Thursday, November 1, 2018

D20x5 Angels To Summon For Chastity And Humility

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Demons are merchants, angels are hirelings: a thought?

Also, going to try putting the full list below the automated random generators, see how that goes. The new list-maker is used: Thank you, maker of list-maker.

D20 This Angel Looks Like...
1 A prototype human molded from clay, with 1d6 jagged salt-crystal wings.
2 Neon diagrams of hyperspatial shapes.
3 A child with the head of a lamb and a woolen mane. Wounds weeping clear water cover their body.
4 Twin rivers of milk, coiling around each other like DNA strands in the air, turning an armature of bronze wheels between them.
5 A computational engine powered by flows of honey and sweet-smelling air.
6 A vertically-split hermaphrodite, male on one side and female on the other, wreathed with fruit-bearing vines. Sits lotus-position atop a cloud of stingless bees.
7 A winged bull with bolts of lightning in place of horns and incandescent copper hooves.
8 A floating crystal orb with a beatific face. Smaller orbs orbit and gaze upon it with adoring faces, each ringing out with a song of praise.
9 A tempest of wings that beat in perfect sequential rhythm, their folding and turning together suggesting shapes. First a man, then a lion, then a lamb, always something new to follow.
10 A skeleton with every bone plated with silver and inlaid with precious jewels of all colours. It wears robes of the finest silks, while blinding light spills from its mouth and empty eyes.
11 A blue-papered book bound with slabs of sapphire and surrounded by a soft halo. Calligraphic tendrils reach from its pages to brush the world as their words change to describe what they feel.
12 A giant, stern-faced putto in spotless porcelain armour.
13 A stained-glass, humanoid beetle holding a star between its horns. Beneath its elytra are wings of scrolls bearing scripture.
14 A woman with the lower body of a locust and the heads of an eagle and a serpent sprouting from her neck.
15 A pillar of smokeless fire. Hands covered in eyes reach out from the flames, form mudras, then collapse to ashes back into the pillar.
16 A translucent androgyne, always dancing, bending, spinning without regard for gravity or inertia.
17 A faceless, earless, smooth-crotched monkey with the top of its skull peeled back like the petals of a rose, revealing a shining pearl within.
18 A fiercely tusked ogre cloaked in thunderclouds with wings of barbed iron and the flayed skins of sinners.
19 A three-dimensional Rorschach blot made of iridescent holy oil.
20 A giant rainbow-scaled fish carrying identical triplets with skin like a fig’s in its mouth.
D20 This Angel Wields...
1 A golden crown with seven tines and seven unblinking eyes arrayed around its rim. Any who have it placed on their head are compelled to act towards the greatest good of the greatest number of people they can conceive of until the enchantment is broken.
2 A heart that beats with a sound like thunder. Its wielder can call up and command storms, guide their lightning as it falls to earth.
3 A chalice, ever-full of dark wine. The bearer of the chalice can cause this wine to heal, or burn like acid, and change which of these functions it serves even long after it’s been poured from the chalice or imbibed.
4 A sword forged from sunbeams. Anyone struck by the sword will be cursed to burst into flames when exposed to sunlight.
5 A horn crafted from the twisting shell of a giant deep-sea creature. Blowing it turns the foundations of nearby man-made structures to a salty slurry.
6 A key with a thousand teeth as fine as pinheads. Anything it is pressed to will open. Doors, books, ribcages, anything.
7 A mirror rimmed with exhortations to temperance. Those who look into it are confronted with a manifestation of their own vices, which immediately seeks to kill and replace them. Less self-controlled people make more powerful manifestations.
8 A harp strung with martyrs’ hair. Strumming it induces suicidal bravery in allies and suicidal despair in enemies.
9 A black-blossoming flower, beaded with the tears of the innocent. Its wielder can cause structures of thorny brambles to erupt from any surface it’s pointed at.
10 A spear tipped with saints’ teeth. It can effortlessly pierce any dark magic-derived defenses.
11 An ornate box. It can be opened to release plagues, or to capture them.
12 An egg which temporarily transforms those who touch it into physical and mental duplicates of its bearer.
13 A shroud stained with ancient blood. Anything wrapped in the shroud cannot be harmed by something made as a weapon.
14 A whip made of demon-leather. Anyone struck by it feels all the pain they’ve caused others.
15 Reins woven from a single, lengthy platinum wire. Their holder can conjure a shining chariot pulled by equally shining polyhedrons that unswervingly obey their commands.
16 A slate-grey scale. Its holder can average the health of any two nearby targets once per round.
17 A staff of bleached-white wood, capped with onyx dog heads. It can trace the boundaries of powerful wards into the ground, made more powerful still if traced on holy ground.
18 A banner, still tattered from its bearing on the first battlefield. All the unrighteous who look upon are stricken with mortal terror.
19 A fist-sized diamond with 144,000 facets. Its bearer can project unerring beams of burning light from within it.
20 A censer spilling restorative vapours. These vapours dispel illusions and turn lies to filth. The censer can be used as a flail that burns the flesh of the ungodly.
D20 This Angel Was Created...
1 To protect a personage of great virtue. It can teleport instantly interpose itself between its summoner and an incoming attack.
