Sunday, June 19, 2022

D6x6 Swooping Swanmays

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D6This swanmay’s swan form
1looks like someone wearing a well-made swan costume.
2is crystalline, resembling an ice sculpture, and leaves a trail of glowing motes in its wake.
3is albino, save for speckles on its chest the colour of blood.
4has a dagger-like beak and razor-edged feathers.
5is all the colours of the rainbow - the gayest looking swan you can imagine.
6has feathers as dark as a moonless night.
D6This swanmay’s human form
1is uncannily lithe and lanky.
2is that of a stately old woman, imperious and elegant.
3has the tell that they’ve got swan’s eyes instead of human ones, and so wears tinted glasses when they want to be inconspicuous.
4is muscular and wiry, with matted hair and wild eyes.
5is rosy-cheeked and buxom.
6is deathly pale and has hair that trails down to her ankles.
D6This swanmay is
1a swan that was magically uplifted by a deity to be one of its servitors.
2a star that was cast down from the constellation Cygnus for space-crimes.
3a formerly-ordinary mortal who became afflicted with a terminal illness, and turned to the fairies who lived in the nearby woods for an unconventional cure.
4a character from an opera who was brought into reality from the imaginary realm by an obsessed & arcanely-inclined conductor.
5a spirit representing humanity and nature in mutually-beneficial harmony - a spirit of the garden and the grove.
6a princess cursed by a rival over a marriage prospect.
D6This swanmay can
1heal wounds with her tears - but they must be tears of genuine grief.
2grant the gift of flight to those who join her flock.
3shroud her surroundings in total silence, or unleash a deafening honk.
4hex anyone who harms her to encounter pernicious thorns whenever they walk through or touch vegetation.
5speak with all birds as though they were not twittering idiots.
6ward ghosts and demons away from anyone carrying a token made from her feathers.
D6This swanmay hangs about
1a pond in the middle of a royal hunting preserve that’s being occupied by a peasant rebellion.
2a castle abandoned because it was built for fanciful aesthetics over defensibility.
3a stone crossroad that’s fallen into disrepair, become overgrown and sunken into muck.
4a beached gambling barge, wiling away the days playing solitaire with moldering cards.
5a placid lake with bygone evils sealed within, sacrifices and idols tossed to its bed, leaking their energies into the water over centuries like toxic waste.
6a haunted glade where the heartbroken go to commit suicide.
D6This swanmay is looking for
1a worthy bearer for a magic sword she’s been charged with keeping.
2the descendant of a family she owes a mortal debt to.
3someone willing to take on a monster that lairs in the same area.
4a few venal individuals willing to take on the job of pranking a local dryad who she’s got a rivalry with.
5someone who can chart a safe migration route for her swan friends.
6a lover to share her days with.

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  1. I didn't even know what a Swanmay was but these are good, you've really conveyed the elegance and beauty of swan people and made them feel folkloric. It's somewhat unlike your usual stuff, in a way that's interesting to see.