Tuesday, June 2, 2020

D100 Things For This Weird Egg You Found To Hatch Into

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D100What’s This Weird Egg Going To Hatch Into?
1A poofy-feathered gryphon chick that will imprint on whoever has the most gold on them when it hatches.
2A two-headed serpent that will proclaim two prophecies, one true and one false, before rotting away in moments.
3A bomb, which explodes into shell-shrapnel for 2d6 damage to everyone within 10-feet, save for half damage. If you listen closely you can hear it ticking down before it hatches.
4A human child.
53d6 giggling goblins, packed inside like clowns in a car.
6Another egg.
7A triceratops.
8A regular dumb bird.
9A golden statue of a bird.
10A comically large key.
11A plastic toy.
12A fully grown, armed and armoured warrior, perfectly loyal to whoever sat on the egg most while it was incubating.
13The idea of a bird.
14A smug talking crocodile.
15A fish that starts small but quickly grows very large.
16Nothing but putrid yolk.
17An undead lizard abortion which follows the orders of its long-extinct master to reactivate their other works.
18An infant siren.
19A newborn medusa.
20A rapidly-maturing hydra.
21A scion and potential usurper of the Midgard Serpent, Jormungandr.
22A tiny clone of you.
23A bird with human arms.
24A roast bird, ready to eat.
25A platypus.
26A giant ant queen.
27A naga-child who’s inherited the memories of their wise and cruel ancestors.
28A baby dragon-turtle.
29A baby lizard-man.
30A loathsome avatar of Yig.
31A storm. You can hear the faint rumbles of its future-thunder if you press your ear up to its shell.
32An arrogant coatl eager to judge with its limited life experience.
33The beating heart of the lich who hid it in there.
34A flood of meringue.
35A tiny, ornery, deadly basilisk.
36A parrot that squawks out the secrets of people it’s perched on.
37A full-sized, fossilized and animate terror bird.
38A hatchling roc.
39A litter of 2d4 baby kobolds.
40A cockatrice chick.
41A tyrannosaurus rex.
42A stegosaurus.
43A liopleurodon.
44A pterodactyl.
45A utahraptor.
46A feathered dog that chirps instead of barking.
47An infant wereraven who cannot yet control their transformations between human and animal.
48A hatchling stymphalian bird, the tips of its metal feathers only just beginning to poke through its skin.
49A young thunderbird.
50The heir to an aarakocra royal dynasty.
51The child of a harpy chief who’s scouring the land for their egg.
52A hungry rust monster.
53A clutch of 1d4 ettercaps.
54A pseudodragon.
55One-third of a chimera, which dies gorily soon after.
56A little itty-bitty remorhaz.
57A peryton fawn.
58A giant toad with a flooded pocket dimension hiding a lost magic treasure in its mouth.
59A perfectly cooked French omelette.
60A troglodyte demigod prophesied to lead its kind in conquest against the surface world.
61A leather armchair. The armchair is a mimic. The egg was also a mimic, which the armchair-mimic was locked in deadly predatory struggle with.
62A baby hook horror.
63A hatchling axe beak.
64An infant achaierai.
65A songbird. However, the songbird and whoever caused it to hatch swap minds. A remove curse spell or pilgrimage to the King of Birds could cure this condition. If your mind is swapped back you retain a beautiful singing voice.
66A swarm of stirges.
67A runty bulette.
68A baby behir.
69Apparently nothing, but in truth a newborn phase spider that immediately phased itself away. It follows from a distance, eating the scraps you leave behind and learning from your habits.
70A reincarnated sahuagin warrior. Furious spirit in pintsized body.
71A ravenous dinosaur ghoul, hunched and malformed from its long confinement.
72A tangled mass of vipers.
73A honeyguide-like bird that will lead you to the nearest treasure hoard. No guarantee that it is not guarded or trapped though.
74A loyal giant beetle with an iridescent carapace.
75A blood-weeping moon that swiftly ascends into the sky by the most direct route, crashing through the ceiling if need be.
76Little Godzilla.
77A python-skin cloak that lets its wearer transform into a python.
78A wooden raven mask. While wearing the mask you can talk to birds.
79A baby firenewt. Volcanic activity in the region will pick up until it’s returned to its parents.
80A shadowy phantom vulture. The vulture will appear near the corpse of the one who hatched it when they die, and protect it from any cannibals, necromancers, robbers, or other desecraters. Seeing the vulture out of the corner of your eye is an omen of imminent death.
81A puff of white smoke. The next time you are in mortal danger, a flock of chickens will appear to assist you.
82A lamia, who although evil is grateful for its release and will perform one favour before returning to hell.
83A legendary contortionist and thief who’s been wanted dead or alive for years.
84A pool of inchoate bird-flesh, feathers, and chirping beaks that converts living tissue it touches into more of itself. Stat as green slime.
85An infant ankheg. Its cries will attract a pair of defensive adult ankhegs to it in 1d6 10 minute turns.
86An egg-shaped house. The furniture within is upholstered in soft yellow feathers.
87A purple wormling.
88A young wyvern.
89Nothing. It is an un-egg. Whoever breaks it is cursed to de-age one year each day until as an infant they are compelled to seal the egg’s shards closed around themself.
90An owlbear cub.
91A delicious cake.
92A precious Fabergé egg.
93The head of a crazed wizard who mutters confusing prophecies and ill-conceived recipes.
94A goose that lays other weird eggs (roll again for what they hatch into).
95A magic knife carved from eggshell which renders any creature it wounds sterile (also prevents regeneration).
96A reborn phoenix laden with knowledge of the underworld and the paths between here and there.
97A grand and byzantine treasonous scheme, which will compel others to enact it if you won’t.
98A rift in space which sucks everything within 10 feet into the bottom of a random dungeon.
99A baby dragon.
100A copyright-friendly Pikachoid.

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