priests venerating the crucified corpses of giants

The Ambiguous Latch - turns windows into doors and doors into windows

Mortar-martyrs sacrifice themselves to repair the walls of the Bastion Against the End of the World

The owl-boys - awful children who perch in the woods, big black eyes and heads turned all the way around, muttering with mouths full of black fangs like a dozen beaks

Headless statue in dungeon, skulls and heads can be placed upon the stump of its neck and interrogated as speak with dead, but pissing off the head has chance of causing statue to animate as stone golem or whatever

Rune on mural depicts sequence of rooms in dungeon to move through to open secret door/disable a powerful wandering monster/etc, it's shaped like a criss-crossing squiggle or whatever

Limbic Lombrics, ethereal spell-fauna that can take up residence even in the brains of non-wizards, feeding off strong instincts and gut feelings and expelling arcane effluvia when its host feels fear or anger in the form of poltergeist activity

Hedgehog-riding hedge-knights of the prickley wilds, wearing sugar-glazed flower blossoms as armour and the horns of beetles as lance-tips

Sundial puzzle - riddle that points to number on the dial, opens secret entrance to dungeon or something at that time of day
-trap in the sundial dungeon: roof studded with lenses that focus sunlight into burning beams during daytime - same hallway is filled with shadows or similar light-fearing creatures at night - breakings lenses is easy way of disabling trap, but the optics themselves are valuable treasure if pried out
-puzzle-room in the sundial dungeon: shadows within the room are solid structures (shadows cast by obstructing light, not shadows as the monster), can rearrange objects or stand in place to cast shadow over mist or smoke to create a bridge to get treasure or somesuch

Reindeer-riding bandits raiding the sled-trains which criss-cross the frozen oceans of the utter north - trains carrying lightning-struck amber, luxurious furs, the fist-sized pearls of white oysters that cling to the underside of ice shelves, the anagathic sap of the eternal pines, scrimshawed whale ivory, auroral lights captured in crystal prisms, meteoric iron, idols of bone and hair which contain killing spirits

A helmet mounted with a walrus's head, its tusks hinged and attached to the visor
-halflings riding gazelles, using slingshots tied between their horns to launch payloads
-burbur-skin boots, impervious to acid of all sorts

To add to the "what use for languages besides being able to talk to stuff" pile:
-Goblinish: escalate any conversation to violence with vile insults, understand and potentially replicate blueprints to eccentric & risky devices
-Draconic: force enemies who've failed morale check to pay tribute, cook any raw meat that touches your tongue
-Elven: blend speech into the sounds of natural environments (wind, birdsong, etc.) rendering it imperceptible to non-Elven speakers, elven caligraphy can turn any object into a scroll at reduced expense
-Dwarven: can "speak" to artificial objects simply by understanding their construction to a great depth, cause rockslides by shouting in dwarven atop a hill

Trap & inter-dungeon level passage: machine that replaces your blood with some alchemical anti-freeze, freezes you solid, and places you on a conveyor belt that goes down into some vault. Thawing with significant source of heat revives you, but improper handling carries risk of snapping bits off.

Device like a glass harmonium strummed by a stilleto - used by Pandemonium-cults to communicate with their fiensish patrons - requires stabbing a victim in the throat, stealing their voice but leaving them alive, projecting it across the astral membranes of the planes
-cultic activities suggested by people showing up mute and amnesiac

Souls & afterlife in fantasy setting are artificial, virtual constructs created by some precursor civilization - souls are magical recordings of minds meant to be plugged into their various devices and machines or used for computations - various cults and gods were also created to cultivate particular sorts of minds/souls for various ends: war-cult for minds that would be implanted in battle-drones, ascetic-cults for regulatory systems, and so on

Near-future sci-fi: disrupted ocean temperatures and whatnot creating constant hurricanes, megastructural wind turbines set up at flooded coasts to diminish them and harvest power - ecosystem of genetically-engineered "vortex birds" circle in the perpetual aerial gyres around these installations, clearing debris and wildlife before it can jam up the workings

