Tuesday, July 20, 2021

D6x6 Funky Fortune-Tellers

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D6This fortune-teller is
1 a disgraced former advisor to a noble family.
2 a traveller who spends most of their time helping farmers time their plantings.
3 a scholar who studied too deeply into esoteric lore.
4 the prodigal heir of a future-obsessed cult.
5 a gifted hermit who survives on donations from petitioners.
6a crazed victim of ominous visions, sorting truth from hallucination.

D6A distinctive feature of this fortune-teller is
1 that they've got opals in place of eyeballs.
2 that they've got constellations tattooed across their skin.
3 that they've pierced all the soft parts of their bodies with sewing needles.
4 their emaciated frame, with bones poking from skin in fortuitous shapes.
5 their hair, a cloud-like shroud of billowing white.
6that their tongue is a light-eating black.

D6This fortune-teller tells fortunes
1 by casting the hair of a child who's never before been shorn into the air and analyzing how it drifts and falls.
2 by trapping rats in a barrel then waiting for them to starve and eat each other. The future becomes clear in the rats' mutually-spilled guts.
3 by studying the movement of stars in their reflection on an obsidian mirror.
4 by roasting shellfish in a fire and seeing how they split open.
5 by spilling the mingled blood of their petitioner and themself into a bowl of water and seeing how it swirls and dilutes.
6by sleeping with their head on a pillow stuffed with bones, and communing with the dead in their dreams.

D6This fortune-teller is best at foretelling
1 danger and disasters.
2 love, betrayal, births, the fates of close friends and family, and other such intimate connections.
3 the weather, the behaviour of crowds, and similar ambient, emergent, environmental conditions.
4 the patterns and cycles of history, things which happened before and will happen again.
5 great rises and falls in status and wealth.
6the obstacles that will be faced on journeys.

D6This fortune-teller's long-term aim
1 is to raise their distant descendants to sovereign power.
2 is to prevent a distantly-upcoming atrocity, by any means necessary.
3 is reducing chaotic anomalies in the weave of fate.
4 is to bring utter ruin to a rival.
5 is to attain a comfortable sinecure for which nothing much is expected of them.
6is to fulfill a messianic prophecy.

D6Another petitioner who's come to see this fortune-teller is
1 an expectant mother cursed by a witch and seeking reassurance.
2 a starving artist certain they won't be appreciated in their own lifetime, and equally certain they'll be celebrated after their death.
3 a deeply-indebted gambler who wants to use the fortune-teller to get a big win.
4 a zeitgeist in disguise seeking to discover and punish the violation of causality.
5 a skeptic aiming to prove that the fortune-teller a fake.
6an assassin couching their request about the success of their murderous mission in euphemistic terms.

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