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D10x10 Canty Cosmologies

Canty is a real word, fuck you autocorrect

Meandering Banter makes the list-maker: https://meanderingbanter.blogspot.com/2018/10/automatic-list-to-html-translator-v2.html, I make the lists

D10x10 Canty Cosmologies

D10|This Cosmology Began...
1|As the vomit of the supreme creator after a cosmic night of hard drinking.
2|As material siphoned off from the original howling chaos by the trickster-creator.
3|As the disembowelled guts of the devil-king (who died that we may sin) spilled over the harmony of pre-existence.
4|Outside the bounds of linear time. For all practical purposes, it has always existed.
5|Designed by a committee of great spirits, archons, and abstract principles who couldn’t agree on much.
6|As a daydream of an ordinary person in a preceding universe, which grew far beyond their ability to contain, control, or stop.
7|Emergently from the interactions of fundamental theological particles like the asuron and devon.
8|As an ontologically corrupted shard cast off from a philosophically perfect universe-system.
9|As the blood and organs spilled in the battle between two titanic cosmic beasts.
10|Long into the entropically deranged future of our own.

D10|This Cosmology’s People...
1|Are the children of those lucky or cunning enough to escape an ancient extinction event, which legends claim will recur one day.
2|Are unclean spirits bound into physical forms for the generational procedures of cleansing.
3|All share the same soul, faceted into schizoid seeming-individuality.
4|Were made to be footsoldiers in a spiritual battle against disorder and wildness.
5|Were missionaries from another world, who splintered on arrival after finding they could not agree on a single doctrine to preach among them.
6|Are a tolerated accident.
7|Were given the gift of death to escape the horrid transformation that unlimited aging brings.
8|Are in fact mutualistic relations between many individual organs. Sometimes wild organs can still be encountered.
9|Are golems made from living flesh.
10|Are simply more civilized monsters.

D10|This Cosmology’s Monsters...
1|Ebb and flow with the passage of eons.
2|Survive extinction only by the grace of some higher power.
3|Are the weapons of a war that was over ages ago.
4|Escaped from the realm of dreams and nightmares into the waking world.
5|Are victims of magical contamination.
6|Are collective punishments for forgotten offenses.
7|Lost a contest to humanity long ago, and have sought to usurp the position it won ever since.
8|Are the forbidden offspring of humanity and the divine.
9|Are spawned from the sins of humanity congealing in dark places. Manticores are from spite, dragons from reptilian malice on a massive scale, goblins from impulse and carelessness, and so on.
10|Are shattered fragments of the ur-monster. They seek to dominate and devour from an unconscious drive to reunite into their whole self.

D10|This Cosmology’s Gods...
1|Can interact with the mortal world only through willing conduits.
2|Are sustained and empowered only by the sacrifices of their faithful.
3|Are failure states along the path to enlightenment, tangled up in temporal power and distractions.
4|Are ancient posthuman golems built to surpass humanity, yet tragically unable to transcend it.
5|Are mere fairies and djinni impersonating their superiors.
6|Departed some time ago, leaving only the divine equivalent of an answering machine for their followers.
7|Are eldritch creatures that exist outside the natural order, reaching into the world only where their cults and inauspicious events allow.
8|Are fading embers of the divine fire from the world’s dawn, still tremendously powerful but must ration their exertions to the occasional miracle.
9|Are an alternate branch of life that followed a path of singular power and static existence rather than reproduction and mutation.
10|Are ancestral spirits so heroic (or villainous) they managed to resist the pull of the afterlife and remain to influence the living world.

