Monday, July 15, 2019

D20x5 Mercurial Merfolk

Glub glub motherfuckers

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D20These merfolk have the lower half (and potentially other features) of
6moray eels.
11sea cucumbers.
12sea scorpions.
13bobbit worms.
17giant isopods.
D20These merfolk are ruled by
1gargantuan grouper-lords who hold their harem and successors in their own mouths.
2colony-councils of tunicate-kings who become sessile and atrophy any parts of themselves not suited to wise rulership when they begin their reigns.
3abyssal leviathans who make their will known through dream-rending songs.
4the ghosts of nephilim drowned in the Flood.
5a gestalt trash-god accreted from the discarded idols of centuries of civilizations past.
6the diabolical noble line of sunken Ys.
7the dysfunctionally stable diarchy of Scylla and Charybdis.
8a slow coral super-mind they’ve hacked cargo-cult-style with pheromonal secretions.
9the fading but still conscious shreds of Tiamat, god of the bitter waters.
10otterfolk envoys from inland great lakes.
11a coven of salt-hags.
12remora-men who cling to their bodies and dictate their actions.
13a secret police force staffed entirely by water elementals, who might be watching them at any time without them even realizing.
14an orichalcum-geared Atlantean thinking machine, groaning out commandments from a barnacle-choked throat.
15the sea-khans who ride with their hordes along oceanic currents, exacting tribute from all those they pass.
16a demon-shark whose hunger for blood grows with every passing day.
17theocrats of a faith that abhors stagnation and rigidity, and favours cyclicality and mutation.
18the oldest and largest of their kind.
19the dragon-satrap who reigns over their ocean on behalf of heaven.
20interpreters of the elaborate and comprehensive sagas of their ancestors, sung to echo endlessly on the ocean currents.
D20These merfolk view the surface
1as a mythic overworld full of lost souls.
2as the place where the distant gods live.
3with murderous xenophobia.
4as a tolerably alien trade partner.
5as a prize for colonial expansion.
6as thieves of the oceans’ bounty.
7as little more than the beginning of nutrient flows.
8as a curious, distorted reflection of their own world.
9as a primitive place in need of marine uplifting.
10as an unknown territory that must be tamed with canals and inundation.
11as a suffocating nightmare realm.
12as a piteous place deprived of the life-sustaining presence of water.
13as the source of comedic stock characters and stereotypes for their theatre tradition.
14as an obscure topic of natural philosophy and speculative fiction.
15as the Eden from which they were wrongly exiled long ago.
16as a homogenous great rival power.
17as the antechamber to the elemental plane of air.
18as the degenerated offshoot of the oceans.
19as a metaphysically incompatible version of creation butted up against their own, the work of alien gods.
20as nothing in particular. They are cognitively incapable of imagining a world beyond the water.
D20These merfolk might be found with
1sharks they’ve bred and trained like hounds.
2a twisted knot of kelp that creates a whirlpool which sucks those caught in it down to crushing depths when untied.
3brilliantly coloured pigment-slugs which exude sticky ooze, one of the few ways to leave lasting writing underwater.
4a doldrum drum, which stills the winds and waves within earshot.
5a drill-harpoon designed to bore through the hulls of ships.
6a trident, the tines of which have been wrapped in live, agonizingly venomous jellyfish.
7buoyant plate armour crafted from coral and pumice.
8a scrimshaw knife, cleverly carved to cause the fluids of those stabbed with it to drain rapidly into the surrounding water.
9mucosal sacs that, when burst, create a cloud that gums up the gills of anything swimming through it, suffocating them.
10a gold necklace of human make, looted from a shipwreck.
11a sailor they became infatuated with and enchanted to be able to breathe underwater. The sailor is desperate to return home.
12a birding kite, somewhat like a fishing rod only the line rises above the water to lure in birds.
13a three-dimensional map of the region’s currents, which might be mistaken for a complex abstract sculpture by the unfamiliar.
14fermented fish rations preserved in slime-pockets.
15a whalebone trumpet which makes beautiful music underwater, but only noises like wet farts above it.
16a jug of fermented whale milk, as thick as toothpaste.
17a weapon sort of like a blowgun, which uses hydraulic rather than pneumatic pressure to fire a hydrodynamic dart.
18a metallic flare which can burn even underwater.
19an egg, which when ruptured releases a pheromone which attracts a very angry sea monster.
20a comically inaccurate tablet of translations from their language to yours.
D20These merfolk are concerned underwater with
1the inexorable advance of the urchin-thing hordes which is stripping life from the ocean floor.
2the vortexes which have begun to form suddenly, dragging entire migrations into the deep.
3a submarine goblin-fleet spreading filth, choking the oceanic currents, and generally being an absolutely disgusting nuisance.
4a primordial leviathan which has roused from ancient slumber with a world-eating appetite.
5abyssal knights questing up from deep trenches for a way to extinguish the sun.
6the acquisition of great quantities of uncorrodable metal, difficult to forge underwater.
7an immense algal slime spreading an anoxic dead zone.
8finding a legendary lost city said to have risen above the waves centuries ago.
9establishing a communications network of sonophone-stations in the Deep Sound Channel.
10repelling the seasonal invasions of the glacier-elementals.
11the once-in-a-few-centuries mating season of giant sea serpents which threatens to churn their corner of the ocean to tsunami-level turbulence.
12a lich whose phylactery was tossed into the ocean to get rid of it.
13the injustice of their current form of government, which revolutionaries gather in sea-caves to plot the overthrow of.
14the industries of a coastal city dumping pollution down the continental shelf.
15mass contamination of their waters from portals to an extraterrestrial ammonia-ocean.
16a sect of radical transmogrificationists who advocate hybridization of all merfolk with other creatures to adapt them to more environments.
17a meteor that crashed into the ocean, creating a devastating wave and now leaking mutagenic salts.
18the popularization of a mystical drug which is supplanting the literal ocean with the metaphorical ocean of the collective unconscious.
19strained diplomatic relations with their cousins across the open ocean, which might spark into open war.
20wavefront border feuds with the rapacious gull-men.

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