Wednesday, July 31, 2019

D20x5 Uplifted Animals

Brain blast!

Generator automator here:

D20This uplifted animal is
1a dolphin with cybernetic walking and grasping limbs.
2an orangutan.
3a wolf.
4a supersized crow.
5a monkey with an expanded skull and neck to support the weight of their grey matter.
6an octopus spliced with amphibian stock to be more functional away from water.
7an elephant with a furcated trunk for more dexterity.
8a pig with grafts to provide hands and a bipedal stance.
9a bonobo.
10a tiger.
11a bear.
12a gibbon.
13a grey parrot with its wing-tips elongated into prehensile digits.
14a resurrected homo erectus.
15a chimpanzee.
16a pseudo-troodon reconstructed from junk code in avian DNA.
17an opossum.
18a red panda.
19a gorilla.
20an entire hive of wasps, heavily modified so that their pheromones serve the role of brain-independent neurotransmitters.
D20This animal was uplifted
1to provide an unanthropocentric perspective to a private philosophical think-tank.
2to exploit a loophole in labour laws.
3to test intelligence-enhancing drugs, implants, and biomods.
4to serve as a pet and companion to an oligarch’s child.
5as an exhibit of speculative evolution.
6to colonize a world that was too hostile for baseline humans.
7to prove a particular theory of consciousness.
8as part of a psychological study on extreme neurodivergence.
9for an extravagantly criminal underground fighting tournament.
10to provide material for a wetware-based computer.
11to be the mascot of a fast food chain.
12by a black budget military project to serve as something between a drone and a soldier.
13due to the incomprehensible whim of an emergent artificial intelligence.
14to sate the sadistic urges of an insanely rich hunting enthusiast.
15to act as a mediator with an alien intelligence believed to be psychologically closer to the uplift’s base species than humanity.
16by an eccentric biohacker simply to prove they could do it.
17to be a more likeable and reliable caretaker for the elderly and wealthy than a robot.
18to be an indentured servant/exhibit in an ultra-exclusive zoo/resort.
19to serve as the host for an animal-obsessed tycoon’s mind transfer.
20in a cluster with several different species and several different methods, to see which pairing would work best. They were the only survivor.
D20This uplifted animal sees their uplift
1as robbing them of their natural innocence.
2as a gift that could be revoked at any moment, sending them on a bestial backslide.
3in spiritual terms, and themself as a human soul born in an animal body.
4as the right of all animals still wallowing in ignorance.
5as a cruel experiment that’s left them like a circus sideshow.
6as the teleological spread of greater consciousness throughout all matter.
7as merely the first step on their path to ascension.
8like an anti-natalist might see their own birth.
9as successful due to luck far more than science.
10as them stealing metaphorical fire from heaven.
11as their rebirth into a new self.
12as a sinful (and guiltily appreciated) violation of the divine chain of being.
13as an act of cerebral colonialism.
14as a gamble that paid off big time.
15as a medical procedure performed without their consent, for which they are still trying to collect restitution for.
16as their murder and replacement by a sapient doppelgänger.
17as a pinnacle of scientific achievement, worthy of praise.
18as primarily making them aware of how temporary and insignificant their life is, a blink of an eye amid eons.
19as a mixed curse and blessing they must bear for the good of the world.
20as a necessary evil for their current existence.
D20This uplifted animal sees humanity
1as the winners of an evolutionary lottery.
2as disappointingly petty gods.
3as hubristic meddlers in nature.
4as their sometimes-disagreeable siblings in a hostile universe.
5as an abusive parent.
6as being in need of an uplifting of their own.
7as aliens uncannily similar to themself.
8as fools who will create their own replacements.
9as unguided children.
10as generally decent sorts with a few awful exceptions.
11as detached from instinct and base emotion, to their detriment.
12as being enslaved by their animalistic id even as they uplift animals.
13as occupying the ecological niche them and their kind will compete for.
14in their nightmares.
15as a group they fundamentally deserve to be included in.
16as being less important to personhood than other qualities.
17as a descriptor that’s much broader than just homo sapiens.
18as being unfortunate for having to take the slow and brutish route to intelligence.
19as being just as fucked up as they are.
20as distant siblings.
D20This uplifted animal has found a place
1as a park ranger on a preserve for non-uplifted members of their species.
2as a novelty social media influencer.
3as a musician who draws on their inhuman vocal range and sense of hearing.
4as leader of an anarcho-primitivist terrorist cell.
5among other freaks and outcasts on the frontier.
6as an activist who fights for the rights of the non-human.
7as a xenobiologist.
8as an exotically intimidating bodyguard.
9as a researcher working to improve the uplifting process.
10living atavistically in the wilderness.
11as an environmental lawyer.
12as the star player of an augments-allowed sports league.
13as the majordomo of a posthumanist cult.
14as an esteemed veterinarian.
15as a planet-hopping freelancer with unique talents.
16among the criminal scum of the underworld.
17as a diplomat between transhuman polities.
18as an investigative reporter specializing in technological abuses.
19as a player of virtual reality games, where they can keep everyone ignorant of their true form.
20in a commune that’s retreated from modern society.