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D20x5 Non-Standard Knightly Orders

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D20 This Order’s Mission Is...
1 To denounce the evils of truth and love.
2 To extend their reach to the stars above.
3 Defending the dead from grave robbers and ghouls.
4 Finding a solution to the Problem of Evil.
5 To ensure every man owns an equally-sized plot of land.
6 Scouring the land for exotic ingredients to use in bacchanalian feasts.
7 Protecting and promoting beauty while purging ugliness.
8 To hunt the world’s most fearsome beasts to extinction.
9 To track down and seal away malign entities and artifacts.
10 To round up the land’s pagans and teach them the glory of the true faith through hard labour.
11 To die in battle against worthy opponents.
12 Quickening the coming of the end of the world.
13 To punish prudishness.
14 To preserve human knowledge and art through disasters and vandalism.
15 Cryptic, even to the order itself.
16 To find the place where the sun sets down for the night.
17 Stricken from all records. The order is more of a social club these days, but a secret inner circle attempts to preserve the old ways.
18 To serve as test subjects for cutting edge combat alchemy and enchantments.
19 To turn forests to farmland, bridge raging rivers, slaughter barbarians, and otherwise convert wilderness to civilization.
20 To maintain roads, keep them clear of beasts and bandits, and light the way for travellers.
D20 This Order’s Weapons and Armour...
1 Are crafted from flowers and thorns, magically frozen to steel-hardness.
2 Have been passed down from knight to knight since the order’s founding. They’re all rusted, notched, and still deadly effective.
3 Were forged in the secret fires of the earth’s heart. Their heat still glows from within the metal.
4 Were taken from the hands of brigands, torturers, and assassins. The knights seek to cleanse them through righteous use.
5 Have mostly been sold to pay off the order’s debt. They now fight with improvised, scavenged, and generally suboptimal equipment.
6 Are made of stained, shattered glass, fused to their bodies with molten lead.
7 Are carved from the bones of the order’s fallen knights.
8 Are made in strange shapes in accordance with principles of sacred geometry.
9 Are projections of shining force from gems embedded in their palms and forehead.
10 Are disguised to appear as the possessions of the well-to-do. Sword canes and embroidered brigandine abound.
11 Cannot be hindered by mundane equipment, as they are molded from ectoplasm.
12 Hum when their enemies are near.
13 Are made from fleshwarped squires, who must serve in this capacity for a time before being granted knighthood.
14 Weep crimson tears for every life they take.
15 Crumble to dust when wielded by someone not of the order.
16 Have been tossed aside. The order embraced radical pacifism.
17 Are crafted from treated pages from books of their founder’s philosophy.
18 Were smuggled out of an extradimensional armoury. Their original owners seek vengeance for the theft.
19 Resemble fractures in the fabric of space.
20 Are wielded in only a single battle, and then melted down into slag and replaced.
D20 This Order’s Membership...
1 Refuse to speak to anyone not of the order.
2 Is drawn from rakes and dandies.
3 Is chosen by lottery and pressed into service.
4 Receive nightmares that lead them to joining.
5 Is donated from orphanages.
6 Is prohibited from drinking and laughing in public.
7 Must donate their property to the order and hold it in common.
8 Cast no shadows. Their shadows are kept in a chest in a the deepest part of the order’s fortress, where they may be destroyed to kill rebellious knights.
9 Are forbidden from trimming their hair or nails.
10 Mostly come from the disgraced children of the aristocracy.
11 Do not engage in trade, but rather employ intermediaries to sully their hands with it.
12 Can only fight competently while blind drunk.
13 Prank each other ruthlessly.
14 Raise funds on the side by working as barbers.
15 Each adopt a pet weasel.
16 Can’t remember ever joining the order.
17 Is all clones of the founder.
18 All have a parent from the order.
19 Have their vows tattooed around their throat.
20 Carry a crow in their chest. When they die the crow will fly back to the order’s fortress and report the knight’s location and manner of death, and whether they died with honour.
D20 This Order’s Fortress...
1 Hangs suspended in the midst of a deep canyon.
2 Is tunnelled into the depths of a swiftly crawling glacier.
3 Is a castle haunted by ghosts predating the order’s habitation.
4 Can be entered through pools of still water.
5 Has been whittled from the burl on a giant tree.
6 Lies in the eye of a perpetual hurricane.
7 Is built from the shattered stones of their enemies’ walls and idols.
8 Towers as high as the clouds.
9 Floats on the surface of a lake of acid.
10 Is itself a magically animated war machine.
11 Is the literal beating heart of a thriving metropolis.
12 Is lost outside time. The order desperately wants to retrieve it.
13 Doesn’t exist. The order is a shameful sham, or a noble lie.
14 Masquerades as a relaxing holiday destination.
15 Can’t he found by anyone who doesn’t know the right poem.
16 Is in the midst of renovations.
17 Is larger on the inside than the outside.
18 Is an ostentatious mausoleum dedicated to the order’s founder and the grandmasters who followed them.
19 Is hidden in the eye of a needle carried by their grandmaster.
20 Is a verdant glade wherein every living thing has been specially bred to eviscerate unwelcome guests.
D20 This Order’s Greatest Adversary Is...
1 A golem built by the order’s founder. Both the order and the golem believe themself to be the only legitimate bearer of the founder’s legacy.
2 A fallen star which stokes its dwindling flame through fostering conflict.
3 A dragon who appreciates the classics.
4 A contagious, obsessive madness.
5 A foreign knightly order, their mirror in every sense.
6 Themselves.
7 The ruler of the region they operate in, always pursuing them to collect taxes.
8 A trickster spirit who leads them into embarrassing shenanigans.
9 A curse which infects all territory claimed by the order.
10 A serial killer who exclusively hunts members of the order.
11 Its own vampiric founder, who forsook their former ideals in undeath.
12 A malformed godling banished from divine realms.
13 A frog-worshipping cult.
14 A sorcerer as mighty as they are blasphemous.
15 An alien reality which seeks to supplant the order’s own.
16 Unaware of the order’s vendetta against it.
17 Possibly a collective delusion.
18 A masterful schemer who avoids direct confrontation.
19 Someone who shares their ideology, but disagrees with their methods.
20 Old Scratch. The Crooked Man. Lightbringer. Morningstar. The Devil himself.

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