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D20x5 Odd Orcs


D20These Orcs Come From...
1Those caught between humanity and beasthood way back when the boundary between the two was made less permeable.
2The nightmares of a psychic child that marched out of their skull and into the waking world.
3Goblin-spirits that fattened themselves on mortal flesh until they became too material to return to their unseelie realm.
4The pioneer species of mortalkind, built for a harsher, crueler world.
5A caste of constructed soldiers born so that they could be sent to die guiltlessly.
6The offspring of witches and particularly brutish demons.
7Populations poisoned by magical run-off.
8Elves, born in pairs so their elven twin could absorb their virtues and leave them with all the vices.
9A failed attempt at uplifting hogs to a level of responsibility.
10Far, far too much inbreeding among a warlike noble line.
11The children of Adam and the deceptive serpent in Eden.
12Feral children adopted by totemic predators.
13Test subjects of alchemical combat drugs.
14Zealous anarcho-primitivists set on bringing down civilization by force.
15Carrion-crows that have eaten enough corpses to take on the appearance and intelligence of humans while retaining their hunger for death.
16Pre-humans molded from rough stone instead of clay.
17Neotenic ogres.
18Berserkers who bred with bears in the throes of rage.
19Mass-produced, degraded clones of an infamous warrior.
20A hyper-aggressive, oversized sub-species of chimpanzee with advanced mirror neurons that let them mimic human warfare without any other aspect of our cultures.
D20These Orcs Are Often Encountered...
1Setting barbed wire nets for an ambush.
2Breaking in brutal warbeasts.
3Raiding towns in the dead of night.
4Testing each others’ pain tolerance with brutal games.
5Marching somewhere in a mob, trampling anything that gets in their way.
6Admiring stolen weapons and armour.
7Drenching a victorious raider with a sacrifice’s guts.
8Debating and brawling over tactics and strategy.
9Being branded with the slave-marks of a more powerful orc they’ve sworn loyalty to.
10Scouting for a larger horde.
11Composing a new war-song.
12Ritualistically mutilating the last survivor of a raid to strike fear into the hearts of those who find them.
13In the throes of drug-induced berserker rage.
14Looting barrows and old battlefields for rusty killing implements.
15Playing an aggressive sport with a severed head for a ball.
16Piling bones by the mouths of caves.
17Carrying stones for a temporary fortification.
18Making a bonfire out of splintered homes and books.
19Reading omens in the patterns of spilled blood.
20Making captives fight for their amusement.
D20These Orcs Might Carry...
1Daggers made from agonite, crystallized torment, which inflict mind-breaking pain.
2Thewburst potions, which cause rapid and eventually lethal muscle growth, first tearing the skin and then squeezing every last drop of blood from the drinker’s body.
3Bombshell armour, constructed of blister-like plates that explode outwards (hopefully) when struck.
4Footwraps made of flayed soles which allow their wearer to creep silently on any surface.
5A jagged sword that’s always wet with fresh blood. Anything it kills is immediately butchered and cooked to satisfactory quality.
6A set of fine haruspexy tools for the careful disembowelment of prisoners, so as to produce the most portentous guts.
7A disposable culverin mounted on someone else’s horse. Firing it will snap the horse’s back in twain.
8A demon-skin drum which causes localized earthquakes but shatters the bones of the one who beats it.
9Bottled anti-light that when uncorked cloaks a 50-meter radius area in utter darkness for 1d6 hours.
10A dusty and beaten horn which rouses all the ancient dead within earshot from the earth when blown, and then crumbles. The dead will kill the living indiscriminately for 1d6 hours, then fall to pieces as the horn did. Has no effect on the already undead.
11A pouch full of sloughworms, which when sewn on the earth will convert a 10x10x10 area of it into quicksand that’s nearly impossible to distinguish from ordinary dirt. Anyone caught in the quicksand will be fed upon by the worms.
12A collection of rings still wrapped around the severed fingers of the hand that once wore them.
13A pike with a head impaled on the end of it. The head’s cheeks and eyelids are cut out. If the head spots an enemy before the orcs do it will shriek to alert them. It will never stop shrieking if taken from them.
14A pot of crimson war-woad. Anyone slathered with it might be able to pass for an orc from a distance.
15The eggs of a terror-bird which will imprint on the first thing they see when they hatch. Will hatch in 1d6 days.
16A limbless toad which eyes you warily while muttering prophetic dooms.
17Torches stuffed with hallucinatory herbs and rags soaked through with their urine. The torches induce fearsome visions in anyone who inhale their smoke, while the orcs will don the rags to filter it while they’re lit.
18Hollow glass sling-bullets filled with stinking acid.
19A dented cauldron, crusty with old gore and the boiled-away husks of toxic weeds.
20A hunk of meteoric iron affixed to the end of a pole to make a crude but effective sledgehammer.
D20These Orcs Have Recently Been:
1Attempting to negotiate a peace with nearby human settlements.
2Massing under a charismatic warlord.
3Seen in the service of a reputedly respectable wizard.
4Seeking a magical weapon of dreadful power.
5Coordinating huge slave raids and forcing the people they capture into digging out a bizarre excavation.
6Found to have surgically-disguised agents active among humanity.
7Accumulating art by barter and theft to unknown ends.
8Muttering fearfully about a great blind eye whose gaze is death.
9Mutating into even more dangerous forms.
10Sighted in the heartlands of civilization, deep past patrols and forts that should have caught them.
11Exhibiting a long-thought-lost martial arts style.
12Found to be hosts to a crustaceoid parasites that form “horns” on their heads.
13Driven from the region, and are believed to be locally extinct. Rumours of hardened survivor-cells planning an epic retribution are to be reported to the authorities.
14Fortifying themselves within dungeons and other subterranean spaces, refusing to tread the surface, mocking any who try to parley with them.
15Recruiting human deserters and bandits into their ranks.
16Kidnapping master architects and city planners.
17Attacking a particular merchant company’s shipments to the exclusion of others.
18Operating through subtle conspiracies rather than direct violence.
19Said to have enslaved a giant big enough to stomp castles into rubble.
20Inspiring a subversive culinary craze.
D20These Orcs Are Believed To...
1Torture captives to make more of themselves.
2Make cheese from human milk.
3Be unable to say the names of the gods without spitting.
4Eat the ghosts of their own fallen kin.
5Breed with pale insects in the shadow of the earth.
6Be blinded by sunlight as well as by gold, its earthly reflection.
7Fear the chiming of church-bells.
8Hold court with trolls and dryads and other wild sorts.
9Return from death unless their feet and stomachs are split open.
10Eat the eggs of birds whole, shell and all.
11Be nauseated by the smell of cooked meat.
12Defer naturally to the toothiest among them.
13Bring blights and pestilence wherever they go.
14Be the only thing standing between humanity and paradise on earth.
15Have extensive tunnels beneath every city.
16Keep the knowledge of their own fallen empire.
17Be sexually attracted to mules.
18Be unable to truly learn anything.
19Spare those who forgive them of their sins.
20Secretly serve the reigning monarch to put the fear of barbarity in the population.

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