"Swift as the shooting star, that gilds the night
With rapid transient Blaze, she runs, she flies;
Sudden she stops nor longer can endure
The painful course, but drooping sinks away,
And like that falling Meteor, there she lyes
A jelly cold on earth."
-William Somervile, The Talisman
All slimes, oozes, etc. in the dungeon are originally descendants of fallen star, and may contain some gelatin-matrix-embedded remnant of celestial wisdom and power (the worst falling stars, and slimes descended from the same, are the offspring of Caiphon, Gibbeth, Nihal, and all the other Loathsome Lights)

Witchcraft as primitive biological weaponry - witches are warty due to viral infections, keep cats around as toxoplasmosis reservoirs, "love potions" are solutions containing behaviour-modifying parasites

Does the demon-bone sarcophagus imply the existence of an angel-skin cradle?

Modern fantasy/horror dungeon concept: ruin-complex built into or encased in ice shelf revealed by global warming, have to make your way through it to the good stuff within while it's calving off into icebergs

Magneto-shrikes rule the wrought iron corridors of the now-abandoned lake district, the finials of its fences adorned with the impaled corpses of their prey

A festival that's also a dungeon - like hero-quests from Glorantha - monsters are celebrants also participating in the festival, those killed wake up in the morning with the worst hangover of their life, layout is the same as the village, with room-houses connected by tent-tunnels, everything returns to normal at sunrise

Diabolists sometimes and silently tolerated by rulers because they make the best lawyers - one overlooked clause or loophole and it's their ass getting dragged down to hell

The lantern oil used by adventurers is rendered from the fat of hyochakushin, hence its efficacy in banishing the darkness of the underworld and burning its denizens

A mythic fantasy Dyson sphere - a golden cage once used by a crazed archmage to imprison the sun god, plunging the world into endless night

The anti-outlaw - a criminal geased Clockwork Orange-like into being totally unable to break any laws

Entry on the encounter table: literally just the witches from Macbeth/the moirae

Sci-fi horror oneshot: trapped aboard space station in decaying orbit with alien biohazard, escape pods won't launch while alien's loose, have to quarantine, kill, or jettison it within time limit to survive - or perhaps improvise your own way to survive atmospheric re-entry and rapid lithobraking

Pinwheel-shaped ferns that concentrate silicates in the edges of their leaves to make them cut like razors - spin rapidly in the wind, winding up their stalks for an equally-rapid counterspin when the rotation reaches its limit - a brutal countermeasure against grazers that makes crossing fields of the things quite dangerous

The navelgazer monks, ordinarily pacifists, can make their introspection literal and turn themselves inside-out, becoming visceral war-beasts
-the shy baron wants you to steal some of their bile to make himself a confidence-boosting Jekyll & Hyde-type potion

The Confederacy of Humps - a symbiotic micro-civilization that inhabits the fatty humps of camels - war against their former compatriots who now live below the dunes in the sweet abdomens of giant honeypot ant repletes

Bellows-beasts with cone-shaped bodies contracting sporadically and faces like a furry Hyottoko hunt goats at cliffsides, using their immensely powerful breaths to knock their prey onto the stones a long way down below - the royal forgemaster wants you to capture one alive, believes it's the key to making the perfect sword

Expedition to the Barrier Peaks-style adventure but you can repair the spaceship and go to space for further spelljammery shenanigans

Themes for GLOG wizard schools: snowglobes or other such tiny representations of things - making things tiny, making tiny things big, etc., caterpillars/butterflies, slimes, clay/bricks/pottery, stereotypical real world magician tricks like pulling rabbits out of hats, technology-indistinguishable-from-magic-type stuff, ninja wizard, bard wizard (but not lame), wizard school where every spell combines or accumulates toward an endgame like lichdom (but not lichdom) - maybe like a total survival/travel suite for various planes, wizard school that begins with a "when all you've got is a hammer, every problem starts looking like a nail"-type spell and the rest of their spells are about turning different sorts of problems into nails, frog wizard, shrek (storybook version) wizard, dracula wizard, origami wizard

The rangers of the snowy wastes string their bows with the beards of defeated warlords of that place, decorated with gold rings and elaborate braids, imbued with their stolen arete

