Monday, November 5, 2018

D20x5 Fearsome Fighters

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D20 This Fighter’s Combat Style...
1 Emulates the relentless ferocity of the honey badger.
2 Involves glass daggers filled with alchemical concoctions.
3 Is based on whirling like a dervish while wearing a bladed skirt.
4 Has a single fatal flaw that a more skilled warrior could exploit.
5 Enhances brutal boxing with spiked gauntlets.
6 Depends on doses of dangerous drugs to suppress pain and maintain its rapid pace.
7 Brandishes three weapons: one in each hand, and one between the teeth.
8 Is a deadly and beautiful art form, refined over thousands of years.
9 Was self-taught, and includes many dirty tricks.
10 Is an ultra-orthodox duelling from.
11 Incorporates fighting in tandem with a pack of dogs.
12 Was designed for use against monsters rather than humans. Not that that ever stopped this fighter.
13 Wears away at its user’s sanity with its eldritch techniques.
14 Uses their enemies’ force against them.
15 Involves hiding one’s movements beneath a billowing cloak.
16 Requires surgical alteration of some sort to use effectively.
17 Was copied from stories of a legendary hero. Its practicality in reality is questionable.
18 Is less effective when used out of formation.
19 Uses fancy whip maneuvers.
20 Supplements itself with minor magic.
D20 This Fighter Has Scars...
1 From dragonfire covering their body. They moan in pain when they think nobody’s listening.
2 Reflective like mirrors. They got them on a campaign that set off through an enchanted looking glass.
3 That wriggle and twist. Regularly sips from a flask of medication to keep the larvae implanted in the scars from maturing.
4 Lashed across their back. They’ll fight against slavers at a significant discount.
5 In the shapes of religious symbols. Their faith is fiery and uncompromising.
6 On the soles of their feet. They once walked barefoot across broken glass to complete a job.
7 Where other people have fingernails. They were tortured, but gave their torturers nothing.
8 Which resemble the signature of a famous duellist. They suffered a humiliating defeat to the duellist early in their career, and yearn for a rematch.
9 Up to the elbow on one arm. Once reached into corrosive slime to snag a mission-critical item.
10 Raked across their face. The result of a bar fight they don’t remember.
11 That have been worked into tattoos. Something ugly made beautiful.
12 That slowly migrate across their body. The work of strange magic, the fighter says.
13 Red and raw. Fresh.
14 Across their neck. It’s a miracle they survived that one.
15 Between their shoulder blades. They tried to run away. Tried.
16 Notching the back of their hands. One for each regret.
17 Forming words in a dead language. Thinks they look really cool.
18 Disfiguring their face. The battlefield is the only place they can wear them proudly.
19 Branching down their chest. They were struck by lightning once. It’s their favourite story to tell.
20 Where their foot used to be.
D20 This Fighter Doesn’t Talk About...
1 The secret society that trained them in the art of killing.
2 The gold they’ve buried as a retirement fund.
3 The employer they betrayed and left for dead.
4 Where they go on nights when the crescent moon shines.
5 What’s in the bag that hangs around their neck.
6 Why one of their eyes looks like a goat’s.
7 Their secret technique, the Unanswerable Riddle of Steel.
8 How many people they’ve killed over the years.
9 The time they made a critical error and countless innocents died.
10 Their life of privilege they left behind for love of violence.
11 Their sweetheart waiting for them back in their hometown.
12 Their bastard child they send gifts from time to time. The fighter wants them to follow a different path in life.
13 Why they cry out in their sleep.
14 How they keep their equipment rustless even though they never clean it.
15 The terror that seizes them in every battle.
16 That time they were fighting for so long they had to relive themself in their armour.
17 About the time them and their sibling fought on opposite sides of the same battle.
18 How close they are to completely losing it.
19 The only foe they took pity on.
20 What they really think about curved swords.
D20 This Fighter Relaxes...
1 With more fighting.
2 By pretending to be a child.
3 In opium dens.
4 By buying out an entire brothel.
5 Pretty much never. They’re always on edge.
6 By whittled wood into animal figurines.
7 By praying for forgiveness.
8 By writing letters to family who wouldn’t recognize them now.
9 After they’ve secured the perimeter.
10 Only when they hear old marching tunes.
11 While still wearing their armour.
12 Soaking in rosewater.
13 People-watching.
14 By training.
15 While sitting completely still and staring at a point on a wall.
16 Practicing a trade they plan to take up after retiring from the fighting life.
17 Visiting physicians to get cures for maladies they’ve made up.
18 By finding the skeeviest place to drink and getting blackout drunk.
19 Arguing about philosophy with strangers.
20 Poorly. They’ve not got much practice at it.
D20 This Fighter Is Infamous Among Certain Circles...
1 That call them “The Demon of Decapitations” or a similarly off-putting title.
2 For their outrageous fees.
3 As someone who doesn’t question orders.
4 Because they turned down an offer to be the bodyguard of royalty.
5 For their outspoken politics.
6 As a specialist in killing magic-users.
7 In distant lands.
8 From before they took up fighting for a living.
9 Who seek to steal their vital essence and distill a more perfect fighter from it.
10 As a vitriolic art critic.
11 For getting way too attached to people way too quickly.
12 Because of a brutal murder they committed.
13 For trashing their employer’s manor during a party.
14 For being prissy about getting blood on their body and equipment.
15 Because they’re rumoured to carry a mythical weapon.
16 For their awful singing.
17 As a braggart and fool.
18 Because they only accept payment in silver.
19 For taking credit for other people’s achievements.
20 For taking all the good rations and never sharing them.

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