Wednesday, June 29, 2022

D6x6 Scornful Scarecrows

This is a generator for evil, animate scarecrows. Why yes, after hundreds of these things I am having to stretch for ideas, how could you tell?

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D6This scornful scarecrow is
1 a formerly-ordinary scarecrow that became the focus for an entire village's negative emotions after a murder took place in its field, after which it became animate and sentient.
2 granted life by a lingering drop of Abel's blood, still crying out from fields tilled by the sons of Cain.
3 a vengeful forest spirit whose trees were razed to make farms.
4 a harvest deity who's shrivelled up and become bitter.
5 animated by the ghost of a vagrant who was murdered when caught stealing grain from its field.
6the vessel of a demon that a desperate farmer invited into this world to prevent his family from starving - but at what cost?

D6This scornful scarecrow attacks
1 by riding a skeletal ox and getting it to trample and gore its victims.
2 by rapidly spinning straw into razor wire.
3 with a torch and pitchfork wielded in dreadful tandem.
4 with thorny, eviscerating claws that break off bits in wounds that grow into parasitic brambles.
5 silently, from out of nowhere, swinging a machete.
6by summoning swarms of birds and rats to nip away at its victims.

D6The surrounding community deals with this scornful scarecrow
1 by sacrificing troublemakers (and anyone who seems like they might make trouble) to it.
2 by attempting to appease it with shrines, festivals, and little doughy treats steamed in straw.
3 by demystifying it, seeing it as no different from any other territorial predator, learning its routines and avoiding it when they can.
4 by avoiding it physically and mentally, fencing off its field and obscuring its existence in nursery rhymes.
5 by making it the lynchpin of their defense from the outside world, setting obstacles to funnel invaders towards it - some even coming to see it as their sacred guardian.
6by challenging it, making surviving in its field for a night their rite of manhood - those who survive are said to have conquered fear itself (though they rarely speak to each other about the chronic nightmares).

D6This scornful scarecrow has
1 human viscera stuffed inside it in unconventional numbers and arrangements instead of straw.
2 a wide hat with vials containing wasps, mosquitos, locusts and other such unpleasant insects dangling from its brim.
3 a mouthful of mismatched teeth pried from the mouths of dogs, cats, and various livestock.
4 an unseemly blend of burlap and leather making up its body, each mixed into the other without a clear point of demarcation.
5 stitches spelling out curses and obscenities.
6black marble eyes that roll around in its head when it's agitated.

D6This scornful scarecrow's field grows
1 gourds and melons, swollen to boulder-size and wrinkled and sagging into forms suggestive of faces. Vines snag at your feet like snares when you trudge through it.
2 lentil bushes in trackless profusion. Disease-bearing ticks lurk on every stem.
3 apple trees, spread from neat orchards to a gnarled forest. Their branches have matted into a sun-blocking thicket, bearing foul-smelling fruit.
4 corn, the stalks in tight-packed rows towering above your head, every stretch identical to every other. Easy to get lost in a place like this.
5 wheat. The dense stalks trap air like fur against skin - the field is unpredictably, unpleasantly hot or cold.
6rice, the grains hard and bitter even after long boiling. The field's mud sucks your feet in deep, steals your boots, and needle-thin fishbones are mixed in throughout, pricking through bare skin and thin cloth.

D6This scornful scarecrow's field
1 is home to rabid badgers and their ankle-snapping dens.
2 is riddled with pitfalls, bear traps, and other such nasty surprises.
3 is larger once you're in it than it seems from the outside.
4 bends to its will in subtle ways.
5 is decorated with the heads of its victims, hollowed out and stuck on stakes, a candle shining from their mouths and eye sockets.
6has at its center a barn and farmhouse, in pristine condition despite the untended crops. Within, the signs of everyday life are preserved at the moment they stopped.

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  1. If you keep doing this, I'm gonna have to abandon my current game to build a pulp horror world of constant world-ending plagues with horsemen, werewolves, and scarecrows.