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D20x5 Variant Vampires

Why build the bloodsucking wagon when you can reinvent its wheel 3,200,000 times with the push of a button.

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D20 These Vampires Feed...
1 For the pleasure of it rather than any real necessity. They can even digest normal food, but find it grossly bland unless soaked in blood.
2 Alongside their pet giant vampire finches, who share a relationship with these vampires like dogs do to humans.
3 Preferentially on people with certain blood-borne diseases, which are like spices to these vampires. They’ll deliberately spread those diseases to maintain a supply.
4 Mostly on slaves specially bred for blood production, ease of extraction, and docility.
5 By ripping out big chunks of flesh and vomiting out everything that isn’t blood later, like an owl pellet.
6 By pseudo-magnetically drawing blood from nearby open wounds into their own gaping, mouthlike pores.
7 Through long, translucent needles they grow out of their bones.
8 With a vacuum-sealed kiss, sucking all your blood out your gums and throat.
9 On congealed blood scraped from the veins of the dead.
10 Ecstatically, tearing their prey apart and lapping up the spilled blood with idiotic fervour.
11 With a sharp-tipped iron straw stabbed into an artery.
12 Rarely but ravenously, slurping down a dozen lives at once and then retreating to digest over months.
13 By sending out their transformed teeth to steal blood remotely.
14 By squeezing out peoples’ blood and fermenting it into something like wine.
15 By trapping people in webs made of veins which draw out their blood while sustaining them in an unpleasant half-life.
16 Through their luxurious, prehensile, and hollow-stranded hair.
17 With alchemical grafts that siphon their prey’s blood into their body while pumping out the brownish sludge that their blood’s become into their prey.
18 By boring a hole through the wall of a bedroom and inhaling sleeping inhabitants’ blood in the form of a crimson fog that drifts from their noses and ears.
19 Like a root, or a fungus. They spill blood on bare soil then bury themselves there to absorb it.
20 Off positive emotions, sucked up ambiently or right out of the skull with gummy lamprey-mouths.
D20 These Vampires’ Bodies...
1 Are reminiscent of fleas and ticks. They can can jump great distances, climb sheer surfaces, hide a sharp proboscis beneath their tongue, and swell up with the blood they’ve drunk.
2 Are boneless and disturbingly flexible. They can squeeze through any opening bigger than their teeth.
3 Are full of parasitic worms that spill out when they’re wounded.
4 Mutate into a gruesome, mindless monster when the vampire is killed.
5 Can separate into independently-acting limbs and organs.
6 Turn inside-out when the vampire is feeding, using its powers, or exposed to its weaknesses
7 Are ectoplasmic shells mimicking life over their mummified corpses.
8 Can explode into a cloud of hemovoric spores as a last resort.
9 Are as hard as stone, and morph to resemble a gargoyle as they age.
10 Are hollow skins filled with leeches. The collective consciousness of the leeches is the true vampire. If deprived of its skin it can hollow out a new one.
11 Can’t be stopped by anything short of total blood loss.
12 Can change in shape to resemble anyone they’ve recently fed off of.
13 Can be rendered into potent alchemical and necromantic reagents.
14 Become stronger based on how long they’ve gone without feeding.
15 Are puppets controlled by the vampire’s true self, which dwells in the realm of nightmares.
16 Can partially liquefy into a puddle of gore.
17 Can’t heal on their own, but can integrate the flesh and bones of the people they’ve fed on for patchwork repairs.
18 Can merge and melt together with each other to form a large, more deadly gestalt.
19 Are dragged into the underworld when the sun rises. If they grab onto someone while this happens, the vampire can drag down that someone with them.
20 Are three-dimensional anti-holograms cast by (un)living shadows.
D20 These Vampires Lair...
1 In the shell of a giant snail they’ve made vampiric as well. It can drain entire villages dry in a night through its extended radula.
2 In warrens they’ve dug out beneath a graveyard.
3 In a crypt outfit with opulent grave goods.
4 As carnies and freaks in a travelling carnival.
5 In the waters of an anoxic cenote.
6 In a crumbling castle enshrouded by mist.
7 In an asylum, posing as staff.