Funnel idea: characters are anthropomorphic animal-people in whimsical forest - adventure reveals that they are in fact trapped in the magical hedge-maze of a bunch of wizards who created them and are gambling on their deaths & exploits - end is escape into wider world where they're occult bizarrities

Neo-Flintstoneian Western - alternate history wherein the oil barons of America discover a way to reconstitute the lifeforms that make up their oil - wagon trains pulled by triceratops, cowboys on raptor-back, artillery platforms mounted on argentinosaurus howdahs - rural populations fleeing loosed prehistoric beasts into fortified cities, fed on dole of proteinous paste made of reconstituted giant insects, cowed into dangerous industrial-proletarian servitude by Rockefeller rock-shakers - secretly-reconstituted sapient troodontids scheme in the shadows, playing every mammalian side against each other

Sword & sorcery setting based on electric universe/Saturnian sun historical conspiracies - set in our distant past, on the primordial Earth orbiting the brown dwarf star Saturn - a plasma-cocooned twilit world of lush red vegetation, exposed lost continents, lower gravity, and gigantic animals - societies led by doomed & decadent astronomer-kings living under the shadow of Earth's catastrophic orbital re-alignment - Lawful = Past, Saturnian, Chaotic = Solar, Future - floating vessels with spider-silk sails catching telluric currents

In more out-there vanilla-ish fantasy, dwarves are often depicted as made of stone or metal, and elves as plants - what would giants be by the same logic?
-colossi, huge statues of bronze or stone or whatever else brought to life? - like Talos, full of animating ichor?
-clouds/living storms descended to earth, great billowing grey hair, voices like thunder, lightning flashing in their eyes - volatile little deities who must be appeased to bring rain or withhold floods
-primordial man, closer to the cosmos, attaining longevity by abstaining from divisionary reproduction and other such asceticisms

Dungeon challenge run: tile limit (can only walk on so many 5-ft squares

Friday, November 4, 2022

D6x6 Giddy Giff

Special thanks to Spwack for his generator generator here: http://meanderingbanter.blogspot.com/2018/10/automatic-list-to-html-translator-v2.html

Click the button below for your very own giff:

D6 This giff has
1 a puckered scar from their right brow to their cheek, and a Fabergé-patterned glass eye peering from their socket.
2 their family heraldry carved into their tusks.
3 a lower jaw that's been replaced by a steel prosthetic.
4 garish star-sailor's tattoos they had done all across their body as an adventurous youth.
5 a beloved pet hamster they like to carry around on their shoulder.
6 a spear-head once wielded in an assassination attempt on them, now used as a tooth-pick.
D6 This giff wears
1 a navy coat pinned with many medals awarded during their military service.
2 a tricorne hat with the quad-finned feather of some alien beast pinned through it.
3 a monocle inscribed around its gold rim with astrological symbols.
4 a woolen scarf and an aviator's cap and goggles.
5 overstretched scarlet silk stockings up well past their boots.
6 a brass pocketwatch necklace they constantly adjust to count down to their predicted time of death.
D6 This giff was
1 a mercenary who'd fight at any odds for the right price.
2 the disgraced former captain of a spelljammer fleet.
3 a famed conquistador whose adventures were greatly exaggerated.
4 an idly-rich big-game hunter.
5 the overseer of a moon-tea plantation.
6 a merchant-marine who cut deals with pirates.
D6 This giff prides themself
1 on always keeping their promises, and their threats.
2 on being a crack shot.
3 on loyal service to their superiors and magnanimity toward their inferiors.
4 on their ability to endure pain and deprivation.
5 on their raw strength and wrestling ability.
6 on never running from a fight.
D6 This giff's shameful vice
1 is visiting non-giff dollymops.
2 is their indulgence in the ecstatic mysteries of foreign cults.
3 is their gluttonous hunger for sweet melons.
4 is their cycles of drunken laxity followed by self-flagellating re-dedication to chauvinistic giff values.
5 is a cloying addiction to star-opium.
6 is high-stakes gambling.
D6 This giff is currently
1 a pit-fighter in the gladiatorial arena on a decadent alien world.
2 port-bound, and attempting to bring together a crew and a ship.
3 attempting to retire as the owner of a void-crocodile farm, and failing at it miserably.
4 using their connections to smuggle illicit goods into giff-controlled space.
5 trying to charm a giff debutante, whose father disapproves of their courtship.
6 training a squad of deniable assets they'll lead on a clandestine mission.

