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D20x5 Demon Lords

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D20This demon lord’s full title is 
1 High Hamartiarch Hgsseemtchaz.
2 Tyrant Most Terrible Kanzer’eqweq.
3 Sugjhelo, Miasmic Marshal of the Midnight Winds.
4 Ghovghurdur, the President of Pustulent Prurience.
5 Mozmazyab, the Emperor of Elementary Evils.
6 Dza-Durmud-Dza, the Mad Marquis of Malice.
7 Addajjalmalal, the Sultan of Unsightly Sins.
8 Iaiofazak, the Egregious Earl.
9 Bubaragaga, the Chaetognathous Chancellor.
10 Wurpurjub, Chief Engineer of Extinctions.
11 Kolduravmij the Baleful Baron.
12 Shujakvor, Minister of Miserable Misfortunes.
13 Ubzaalalalaal the Sinister Seneschal.
14 Loordrafhghalian, Lady of Loss.
15 Vakshu-Rakazur, Count of Uncountable Cruelties.
16 Troedrujorm, Archon of Atrocity.
17 Pyrgolorox, Duke of Direst Despair.
18 The Unspeakable One
19 Hlar-Ram’Clon, the Ordurial Optimate.
20Juckuhud, the Dreadful Doctor of Doom.

D20This demon lord rules 
1 a hell of septic meat infested by swarms of parasites.
2 a hell of self-consuming, pointless, polluting industry full of choking smog and spilling molten metal.
3 a hell of oceanic depths without a surface and hungry leviathans circling around the edge of visibility.
4 a vast, barren, lonely hell of grey dust and lightless void.
5 a hell that takes the form of a psychedelic nightmare jungle where animal, plant, and stone merge and mutate and everything is predatory and poisonous.
6 a hell like a metropolis falling into ruin, built to be hostile to humanity in layout and aesthetics.
7 a hell like a moldering library, smothered in silence, every book a scathing insult of its reader or a mind-numbing history of atrocities.
8 a hell like an endless carnival where all the fun’s at your expense.
9 a hell constructed from the memories of those who enter, twisted and recontextualized to spoil the good and hammer in the worst.
10 a hell of crypt-halls and crematoria-stacks where you have to wade through putrescence up to your shins.
11 a hell of slime and sewage, of prying tentacles and peering eyes.
12 a hell of kangaroo courts and Kafka-esque bureaucracy.
13 a hell of countless stacked cages stocked with exotic torture devices.
14 a hell of uncertain illusions that torment your mind before your body.
15 a hell that snakes through time, making you relive your greatest regrets again and again and again or traps you in an endless looping despair.
16 a hell like a padded, decrepit asylum where the damned are convinced that the mortal world and goodness itself are delusions.
17 a hell that’s a fleet of insane, Boschian vehicles that race and crash so fast that everything else appears only as a dull blur.
18 a hell like an inverted mountain where twisted antipodes of monasteries and sacred hermits dwell.
19 a hell that’s a desert of burning salt where cyclopean ruins offer only greater agonies in the seeming respite of their shadows.
20a rusty abattoir-hell washed in rivers of blood where damned souls are stitched into the skins of swine and cattle and butchered endlessly.

D20Among its peers, this demon lord 
1 is one who scrabbled its way up from the least sort to the highest through sheer viciousness.
2 is unusually repentant for its nature, though no less dangerous.
3 is a bored, jaded, and decadent eccentric.
4 is seen as being in a weak position, and so is besieged on all sides.
5 is seen as pretentious, and unworthy of the title of ‘lord’.
6 is an unpredictable wild card who keeps allegiance with no one.
7 is known for putting on a buffoonish front while being an insidious mastermind behind the scenes.
8 is infamous for eating its predecessor up whole.
9 is a young firebrand, kicking over ancient plots to clear the way for their own machinations.
10 is a relative unknown, shrouded in dire mysteries.
11 is a patsy installed into power by a yet-greater lord.
12 is a warrior who takes what they want through brute strength, and demeans indirect intrigues.
13 is a nihilistic philosopher who preaches a transcendent meaning in evil.
14 is a vanguard against enemies of the infernal, one who seizes new territories and new souls.
15 is mocked as a risk-averse coward.
16 is shaking things up in a petty attempt to avenge an insult.
17 is renowned for its dreadful wisdom and impartial stance.
18 is feared for the punishments it inflicts on its enemies and its damned, which are enough to make even the hell-born quail.
19 is rumoured to collude with powerful mortals, angels, and stranger beings as though they were equals.
20is considered old-school, inflexible, in need of replacement for the sake of propriety.

D20In the mortal world, this demon lord 
1 is guiding a serial killer through their dreams, influencing them to commit their murders in locations that will create a sigil to summon the demon lord.
2 has sired a number of cambions, and drives them to fight to the death to decide its true heir.
3 has won the soul and service of a humiliated king who sought diabolical patronage to reclaim lost holdings.
4 is nurturing a conspiracy to cover up abuses within the church.
5 distributes cursed treasures to entrap the fallible within its designs.
6 is manipulating an inquisition to uproot a rival.
7 is inciting a gold rush that will lead to desperation, enslavement, and eventually a mine being dug right into the underworld.
8 has seized a lich’s phylactery, and compels their obedience by threatening an eternity of damnation.
9 is playing all sides of a civil war to escalate it and create a hell on earth.
10 plans to assassinate a necromancer who’s keeping souls from perdition by binding them to corpses.
11 plans to usurp patronage of a cult from a slightly more benevolent nature spirit by plunging the cult into desperate times so they’ll turn to the desperate measure of consorting with the demon lord.
12 has sent its most loyal servants to act as wizards’ familiars, and nudge their masters into unknowingly coordinated and ultimately catastrophic action.
13 has taught a league of assassins a fiendish technique that condemns those it’s used to kill to the demon lord’s hell.
14 has been colluding with a coven of night hags to spread a plague of supernatural nightmares that make their victims terribly vulnerable to demonic possession.
15 has kicked off a soul-buying pyramid scheme by promising those who’ve made a pact with it clemency if they can make demonic deals with others, and if those others go on to make deals too.
16 is in a distressed scramble to silence an occultist who’s discovered its true name.
17 has been seeking agents to enact loopholes in a deal that a clever mortal managed to get the better of it with.
18 has occluded a true miracle-worker by seeding the region with a mob of false prophets.
19 has commanded the monks of a monastery its corrupted to produce and distribute copies of a diabolical grimoire.
20has been whispering in the ears of oracles to lead would-be heroes astray.

D20This demon lord’s true form 
1 is a discordant song of anti-beauty that disfigures and deranges those who hear it.
2 immolates the eyes of those who see it.
3 is a serpentine shadow that darkens cities with its passing.
4 is an inchoate, discorporate spirit that must possess a vessel to act on the world, yet gradually warps its vessel to the point of uselessness.
5 is pathetic, tiny, and locust-like. The demon lord wraps itself in transformations and illusions to appear impressive.
6 is an aged salesman, indistinguishable from any mortal save for millennia of experience tempting people into deals they really shouldn’t make.
7 is a black sun gouting filth and rays of agony into the world.
8 is a scrawny humanoid body bowed by the weight of its head, a chimeric bouquet of maws of lions, crocodiles, hyenas, and jackals.
9 is a swarm of eels writhing within a beautiful, empty skin.
10 is a gargantuan, eyeless vulture plucked clean of feathers. Similarly eyeless, toothless faces moan nestled in its wrinkles.
11 is dozens of elongated arms and hands dripping gore, reaching out from the hood and sleeves of a tattered cloak.
12 is a bottomless pit from which distant bellows boom.
13 is an angelic figure clad in golden, bejewelled armour. Buboes and boils bulge from the armour’s joints.
14 resembles a pile of human bodies that vivisect and rearrange themselves into new, offensive forms with every movement.
15 is a grotesquely fat bull with cracked horns and a bloody muzzle. Its voice sounds like crying infants.
16 is a porcelain giant that’s been shattered to pieces. The pieces are connected and dragged about by a mass of worms.
17 is a titan of dung compelled to forever consume and defecate itself.
18 is a labyrinth constructed of living scorpions and wasps and all other stinging creatures.
19 is a withered tree sprouting toxic fruits. Its boughs that would reach upwards have been snapped, and instead dangle.
20is a stagnant, stinking ocean that stretches beyond the horizon. Rotting hulks churn its waters.

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