Tuesday, February 9, 2021

A World in 13 Items... Challenge

I have yet to meet a bandwagon I have not wanted to get on and/or fall off of:

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Without further ado:

1. Harpoon cleverly forged with internal siphons to spew out the flotation-gas, innards, or eidolium of whatever it impales.

2. Combined parachute and straitjacket. There's spoiled chitterlings stitched to the breast.

3. Adhesive-edged emergency gasbag patch embroidered with a prayer for forgiveness.

4. Carrier pidgeon.

5. Pornographic clüdhaik tusk scrimshaw.

6. Spiked and weighted net.

7. Depthdragger on a long, thin chain, suitable to be carried by an individual or small vesesl. When it chimes throw everything you can overboard and run.

8. Grappling hook, silk line, hand-crank on the end.

9. Boarding axe. Handle's scratched with notches, and notation around the notches for the altitude they were earned at.

10. Bonnet adorned with feathers mimicking a levinshrike's warning display.

11. Thick fur-lined jacket, honeycombed ceramic plates inserted so they'll lie over the wearer's vitals.

12. Airtight alembic, rubber seals, suitable for most gaseous refinements.

13. Persona-mask with inbuilt high-altitude respirator.

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