Thursday, November 3, 2022

D10 Cursed Codpieces

I was looking through my draft folder the other day and found this post. There was nothing in it but the title and this picture. I think it was riffing off someone else's post about codpieces - it wasn't this - suppose for cursed codpieces to exist, there should be magic codpieces you'd actually want to wear as well. I don't remember why I thought it would be a good idea to write this. Alas, for the sake of a forgotten yester-me I will persevere, and wring this post to completion:
1. Fifteen inches. Covered in fluffy fur from a squirrel's tail. Prehensile, and beyond your control - knocks over cups, candlesticks, and suchlike within its reach.

2. Fourteen inches, wrapped in red felt and tipped with a knobbly thimble-like lump of metal. If you attempt to harm a woman it retracts rapidly and beans you in the nuts (stunned for 1d4 rounds from the pain, save for half).
3. Six inches, carved from olive wood. Grows another inch every time you tell a lie.
4. Eight inches. Forged from rough and unpolished steel. Dings loudly whenever you'd prefer not to be heard.
5. Ten inches. Bronze, with a leering, mustachio'd face at its base, the codpiece's length making the face's cleft chin. The face speaks, hurling insults at those nearby, penalizing reaction rolls by -3.
6. Eighteen inches. Covered in snake leather. Curses you to become a werepython every full moon.

7. Twelve inches. Made of pitted iron. Magnetically attracts metal items within five feet of it with a strength of 10.
8. Thirteen inches. Made of verdigrised copper. Rusts any metal its wearer wears or wields into dust.
9. Nine inches. Carved from ivory, with a pair of bull's horns curling off its tip. Animals in mating season instinctively regard you as a rival, and will go out of their way to fight you.
10. Twenty inches. Hewn from a single, solid emerald. You cum green slime.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Some More Animal Name Monsters - But From French This Time

Like Monsters & Manuals' post here: Animal Name Monsters, except these are derived from literal translations (partially from google) of French animal names instead of Japanese ones - correct etymology not guaranteed.

Bald Mouse (chauve-souris: mouse)

HD 3 + Swarm AC as flesh ATK 1d4 nibble MOV as jogging man ML 7 INT beast
Animate Skin: A swarm of bald mice can flow into a hide, fur coat, bearskin rug, or the like, and animate it as a simulacrum of the beast it once was (with the same stats and so on). Damage to this animated skin is not carried over to the swarm within unless it is dealt with fire, acid, or suchlike.

"Bald" is a gentler way of saying these creatures are practically flayed - their skin a wet and transparent membrane filled with nerves like little white worms. These nerves connect to each other, dissolving the mice's individual identities into their teeming swarm, and to dead remnants in old furs, leather, and so on.

Night Butterfly (papillon de nuit: moth)

HD 2 AC as chain ATK 1d6 proboscis drain (equal damage to charisma, no benefit to rest on same day you've been drained) MOV as hummingbird ML 7 INT person

Butterflies with bodies the size of a football (American) and faces reminiscent of a squalling baby, firmly in the uncanny valley, fixed in plates of chitin.

They seek to drink dreams out of people's heads with their barbed proboscis, processing and regurgitating these dreams as high-octane fuel into great cocoons the night butterflies weave among the boughs of wild peach trees.

These cocoons are rockets. The night butterflies hope that with them they can return to the moon. None have gotten quite that far yet.

Scrubber Rat (raton laveur: raccoon)

HD 4 AC as leather ATK 1d8 bite MOV as running man, climb like monkey ML 8 INT clever beast

Rodents as big as a black bear, with fur like steel wool and tails tipped with feather dusters. Enchanted creations of the ataxophobic court wizard of Castle Peltou. Attack the dirtiest member of the party first, ignore those who are freshly bathed, compulsively clean up messes even before defending themselves.

