Saturday, June 6, 2020

D20x5 Helpful Horses (& Some Not-Quite Horses)

Click the button below to generate your horse (or "horse"):

The tool I used to automate generating the table results can be found here:

D20This horse is
1 a charger
2 a bay horse
3 a palomino
4 a hackney
5 a rouncey
6 a palfrey
7 a draft horse
8 a stock horse
9 a cob
10 a bargain broomtail
11 a runty garron
12 a jennet
13 a sport-horse past its prime
14 a draft-horse
15 a young gelding
16 a hulking destrier
17 actually an onager
18 actually a zebra
19 actually a mule
20 actually a donkey
D20 with
1 ribbons tied in its mane and tail.
2 heavy scarring on its face and shoulders.
3 swollen ankles.
4 drool perpetually flecking its cheeks.
5 striking green eyes.
6 albinism.
7 an elaborate brand on its flanks.
8 bronze horseshoes affixed to its hooves.
9 apotropaic sigils painted all over its body.
10 a piebald hide.
11 hairless splotches.
12 matted, tangled hair.
13 an ublemished reddish hide.
14 a deafening whinny.
15 a docked tail.
16 a distinctly foul odour.
17 intricately braided hair.
18 starkly protruding ribs.
19 a nose ring.
20 straight and shiny teeth.
D20 Its personality
1 is ornery and slow to warm up to others, though unfailingly loyal once it does.
2 is initially friendly to everyone, though it quickly grows fickle with its affections.
3 is unshakeably stoic.
4 is skittishly cautious.
5 is competitive and driven.
6 has a serious oral fixation.
7 is slothful and proud.
8 is playfully foalish.
9 is stubborn yet gentle.
10 is obnoxiously attention-seeking.
11 is curious and adventuresome.
12 is unbreakably ferocious.
13 is generally despondent but sometimes excitable by odd things.
14 is that of a bully.
15 is bland and indistinguishable.
16 is agreeable and compliant.
17 makes it obsessed with cleanliness and grooming.
18 is phlegmatic, contemplative.
19 is hyperactive, impossible to pin down.
20 is tricksy and puckish.
D20 This horse has
1 a certain fey cleverness.
2 indefatigable endurance.
3 astounding fleetness.
4 sure feet and an eye for subtle hazards.
5 a nose like a bloodhound.
6 sharp teeth and hooves and a willingness to use them.
7 a sensitivity to magic.
8 an intuitive aptitude for stealth.
9 the ability to leap impressive heights and distances.
10 great resilience toward injuries and disease.
11 the uncanny power to find its way home from just about anywhere.
12 a propensity to suffer misfortune.
13 an appetite much beyond what its size would suggest.
14 dull senses, or perhaps is merely inattentive.
15 a wasting sickness that’s slowly killing it.
16 good judgement of intent, for a horse.
17 a distinguished pedigree. Any of its children would be handsome and healthy.
18 incredible strength, even for a horse.
19 an aversion to blood and violence.
20 the gift of walking fairy-paths to and from the otherworld.
D20 You might find this horse
1 licking salt off a cliff-face.
2 nursing a fresh wound by a stream.
3 being smuggled by disguised thieves.
4 in dented barding, stumbling away from a crow-crowded battlefield.
5 being sold wholesale with its siblings, all similar in temperament.
6 being ridden by a gaggle of cackling goblins.
7 strapped to a plough, dragging a furrow to nowhere.
8 performing tricks for a travelling menagerie.
9 tied to a tree by the cold ashes of an extinguished campfire.
10 being hawked by a hard-dealing merchant.
11 fleeing a burning convoy.
12 among a feral herd.
13 following a path with a passed-out rider on its back.
14 enjoying a nap in a soft patch of heather.
15 standing and staring at you in a field.
16 rummaging through your rations.
17 being sold at a steal by a retiring knight.
18 being crowned with laurels by pixies.
19 fighting off a bandit trying to wrangle it.
20being chased by a pack of wolves.

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