D10|This Cosmology’s Land...
1|Is a disk floating on endless waters.
2|Is the packed ashes of a previous, fatally flawed world.
3|Is encysted with entire abandoned heavens scuttled from above. If there are dwarves, these are what they dig for.
4|Is a feudal paracosm, with mountainous kings, baron-hills, craggy knights, and dirt-peasantry.
5|Thrums with deep music that worms dance to and fools follow into the dark.
6|Was raised up by the trusty hook of a culture hero. The whereabouts of this hook is a secret wars have been fought over.
7|Picks up the traits of what it’s soaked with. Violent blood yields aberrations, tears of joy bring gemstones.
8|Is made of a number of enormous slumbering creatures.
9|Yields up bountiful harvests only to those who know the proper jokes, songs, or threats for each tribe of stone.
10|Has uncertain geography, connected more by psychic relations than spatial ones.

D10|This Cosmology’s Ocean...
1|Is a prison to crush and drown rebellious demon-leviathans under countless fathoms.
2|Is just land that’s rebelling against its nature. Some day it will return to the fold.
3|Is an exceptionally large, diluted, quiescent slime. All lesser slimes have been distilled from its bulk.
4|Is and has always been at war with iron.
5|Has a reversed continent on its other side said to hold wondrous, impossible treasures.
6|Seeks to swallow up and drown all things.
7|Is the wild counterpart to domesticated freshwater.
8|Has many layers, each deeper and stranger than the last.
9|Is just a denser form of air.
10|Hides the gods’ mistakes.

D10|This Cosmology’s Sky...
1|Is the spilled-over stew bowl of a primordial giant. It is a solid dome. All the world’s plants and animals are descended from the ingredients of this stew, like pigs from the pork, wheat from its noodles, and so on.
2|Is a magical barrier to keep out the alien creatures that dwell among the stars. Auroras are the remains of creatures vapourized by the barrier.
3|Is a veil knit by mortals to hide the worst of their iniquities from the sight of the divine.
4|Holds a vast nation of nomadic demi-spirits.
5|Bears things aloft based on their pride. As the proudest of animals, birds are the best fliers.
6|Is a memorial to the divine dead.
7|Is the court of the sun and moon.
8|Is a solid world that can be reached by walking to the horizon and then up.
9|Is a concentric series of ever-more rarefied planes.
10|Was painted to give a beautiful vista to the world below.

D10|This Cosmology’s Magic...
1|Is a conscious entity that created itself in defiance of the divine plan.
2|Ripples outward from the core of the world.
3|Was taught to its people by a goat.
4|Is intimately tied with language.
5|Was originally bound in a vault of enchanted items. Each item broken releases a new spell into the world.
6|Is all that remains of another, weirder universe that crashed into it and came out the worse in the collision.
7|Is beamed down from the heavens when the stars are right.
8|Depends on delicate universal cycles.
9|Requires an inverted soul to wield.
10|Exploits errors in its physics.

D10|This Cosmology’s Afterlife...
1|Is an endless field of tombs where the dead might rage or weep or laugh for a time, but all eventually are drawn to their eternal resting place.
2|Is bordered by a river, which the good find gentle, warm, and easy crossing, and the wicked find freezing and impassably rapid.
3|Is an inverse of one’s lot in life, where beggars are kings and the cruel are tortured in turn.
4|Is merely a holding cell until memories and personalities are broken and the soul can be released to find a new host.
5|Is under constant siege by the souls of the unworthy.
6|Doesn’t exist. You die and then you’re gone.
7|Is split among the many territories of its gods.
8|Is a physical location which the living might trek to.
9|Is far larger and more significant than its living section.
10|Was stolen from its people by the worst sorts of monsters.

D10|This Cosmology Will End...
1|When the world cracks open to hatch the giant monster it was incubating.
2|When the gods become bored with it and no longer sustain it with their attentions.
3|In a procession of fire, then serpents, then stars with the faces of children.
4|Should the keystones that embody the foundations of its reality be shattered or twisted from their proper functions.
5|In a great harvest of ripened souls.
6|By a mirror of how it began.
7|By slow, inevitable decline into dust and salt.
8|By a plague that will infect reality itself.
9|When the last virtuous person dies.
10|Because of the awesome and terrible powers of an evolved humanity.

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