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D20x5 Shocking Shields

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Generator automator found here: http://meanderingbanter.blogspot.com/2018/10/automatic-list-to-html-translator-v2.html

D20This shield is 
1 a scutum.
2 a kite shield.
3 a buckler.
4 a clipeus.
5 a heater shield.
6 a parma.
7 a targe.
8 a pavise.
9 a renntartsche.
10 shaped like a sunburst.
11 shaped like a figure-eight.
12 shaped like a diamond.
13 shaped like a pentagram.
14 shaped like a spiral.
15 a bouche shield.
16 a rondache.
17 shaped like a coffin lid.
18 shaped like a hexagon.
19 shaped like a tower.
20shaped like an oval.

D20This shield is made 
1 from the salt once licked by Audhumla in Ginnungagap.
2 with a section of shell from the great turtle that holds the world on its back.
3 from a huge alabaster dish on which ambrosia was once served to titans.
4 from a forcefield laced with enchantments of permanency.
5 from a quilt stitched with a mother’s love.
6 out of a diamandoid window pried off a crashed starship.
7 from the black metal occlusium, mined only on the dark side of the moon.
8 from a piece of the bronze carapace of a wrecked golem.
9 from air and dust stilled absolutely in time.
10 from the hide of a shishi.
11 from the iris of a beholder’s central eye.
12 out of a leaf of the Tree of Life, in brilliant autumnal colours.
13 from a wheel that fell off the sun’s chariot.
14 stone cooled from magma from the core of the world.
15 from children’s self-conception of invincibility channeled into oakwood from a treehouse.
16 out of vellum from an albino calf printed with prayers of protection.
17 from a vortex of water siphoned from the maw of Charybdis.
18 out of a giant’s calvaria.
19 from one of Jormungandr’s colossal scales.
20a knot caught in the threads of the Fates.

D20This shield has 
1 a hideous roaring face on its front.
2 withered trophies from past bearers’ kills dangling from its rim.
3 deep rents from a monster’s claw across its face.
4 many layers of worn heraldry painted over each other.
5 an anti-arrow curtain hanging off the bottom.
6 the names of its previous bearers inscribed on its inner rim.
7 a unique musical tone when it’s struck.
8 an uncharacteristically reflective surface. Things reflected in it have uncanny details added or missing.
9 a thin coating of copper to disguise its more fantastical makeup, though it’s been scratched, dented, and worn with use and time.
10 zodiac symbols arranged around its outer rim that move with the heavens.
11 scenes of peaceful, everyday life painted on the inside.
12 a razor-sharp rim.
13 an intricate demon-binding sigil embossed on it.
14 a grip decorated with colourful beads.
15 a beatific face beaming on its front.
16 a shimmering halo form around it in direct light.
17 a strong scent of blood and smoke that always follows it.
18 a glamour on it that lets its bearer disguise it as another shield-shaped object when not in use.
19 a organic pattern growing across it like spiralling roots.
20shadows and sparks burst forth from it when struck.

D20This shield can 
1 cancel out magic it blocks. Spells fizzle out, and magic weapons become mundane for 1d6 rounds.
2 be anchored in the ground to extend a 10’ x 10’ wall of a similar substance as itself around its rim. The wall crumbles to dust if the shield is moved.
3 be used to charge with the force of a battering ram.
4 be thrown with the damage and range of a +1 javelin, rebounding back to the bearer’s grip afterwards. The shield can be ricocheted to strike around corners and cover and so on.
5 be animated to act as a floating platform that can carry up to 1,000 pounds, and cannot move more than 30’ from its bearer or more than 10’ above a surface.
6 deflect ranged attacks toward a new target with a successful block.
7 be animated to defend its bearer autonomously, freeing up a hand.
8 make it impossible to target anyone standing behind its bearer with ranged attacks or spells while their guard is up.
9 be made 100x lighter or heavier at its bearer’s whim. Be careful when using this to enhance bashing with it - it could break your arm if your timing’s off.
10 allow its bearer to transform into a turtle, a crab, or any other shelled thing for up to an hour once per day, becoming their shell in the process.
11 render its bearer immobile and invulnerable as steel so long as they remain perfectly still, not even breathing.
12 grant mystical insights into those its bearer fights, growing in depth and breadth the more blows it blocks.
13 be commanded to become a hole into an endless, empty void.
14 let its bearer teleport up to 20 feet, but only to block an attack aimed at another.
15 shatter non-magical weapons it blocks.
16 nullify any damage from an incoming attack once per day.
17 be commanded to spin like a buzzsaw.
18 creating illusory warriors to backup its bearer, who are tuned to fit their arms, armour, and appearance with the bearer’s other companions.l
19 inflict terror on someone it’s pointed at, requiring them to test morale to be able to approach its bearer.
20add its AC bonus to any roll that could be construed as protecting from an attack (saves, etc.).

D20This shield is best known for 
1 being borne by a champion who singlehandedly defended a metropolis from an invading horde of locust-men.
2 stalling a demonic incursion into a dwarven fortress long enough for the place to be sealed forevermore.
3 saving a warrior from the flames of the carmine wyrm Galeringkothrax.
4 being wielded by a god in mythic times, and then bestowed on their greatest follower.
5 bashing in the skull of the tyrant Pydon.
6 a comedic song about it that describes how the shield changed hands a hundred times in the same war. It’s quite a long song, and many consider a night spent drinking great only if they can get through the entire thing. 
7 being used to carry the body of a famous, nameless martyr to their grave.
8 its apparent preference for underdogs, with it often disappearing inexplicably from the possession of continual victors.
9 being the tool of choice of a pacifistic hero.
10 being forged to seal a pact of mutual protection between humanity and a race of the deep earth, which humanity is said to have betrayed.
11 having been carried to the land of the dead and back.
12 being corrupted from its original pure intent by a blackguard.
13 belonging to the inventor of the tetsudon formation.
14 nothing, it’s an enigma with no apparent history.
15 having been traded to a wizard to serve as the invincible bedstone of their magic mill.
16 being the legendary ancestor of a clan of martial artists, who claim to have inherited its peerless durability.
17 its ancient and intense rivalry with a magic lance. Each is said to be the only thing that can damage or turn aside the other.
18 never having been used in battle before. It was created purely to be a symbol of peace.
19 being stolen from a place of honour in a soldiers’ afterlife. The shield is hounded by the shades of armies past and the priesthood of the gods who maintain that afterlife.
20miraculously falling in such a way that it protected the children of a long-gone royal family while their palace collapsed around them due to an earthquake.

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