Monday, February 22, 2021

D6x6 Masticating Manticores

The hum the hiss the buzz the whine it’s in the pipes it’s in the walls it’s in my head please stop it all.

Special thanks to Spwack at Meandering Banter for the generator button thing:

D6This manticore is rumoured to be
1a punishment brought about by the younger generation’s impiety.
2the vengeful spirit of a warrior killed by their own comrades for barring them from retreating due to that warrior’s bloodlust.
3a pet escaped from the emperor’s menagerie.
4a glutton cursed by the cat-god for eating her charges.
5a narcissistic fleshworker attempting to prove their superiority over other people by becoming their predator.
6the get of a lion and a witch.
D6This manticore is a pest
1near an oasis, preying on thirsty passers-by.
2along a trade route, extorting merchants for their beasts of burden.
3on common land, and used as an excuse for that land’s enclosure by a noble who can muster the forces to scare it away.
4in a slum of sprawling tenements, lairing in an abandoned apartment and flying out by night.
5near a cinnabar mine, where unlucky slaves are sacrificed to it to buy some reprieve for the rest.
6because it has gained a taste for the flesh of widowers.
D6This manticore has
1a handsome human head, and a great mouth full of rending teeth that opens up beneath that face’s jaw.
2green and purple stripes like a psychedelic tiger.
3bloody splinters of bone sticking out from within its legs.
4pink ribbons tied in its mane.
5fluorescing knobs of chitinous armour.
6flabby, jiggling, sweat-drenched flanks.
D6This manticore’s voice
1is a mocking falsetto-high.
2is a rough, deep grind.
3is spacey, trailing off into vocal fry.
4changes in volume and tempo suddenly, without regard to its emotional state.
5is punctuated by smacking lips, tongue clicks, and other such mouth noises.
6is hollow and whispery.
D6This manticore can
1call up stinking, buffeting winds by flapping its wings.
2charm victims with its fluting whistle.
3send animals into a stampeding panic with a screech.
4create simulacra of those it’s eaten, connected to the underside of its tongue by long umbilica.
5see lies and smell traps.
6send its shadow out ahead of it to scout.
D6This manticore’s tail
1is covered in suppurating holes in which tiny fetal manticores mewl. The manticore can flick them at its enemies, who they ravenously devour.
2is the upper torso of a bowman, who looses arrows at its enemies.
3is a rose in bloom which tosses its thorns viciously.
4looks and functions like a catapult, arcing stones with tremendous force.
5bristles with fractal spines. If not swiftly removed, embedded spines will grow more spines around them.
6is a bundle of bent and tarnished silver cutlery.

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