8 In a garden of carnivorous plants they live in a symbiotic, clownfish-anemone relationship with.
9 In a poor neighbourhood, stoking gang violence to cover up and enhance their feeding opportunities.
10 In a mine that partially collapsed and trapped a group of miners who turned to cannibalism to survive and became wendigos. The wendigos won’t eat the vampires (taste too nasty), and the vampires treat the wendigos like pet dogs, feeding them off drained flesh.
11 In the halls of power, trading hollow promises for dire influence.
12 Among the deep machinery of a factory, licking the leavings from industrial accidents.
13 Disguised as an eccentric but benign religion.
14 In an alehouse, preying on drunkards.
15 At the manor of a noble who sees them as an entertaining curiousity.
16 In palanquins veiled by black velvet as part of a merchant convoy.
17 In basements connected by smugglers’ tunnels.
18 Amid alleys so narrow and twisted that sunlight never touches the bottom of them.
19 In the workshop of a necromancer they share an uneasy alliance with.
20 In a museum. When no one else is around, they re-enact a long-gone culture they once belonged to.
D20 If These Vampires...
1 Taste your blood, you will be unable to hide from them anywhere.
2 Lay the bodies of a crow, a wolf, and a stag (or the closest local equivalents) on a fresh grave, the corpse buried there will rise the next night as one of them.
3 Wear the skin of a virgin, they will be unaffected the sun.
4 Touch something that was precious to them in their mortal days, it will burn them like fire.
5 Are in your home (or at least a building you’ve slept in), they’ll be invisible to you.
6 Feed their blood to predatory or parasitic animals, those animals will grow huge, ferocious, and loyal to the vampires.
7 Would be reflected in a mirror, they can cause it to explode into shrapnel-shards.
8 Attack a shadow that’s not cast by sunlight, they’ll harm the creature casting the shadow.
9 Are not destroyed after their final death, then whatever feeds or grows on their corpse will be infected with a fragment of their malign will and intelligence.
10 Feed on someone who is drunk or high, they will be forced into a similar state.
11 Speak to the dead, the dead reply.
12 Touch a book, its ink runs like blood from a fresh wound.
13 Cross a freshwater river, a water elemental appears to destroy them.
14 Speak soothingly to you then anything they do short of open violence will seem normal.
15 Cut out their own heart then they can reform around it if their body is killed.
16 Drink someone to death, they gain a fraction of their skills and personality.
17 Are portrayed by a painting, sculpture, photograph, or other image, that image will shift to become more monstrous.
18 Have a mortal child it will (1d4): 1, have all of their powers and none of their weaknesses; 2, have all of their weaknesses and none of their powers; 3, be normal if pale and sickly; 4, be stillborn and rise as a zombie that will stop at nothing to consume both parents.
19 Have grave dirt and the juices from ripe corpses they can mold them into fragile yet plentiful minions.
20 Meet your gaze they can fill you with a paralyzing sense of loss.
D20 These Vampires Originate From...
1 The wish of a decadent libertine twisted by their capricious bound djinn.
2 A demonic bargain for immortality.
3 The victims of a mutant hemotoxin.
4 A blood-cult afflicted by a bizarre plague.
5 A vicious priest whose body was unfit for the blessing of their god.
6 Hemovoric troglodytes that migrated to the surface.
7 Those exposed to the radiation of a second, scarlet sun.
8 Vintners who used an occult recipe distilled from blood.
9 People lost between life and death in the shuffles of the heavenly bureaucracy’s papers.
10 The experimental warriors of a witch-queen.
11 Children adopted by a bloodthirsty spirit.
12 Intermarriage between humans and parasites that lived on the body of a giant.
13 A wizard who studied too intensive into blood-magic.
14 The curse of an unhallowed sacrificial dagger.
15 A fossilized alien entity mistakenly thought to be a curious idol.
16 A cosmic parasite seeking avatars to establish a foothold in this reality.
17 A desperate, dying mortal who made a pact to fuse with a hungry ghost in order to survive.
18 Civilians mutilated by a spiritual superweapon.
19 Obsessive devotees of a genius painter who drank their blood in an attempt to capture their talent.
20 Dead folk that were too damn mean for hell to hold.

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