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D20x5 Worrying Warriors

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D20This warrior fights with
1 a brandistock, cunningly designed so that if it is twisted just right it will shoot out its blade like an arrow.
2 an arquebus with an axe-head affixed to its stock for desperate close combat.
3 a broadsword and buckler. Both have seen more combat than the warrior has, and wear it in their scars.
4 a steel-shod club.
5 a poleaxe with a head shaped like a grinning skull.
6 a pike with a gilded tip.
7 a serrated scimitar.
8 a morning star with its head shaped to resemble a hedgehog.
9 A sabre and its scabbard, which is sturdy enough to be used as a bludgeon and parrying tool.
10 a partizan adorned with bloodstained feathers.
11 a brace of pistols and a pair of daggers.
12 a wavy flammenschwert.
13 a tower shield painted with a roaring lion, and a long flail that can strike around it.
14 a composite bow. They’ve notched vulgar insults into the shafts of all their arrows.
15 a spear and kite shield. The spear bears a notch for everyone it’s killed, the shield for every time it’s saved the warrior’s life.
16 a halberd with a bird’s nest impaled on its point.
17 a glaive elaborated decorated to resemble a wickedly thorned rose.
18 a rapier and a long knife.
19 a sling with lead shot, and a seax for when the enemy gets close.
20 a warhammer. Its head is shaped like an anvil.
D20 This warrior fights in
1 clanking old half-plate.
2 a corroded coat of chains.
3 iron scale-mail molded to look like a pangolin’s armour.
4 treated textiles tough enough to offer some protection, dyed in abstract patterns.
5 mismatched pieces of armour taken off a dozen different bodies on a dozen different battlefields.
6 rattling, ill-fitted lorica segmentata.
7 roughly-stitched, muddy hides from animals large and small, furry and scaly.
8 a breastplate polished to a bright sheen, and poofy brocaded silk sleeves.
9 plates of shell and chitin pried from the flanks of man-eating war-beasts.
10 a shredded mail hauberk with arrowheads inextricably stuck in its rings.
11 a burgonet, jackboots, and boiled leather.
12 splinted steel vambraces and greaves, a rusty coat of plates.
13 an enamelled crimson cuirass.
14 barding meant for a horse, hammered out to fit them.
15 lacquered lamellar.
16 a cloak reinforced with light metal plates, with chains wrapped around their forearms to help parry.
17 leather trousers, hobnailed boots, and woad war-paint.
18 an Almain rivet with a couple missing and dented plates.
19 mirror armour, its central chest disc molded to resemble an open palm.
20 a brigandine coat, its cloth soiled and torn.
D20 This warrior fights for
1 a queen long dead, a country that no longer exists.
2 the ecstatic trance they enter in the heat of battle, unmatched by any other pleasure they’ve experienced.
3 revenge against the whole of the world.
4 just enough pay to get them high.
5 the fulfilment of their unconscious deathwish, so that they may join their fallen comrades.
6 the perfection of their technique, so that they may teach the next generation of warriors.
7 the only god who ever answered their prayers, a bloody and rapacious thing.
8 no other reason than it comes easily to them.
9 the chance to stare into someone’s eyes as they die.
10 an escape from the bonds of civilized society.
11 an outlet for their sublimated frustrations.
12 a plot of land they dream of retiring to.
13 the chance to find an old enemy on the battlefield and finish their feud.
14 the sake of accumulating sin to join their damned love in the hereafter.
15 a fiery and uncompromising faith.
16 the approval of a father no longer able to grant it.
17 accolades and trophies.
18 the funds to found a warrior’s paradise.
19 the satiation of a curse which demands they spill ten drops of guilty blood for every drop of innocent blood they’ve taken, or else suffer unimaginably as their veins smoulder from within.
20 the naked truth they believe to be revealed in life-or-death situations.
D20 This warrior stands out on the battlefield
1 for their obstinate ferocity. They have never retreated from a battle without being dragged by their companions.
2 for their blood-curdling war-shouts.
3 for their calm and clear sight even in the thickest fog of war.
4 for the elegant execution of their enemies.
5 for the technical precision of their fighting.
6 for their graceful, dance-like movements.
7 for their unpredictable speed.
8 for their brutal strength.
9 for their numb resistance to pain and wounds.
10 for their disrespect to fallen opponents.
11 because they seek out the strongest-seeming foes to fight.
12 because of their towering height and abnormal reach.
13 for the nigh-impassable wall that is their guard.
14 for their opportunistic hit-and-run tactics.
15 for their impeccable observation of proper battlefield decorum, and fair treatment of prisoners.
16 for the way their charismatic presence lends their fellows courage.
17 because of the sweet scent of the perfume they douse themself with before every battle.
18 for the way they can predict their opponents and plan ten moves in advance.
19 for the sheer dumb luck they must have to survive their own clumsiness.
20 for their dirty tricks and unflappable wit.
D20 When this warrior cries out in their sleep they are reliving
1 the moment they squandered an entire campaign’s worth of pay on an ill-advised gamble.
2 the beatings they suffered at the hands of their mentor.
3 when they had to hide among the reeking dead and were trampled beneath them all the same.
4 a duel they lost by their overconfidence, and survived only due to cowardice.
5 a campaign they marched for so long they forgot the smell of home.
6 a rout so total that more were killed by the weight of their fleeing comrades than were on the blades of the enemy.
7 a combat fought in tunnels so close you couldn’t swing a sword.
8 a battle fought within fading firelight, those at the sputtering edge picked off by blind enemies.
9 an ambush when they were caught wading waist-deep through mud.
10 a terrible trip they suffered because of the hallucinogenic venom smeared along an enemy’s weapon.
11 the moment they realized they were going to live and die by the sword.
12 a fight against a monster no mortal weapons could scratch.
13 the moment they received a wound whose scar still aches even all these years later.
14 the turning point of a battle when those they thought were steadfast allies betrayed them.
15 a time they thought they’d found peace fell into chaos once more.
16 the loss of their dear love while they were away on campaign.
17 the long sickness that wasted away their hard-earned strength.
18 the civil schism that turned them against their brother.
19 when a priest cursed the warrior with their last breath.
20the moment they sold out their comrades who planned to desert their army.

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