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D66(xD10xD10) Fantastical Fires

Can fire be loot? It can now.

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D10You find this fantastical fire:
1Burning someone alive.
2On a torch.
3In a hearth.
4In a brazier.
5In a lantern.
6On a candle wick.
7As a few bits of glowing charcoal clutched in the hands of a dead dryad.
8As a pack of magic matches that will alight as the fire when struck.
9Sizzling on the end of a cigar.
10Being plucked out of the chest of a screaming godling by a giant eagle with cruel eyes.
D66This fantastical fire is:
11Safetysnapper: If used to light a campfire, that campfire will loudly snap to warn those who sleep around it of intruders, and spit off sparks to defend the camp.
12Rustfire: Burns metal and leaves corroded dust behind. Doesn’t spread normal flames to regularly flammable things it burns near. Has a colour like burnished brass.
13Spitesear: Preferentially burns the damp and living over the dry and dead. Images like sneering, cackling faces can be seen in its flickering.
14Redripple: Burns outwards in a perfect circle. If prevented from doing so, by a patch of fireproof material for example, all the redripple in that circle is immediately extinguished.
15Proofing Flame: If it burns a living thing, then so long as the burn isn’t healed then that living thing will be immune to damage from mundane fire.
16Woodforger: Causes wood (and other flammable materials) exposed to it to melt instead of burn, and resolidify as they cool into new shapes.
21Smokeless Fire: Spawns djinni from the things it burns.
22Paleflame: Burns cold instead of hot, but still ignites flammable materials with more of itself. Its colour is an icy blue.
23Igniting Intellect: Becomes more intelligent and more capable of self-direction the larger and hotter it burns.
24Afterburner: A flame which only burns other fire. It’s twice as bright, twice as hot, and twice as wild as a mundane fire. Side effects may ensue if it consumes a magical fire or fiery being.
25Ashen Choker: No matter what it burns, it releases thick, suffocating clouds of smoke and ash.
26Houndflame: When a “virgin” sample of houndflame is allowed to burn something, it will forever after only burn identical materials, and its tongues will lick in those materials’ direction at all times.
31Perdition’s Rasp: Can’t ever kill those it burns, only torment them on the edge of death in perpetuity.
32Sacred Flame: Burns only the unholy, demons, and the undead (or whatever meets the criteria of unholiness within a given cosmology), and deals extra damage to these things. Its smoke smells like incense.
33Blind Man’s Burn: Burns bright enough to temporarily blind anyone who looks directly at it.
34Containable Conflagration: The one who lit a containable conflagration can tap it to compress the whole fire into an orb that fits in the palm of their hand. Later they can cause that orb to expand to its original size by tapping it again. If the fire splits into multiple patches then only one of those patches can be contained again going forward.
35Final Pyre: Anyone burned to death by it cannot be raised from the dead or contacted in the afterlife. Its flames have all the colours of a sunset.
36Actinignition: Causes mutations instead of damage when it burns something.
41Memosmoulder: Causes those lit on fire with it to forget that they are on fire with it. If anything is reduced to ashes by memosmoulder, it is forgotten by the world. You can never quite remember what it looks like.
42Darkflame: Consumes light instead of producing it.
43Goblinspark: Burns green, and bits of it can lie dormant and heatless, hiding in the folds of clothes and on the bottoms of boots, waiting until the least opportune moment to burst into rampant life.
44Snuffcinder: Devours oxygen far faster than a fire of its size should, capturing a pocket of the stuff beneath a shell of hardened ash to sustain itself while everything else nearby suffocates. The tongues of its flame seem to form covetous claws.
45Weeping Scarlet: Flows like a fluid, like burning napalm that ignites flammable things into more napalm.
46Cinereal Sepulchrite: Burns weakly, slowly, dimly normally, but if introduced into a dead or nearly-dead body roars to life and animates the body into a vector for its spread.
51Teleflame: Any sample of teleflame can be used as a (very hot) portal to any other sample that was once part of the same original fire. Glimpses of other teleflames’ surroundings can be seen in its flickerings.
52Tarnishblaze: Burns what the one who set it values, produces less valuable byproducts. Gold into lead, love into apathy, and suchlike. Its flame is so drab it might as well be brown.
53Intravenous Vulcanite: A scabby crimson colour, rises in globs instead of tongues. A symbiotic fire which burns up and replaces blood. If it fills your veins you’ll tire more easily but also release a gout of flame if you’re ever cut open.
54Scintillant Dervish: Spins up in wide spirals, shifting through every colour on the spectrum and a few that aren’t. Anyone who looks at it must save twice. If they fail the first they are entranced by the fire and stare thoughtlessly until hurt. If they fail they second, they must flee but otherwise retain their rationality.
55Lullabic Charrer: Burns with a pleasant hum rather than snaps or cracks. The smoke from its flame is soporific. Those who inhale it must save or fall into a deep sleep.
56Cookpot’s Companion: Always smells like a hearty stew. Anything cooked above it has its flavours magically enhanced. Worth a fortune to chefs and gourmands.
61Antifire: Burns smoke, ashes, and charcoal into what those all were before they were incinerated. Reacts explosively with regular fire. Its tongues flicker downward from a point above what it’s unburning rather than rising up.
62Inquisitor’s Beacon: Light cast by this fire passes through illusions and renders the invisible visible. Burns lies instead of fuel. Bigger lies burn longer. If someone who’s fed a lie to some inquisitor’s beacon ever speaks that same lie again, their throat and tongue are grievously burned. Flickers into the shape of the words of every lie that’s fed it.
63Flier’s Friend: Produces an updraft with significantly more force than a fire of its size should. A large campfire could produce an updraft strong enough to keep an unarmoured man aloft above it (though low enough that he would quickly roast).
64Fractional Flame: Only ever burns half of each thing it’s fed as fuel. Can be mixed with other fantastical fires to grant them the same effect.
65Wallflame: The fire of a wallflame acts as a solid, very hot object to anything flammable (anything non-flammable passes through as normal).
66Vermilion Vapourizer: Instantly converts any water it’s exposed to into steam without losing heat. Thermodynamics weeps.
D10Where did this fantastical fire come from?:
1It’s a plasmamorphic alien invader lobotomized by the relatively low temperature of this world.
2It’s the ghost-remnant of an immolated witch.
3An alchemical accident.
4A Molotov cocktail made with fermented soma.
5A qlippothic, rejected form of fire that has no place in the divine plan.
6It’s the misbegotten child of a wizard and a fire elemental.
7A library of grimoires torched by an angry mob.
8An eruption from the world’s inner flames.
9The bootstrap paradox of a pyromancer’s prophecy.
10An experimental dwarf-smithy, shattered by their enemies.

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