Friday, June 24, 2022

D6x6 Mystifying Myconids

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D6These myconids have
1 a crown of crimson tendrils that makes them look quite fearsome.
2 wrinkles that make them look like a cross between a walnut and a brain.
3 teardrop-shaped bioluminescent nodules that sometimes break off and float away.
4 lacey skirts of hyphae.
5 frills that trail below their caps like tattered veils.
6wide pores that leak indigo ichor.

D6These myconids can
1 puff up rapidly, becoming temporary giants, but collapse soon after.
2 seemingly teleport by popping in and out of the ground - really they're translating themselves through the hyphaeic network.
3 survive decapitation and other sorts of dismemberment.
4 induce overproduction of chitin to organically petrify parts of their body.
5 speak with worms and beetles and all other detritivores.
6clamber over any surface by sinking their tendrils into it.

D6These myconids are vulnerable to
1 direct sunlight, which dries them right out.
2 confusion if exposed to certain scents which disrupt their pheromonal communications.
3 exposure to temperatures outside a narrow band, and so must spend much of their time underground, in controlled environments, or in otherwise temperate zones.
4 starvation if isolated from their hyphae, as they're unable to process food on their own.
5 dogs and hogs, which can sniff them out and devour them relentlessly.
6blights which leave meaty creatures untouched.

D6These myconids' society
1 teaches that individuality is an illusion, and that only the group is real.
2 is a crab-in-the-bucket scramble to earn recognition and a legacy within their short lifespans.
3 is built from the ground-up with limitless interconnection and redundancy.
4 is a nomadic trade empire, able to wander and integrate itself anywhere.
5 has exhausted itself with decadent celebration and monument-building.
6is nominally democratic, yet entrenched interest groups have decided its direction practically since its inception.

D6These myconids are
1 descendants of cultists who worshiped a fungal god who they believed could bring them to ultimate cosmic unity.
2 former fairies whose spirits got stuck in mushrooms while passing through a fairy-ring.
3 a latent adaption in all fungi, simply waiting for the right epigenetic trigger to show up.
4 the descendants of fungus that grew atop graves and absorbed the form and intelligence of the corpses buried therein.
5 an epicurean wizard's experiment in creating self-harvesting produce.
6an ancient species that has ruled over the great rot that has followed every mass extinction.

D6If eaten, these myconids
1 are addictively delicious, overloaded with umami flavour.
2 are powerfully anti-biotic, able to cure any bacterial infection.
3 contain spores that will survive their passage through your digestive tract. The spores will grow little myconids in your poop that will imprint on you like ducklings.
4 will chemically alter your brain to further their interests.
5 will launch your soul out of your body in a psychedlic astral projection.
6will literally poison the shit out of you.


  1. > wrinkles that make them look like a cross between a walnut and a brain.

    Thought you might be interested to know that Vietnamese for walnut is "quả óc chó", roughly translates as "dog-brain fruit". This is rendered a little weirder because "brain" in this phrase is actually a slang-term, and is more commonly recognised as "snail". So... dog snail/brain fruit.

    Just some random trivia because I have run out of superlatives for these, and you already know I love mushrooms. I am, after all, a fun guy.

    Thank you "funny little table man"

  2. the "These myconids are" table on this entry is _particularly_ good

  3. I read a Chinse novel once ("The night before my divorce, I turned into a mushroom") where the heroine was the human-shaped daughter (spore) of a goddess-like fungus. She frequently terrified villains when her face dissolved into hundreds of thousands of hyphae.