2 To educate the earliest mortals on matters of philosophy, mathematics, and science. Its knowledge of these subjects is among the greatest in the world.
3 To seal away an evil entity. By touching a portal the angel can apply a nigh-unbreakable barrier to it.
4 To herald the birth of a messiah. Even now the angel has a clairvoyant sense for events of great historical importance.
5 To unveil a lost relic. It can unfailingly detect things that have been hidden.
6 To wipe out a cruel and hubristic civilization. It is especially large and capable of violence for an angel.
7 From an amalgamation of virtuous souls. It bears knowledge of the many places and times it lived mortal lives.
8 To beautify the heavens as a living work of art. The angel can blind mortals who look upon it.
9 To crown a heaven-picked monarch. The angel can bestow a halo on a single recipient at once which grants them supernatural abilities of leadership.
10 To smite those that fall outside the divine plan. The merest contact with the angel will immolate demons, the undead, and the excommunicated.
11 From the essence of a demon, purified across a thousand meritorious reincarnations. The angel still possesses some embers of infernal power.
12 To inspire a mortal artisan to create a holy artifact. It can guide craftsmen to replicate a lesser work, but channeling the power cripples their hands and eyes.
13 To ferret out heretics and witches. It has a wide-ranging sense for blasphemy and blasphemous magic.
14 From a saint who was assumed, maimed but alive, into the heavens. The angel can sense the location and condition of the relics made from the severed parts of its body, as well as communicate through and exert limited influence around them even if it’s not currently summoned to the mortal realms.
15 To teach the proper paths of magic to mortals. It is an excellent tutor of divinely-derived magic.
16 As an exorcist. With a word it can banish possessing entities and disembodied spirits.
17 According to the designs of a legalistic priest. The angel can be called on to be an impartial judge and arbiter, and the resolutions it passes are mystically binding.
18 From a pre-human lifeform too innately good to truly choose between that and evil. It can assume a flawless mortal form of its choice at will.
19 To refine mortals to a higher state. It can restore lost and mutilated limbs, remove curses, and the like.
20 Without purpose, the discharge of seraphic vortices. Its form is chaotic, gaining and losing abilities and appendages at random.
D20 This Angel Cannot...
1 Abide fresh blood spilled on itself or its summoner.
2 Cross a line drawn with corpse dust.
3 Attack someone with unblemished skin.
4 Defend itself from a virgin.
5 Remain in the presence of burning dung.
6 Be summoned without reciting a sacred passage from sun-down until sun-up.
7 Bear the touch of someone who was punished for a crime they didn’t commit, as this corrodes their divine substance.
8 Serve a summoner who holds any debt without first forgiving those debts.
9 Allow its summoner to pass a beggar without feeding, clothing, healing them, and otherwise addressing their needs.
10 Witness evil deeds without immediately acting to punish them.
11 Witness good deeds without somehow rewarding them.
12 Help but loudly chant verses about the weight of evil at all times.
13 Let its summoner use crude language or insults.
14 Permit the bodies of the dead to lie unburied or unburned.
15 Parse sarcasm, metaphors, or humour.
16 Refuse a gift offered to it.
17 Refuse a plea for mercy asked of it.
18 Obey a summoner who is under the influence of drugs.
19 Pass over unhallowed ground without suffering gradual decay.
20 Damage the written name(s) of god(s), or act in any way that silences the spoken version(s) of the same.
D20 The Ritual To Summon This Angel Is...
1 Held in the central sanctum of a temple sunk deep into the dirt by an earthquake.
2 Known by a mystery cult of blessed lepers.
3 Portrayed in the dreams of a blind orphan.
4 Depicted by scribbles in the margins of a grimoire.
5 Tattooed across the backs of a half-dozen escaped slaves.
6 Derived from astrological patterns observable from a particular mountainside at a certain time of year.
7 Common knowledge among upper echelons of the priesthood.
8 Scorched into the walls of a city razed for its iniquities.
9 Carved into the side of a lifelike salt statue tableaux of a weeping family.
10 Being distributed by underground pamphlets.
11 Corruptible into a form which will summon a demon which is the angel’s opposite.
12 Revealed by exegesis of theological canon.
13 Dependent on the time it’s performed relative to certain religious holidays. The exact timing could result in the angel becoming stronger, weaker, or otherwise altered.
14 Kept in the phylactery of an exiled dissident theologian.
15 Easily alterable to trap the angel as it’s summoned.
16 Symbolically depicted in a famous painting.
17 Surprisngly grotty for an angel-summoning.
18 Going to involve sacrificing several animals with unspotted coats.
19 Risky, involves exposing those present to the volatile raw energies of the divine.
20 Attemptable only once by each summoner.


  1. Nice stuff! Glad to see the list-generator-generator is already coming in handy

  2. I know I've already said this to you, but these are so incredible. I keep coming back to these, I can't stop rereading them. I wish I was an artist so I could bring these to life! There is something really special here. I've been trying to think about these kinds of horrific angelic things as well and struggled, and this table just perfectly captures it in a way that I'm still trying to deconstruct in my head. This really deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.