Green Ouchie (grenouille: frog)

HD 1 AC as flesh ATK 1d4 slap MOV as walking man ML 5 INT beast
Acid Trail: Green ouchies leave an acidic trail of slime behind them like the world's nastiest snail. Stepping in this trail deals 1d4 damage, or destroys your footwear instead if you've got it.
Veil of Innocence: Green ouchies can only be seen by children.

Look like crude, amoebic doodles of houses, dogs, parents holding hands, and suchlike. Loathsome vermin able to slop their way into pantries and granaries impenetrable to all other creatures.

Green ouchies spawn only in a certain week once a year, and across cultures this week has become a time for adulthood initiation rites and celebrations, children being given heavy sticks and told to let loose on the pests.

Ending Eagle (aiglefin: haddock)

HD 1 AC as chain ATK 1d10 decapitation (half damage if neck is covered) MOV as bird ML 6 INT clever beast

Possess wicked talons they hold together to form a curved guillotine. Soar high above their chosen prey, waiting for a moment of inattention to swoop and slice. Ending eagles won't descend so long as they're being watched, but can dive in the moment you blink.

Blood-Knit (sanglier: boar)

HD 5 AC as leather ATK 1d12 digest (can only be used on immobilized targets)/Bloody Spray MOV as walking man ML 7 INT beast
Sticky Blood: Anything which wounds a blood-knit becomes stuck to it by its sticky blood, and a contested strength check against a strength of 12 must be made to remove it. When the blood-knit reaches 1/2 HP this strength increases to 15, and at 1/4 HP it increases to 18.
Bloody Spray: Sprays sticky blood, coating a 5x5 area. Anyone moving through this area becomes stuck, requiring a contested strength check against a strength of 12 to escape. When the blood-knit reaches 1/2 HP this strength increases to 15, and at 1/4 HP it increases to 18.

A mass of red and blue veins clumped together into a form between a pygmy elephant and a terrestrial starfish. Once the servitors of a god of blood, a deity cast down for its savagery. They linger still near that god's shrines, collecting sacrifices pointlessly for their dead master.

Water Hooter (blaireau: badger - mind you the French haven't seen butchery like this since the battle of Agincourt)

HD 3 AC as chain in water, as unarmoured on land ATK 1d6 claw MOV as fish in water, as crawling man on land ML 7 INT as person
Has 3 MD with which it can cast Control Water (per Many Rats on a Stick). Miscasts cause it to take 1d6 damage. Dooms cause it to dissolve into foam & die.

Hairless blue-grey folk without nipples or belly buttons and mouths crowded by a trio of black beaks instead of teeth.

Can speak Common in a hooting, whooping voice. Believe they are the masters of all water, and exact heavy tolls for crossing rivers and fishing in lakes. Leave the drowned and bloated bodies of those who don't pay up bobbing at the edges of their territory like buoys.


While seeking out these monsterizable translations I also stumbled upon some fun translations/etymologies that didn't make the cut:

-A term for a pedant in French is "un enculeur de mouches" - literally: a sodomizer of flies.

-A gooseberry is a "groseille à maquereau", a "mackerel currant" - perhaps in the woods there are bushes which grow fish-like berries, which are able to pop off the bush and flop over to the nearest river to swim away from browsing animals and spread seeds some great distance

-The French word for dragonfly is "libellule", which wiktionary tells me is from the Latin libellula - however "libellula" is not a word that's been around from the Romans' days - it was coined by Carl Linnaeus based on "libella" (a carpenter's level). Assuming some wiki-nerd isn't taking the piss, what the hell were French people calling dragonflies for centuries before Carl came along?

-Hermit crabs are "bernard-l'ermit": Bernard the Hermit - perhaps they'd get along with St. Bernards, little crabs carried around in their whisky casks

-There is a sort of beetle called a cockchafer - do not want to encounter one of these - much more pleasant "hanneton" in French

-"Manchot", the word for penguin, is also the word for a one- or no-armed person

-This comic: