Sunday, June 7, 2020

D6x6 Suspiciously Spacious Sewers

This is the inevitable result of fluoridated public water systems.

D6This sewer’s so damn big because
1it was expanded by an invading army in a sapping operation.
2the city above is a hub for chthonian mystery cults who use the underground for their rites and temples.
3its builders incorporated the existing cave network below the city.
4it’s built through the ruins of a previous city which was ruined and sunk beneath the earth.
5it was constructed by a team of golems who never received the order to stop constructing it.
6it was originally intended to be a supersized alchemical apparatus to extract the fundamentum profundus.
D6Something you’ll probably want to avoid in this sewer is
1the clans of albino crocodile-folk.
2the swarms of rats that have learned to hollow out the space between skin and bone to puppeteer bodies as their own.
3the grimy naiads corrupted by dumped pollution.
4corrupted memetic organisms dumped from the Akashic Records.
5man-eating giant eels that lurk in the pipes.
6a cabal of sorcerous newt-things who plot to overthrow the dominion of all things furred, feathered, and scaled.
D6Something you might want to enter this sewer for regardless is
1its infamous black market which sells the most vehemently forbidden materials above and below the earth.
2the hoard of a prolific cat burglar who challenged any would-be successor to find it shortly before being hanged on the gallows.
3an interplanar gateway to the Mudtropolis of Goblinkind.
4artifacts discarded by the gods themselves at the dawn of creation, which obey different conventions than everything else.
5sewer-hippos, which can be loyal and terrifying war-beasts if raised from infancy.
6a legendary chamber that is said to erase anything that enters it from the memory of the rest of the world.
D6Some other people you might encounter in this sewer are
1tosher-gangs in scrap-wood gondolas, scrubbing the muck for dumped valuables.
2the toiling, literal underclass of a culture long-fallen, unwilling to stop their menial work for fear their masters will return.
3terrified indigents, and the aristocratic youths in oiled leathers hunting them for amusement.
4unwashed aspiring Diogeneses.
5smugglers moving high-value, highly illegal product through where the law fears to tread.
6blighted ascetics who believe that the sewer is the ideal representation of the befoulment that is the fallen world of matter.
D6The depths of this sewer slop into
1the temple of a god of filth.
2a fortress of duergar, who use the waste in their biofuel reactors.
3the underworld of an extinct religion, very upset to have dropping droppings soil their idyllic afterlife.
4an otyugh mega-hive.
5a bottomless pit, a hole to a negatory void-world.
6a hell which has a local monopoly on the souls of usurers. They’ve put the fecal cornucopia to awful use in their torments.
D6A disease you might catch from this sewer’s uncleanliness is
1reverse pica, which compels you to get other creatures to eat you and your belongings.
2terminal detonationitis, which causes your corpse to explode 1d6 rounds after you die.
3miasmic dissolution, which lets you temporarily transform into a poisonous mist. Every time you do there is an increasing chance you lose your mind and won’t be able to change back though.
4loam disease, which softens your flesh and weakens your immune system’s response to plants. If special care is not taken you’ll soon become covered in blood-sucking weeds.
5cloud-gout, which makes your head and extremities swell with lighter-than-air gas. Floating up too high will cause the swollen parts to burst and distribute infectious droplets on the wind.
6rending parasitosis, which causes your fingers to extend into bony claws infested with parasites. Any wound dealt by the claws will be full of these parasites’ young.

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  1. This - and previous grimoires and impractical priesthood - are very and immediately useful. Thank you very much.