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D100 Tricky Traps That Might Not Even Technically Be Traps

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D100 T.T.T.M.N.E.T.B.T.
1 Two bronze heads with open mouths, a deer and a wolf, with a door between them. To unlock the door you must put some meat in the wolf’s mouth and some vegetable matter in the deer’s mouth. Putting anything else in will cause the heads to howl and shriek, attracting a wandering monster.
2 Floor covered in piles of hibernating murderferrets. Loud noises and being stepped on will awaken and enrage them. Murderferrets will prefer to attack things which other murderferrets have already latched on to. Tread carefully.
3 Pile of precariously stacked coins. Taking some risks being crushed under the rest’s weight.
4 Rift in floor over key ley line intersection, glowing od flows out of it. Harmless to living things, inanimate objects passing through it are animated, might desire revenge against their users or be loyal depending on mistreatment and care.
5 Valuable, slightly worm-eaten books. If sold to collector without cleaning the worms will spread to their library and the collector will hire thugs to assault the party as vengeance.
6 Glass case filled with potions. Breaking the glass will cause a guard golem to attack. Trying to tip out a potion might shatter the potion or crush the tipper under the case. Putting tokens found elsewhere in the dungeon into a slot on the case will release a single potion.
7 Hallway is throat of hungry creature. The floor is a tongue. If anything tasty touches the floor, everything in the hallway is swallowed. If anything gross touches the floor, everything in the hallway is bathed in corrosive bile. Neutral and flavourless things cause no reaction.
8 Dungeon is haunted by courtesy-spirit. Politeness and respect are required. Crudeness, dirtiness, and fighting outside the context of a formal duel are punished.
9 Getting to key part of dungeon requires wading through pool of napalm. Burning out the pool would take many hours, and fill the place with smoke. Napalm is sticky, hard to remove, very flammable.
10 Pit of spikes. Spikes are rusted to the core, crumble at slightest touch. Still a tetanus risk.
11 Slickly oiled staircase. At their bottom lies a fallen adventurer with a broken neck.
12 Snickering goblin challenges you to game of dice, with your soul as the wager. Offers location of buried treasures if you win. Cheats constantly, denies it if caught, dice are oddly shaped beetles trained to give preferred results.
13 Once entered, dungeon begins slow, inexorable process of shrinking. Get in and out before it you’re too big to get through the doors.
14 Wall of green fire around goblin camp. Anyone accompanied by a goblin while passing through takes no damage. For every goblin you’ve killed in the dungeon so far, take a bit more damage.
15 Camera flash blinds you for a few minutes when you open door/chest/etc. Your picture is distributed to many doppelgängers and mimics, who wreak havoc with your identity.
16 Room with crank-operated rotating saw blades on floor and a swarm of hellbirds flapping around. A goblin on a catwalk in the room is under orders to turn the crank when intruders enter the room. The goblin is difficult to get to or target, but its arms are tired, and it is hungry and easily bribed.
17 Room is filled with invisible hallucinogenic gas and cult idols/treasure. The longer spent in the room, the more the idols take on terrifying hallucinatory reality.
18 A cubic room with a door on each wall, on the floor, and on the sealing, with a six-sided dial beside each. One dial setting will lead you back where you came, one will lead to the way progressing through the dungeon, one leads to the door in the ceiling, the gravitational angle of which will make you fall through it, and the rest circle back to another door in the room.
19 A dish of water next to an underwater section of the dungeon. If someone drinks from the dish they grow gills and start suffocating until they get into water. Somewhere in the underwater section is a trapped bubble of air which when inhaled will restore them to normal.
20 Strange device. If touched will jab toucher with needle, draw blood, and rapidly grow clone-baby from their DNA. Find safe home for baby or leave your own infant-self to die.
21 A pressure plate for a noisemaker-mine, which deafens everyone in the room for a few minutes and alerts everything in the dungeon to their presence and location.
22 A room with a loamy floor. Planted in the floor are magic seeds. Should the loam the seeds are planted in get wet, they will immediately sprout into a tree, bludgeoning anyone standing near them when they do. Any liquid will cause this reaction, from water to spilled blood to potions.
23 A lens which when looked through allows one to see hidden doors, passages, etc. in the dungeon, but using it also lets you see the insubstantial monsters lurking about, who consider being seen a grievous offense. The longer you look through the lens, the higher the risk they notice you looking.
24 A statue next to a locked door. The statue has a gem for one eye, and the other is missing. Taking the gem releases a cloud of poison gas from the hollow in the statue’s head. Replacing the missing eye with an object approximating its shape opens the door (assuming the gem eye hasn’t been take out, as if it has it’ll need to be replaced too).
25 A door shaped like a serpent with its lips sewn shut by scorpions. It will open for someone who is currently poisoned. Pouring an antidote/antivenin on the door will cause it to corrode.
26 What appears to be a room with a mirror along one wall is actually a room split by a window, mirrored on each side, with mimicking shapeshifters on the far side who match the party until they seize an opportunity for an ambush.
27 A scoreboard somewhere in the dungeon awards and records points to adventurers for monsters killed, treasure found, etc. Every so often, the lowest performer gets electrocuted.
28 A huge grub waiting in a pit under a bridge. When it eats meat, it gets a bit bigger and belches precious gems. After reaching a critical mass it metamorphoses into a flying creature that can escape the pit.
29 A series of chairs with attached helmets. Sitting in a chair renders your body unconscious while your mind is projected into a random creature somewhere else in the dungeon. If the creature dies, so do you. The best way to return your mind to your body is to reunite the creature you’re possessing with your body.
30 A velvet rope winds through this section of the dungeon. Attempting to go over or under it without being sufficiently well-dressed or attractive will summon a bouncer demon to kick you out. Cutting the rope sends the demon into a blind frenzy.
31 Pipes run along the length of this hallway. Valves on the pipes release scalding steam in a regular pattern. Someone paying close attention to the pattern could get through unscathed. Smashing through the pipes will release a huge cloud of steam and reduce visibility for everyone on this level of the dungeon, but stop the steam releases.
32 A monkey statue with its hands over its eyes. Looking at the statue causes it to shudder. Looking for more than a few seconds causes it to animate and attack until it’s destroyed or everyone present looks away for a few seconds. A hostile goblin is standing with its back to the statue.
33 A patch of roiling, impenetrable darkness that reaches towards nearby lights. If it touches a light source, that light source is snuffed and converted to another patch of hungry darkness. Destroyed by sunlight, whether it’s direct or reflected.
34 A ladder with razors on every rung.
35 Floor is carpeted with living, immobile skin of she-bear weeping piteously. If they avoid stepping on her or otherwise harming her while making their way across the room, she’ll reward them with her magic healing milk.
36 Round hallway with pile of powder on one end, one entrance on side, one entrance on other end. Hallway is actually giant cannon. Any spark or open flame risks firing it.
37 Treasure on a pedestal. Treasure has coat of sovereign glue and is deceptively heavy.
38 Some parts of the dungeon’s walls/floors are one-way mirrors, or otherwise opaque in one direction and transparent from the other. Used by dungeon inhabitants for observation and ambushes.
39 Goblin-spirit offers to lead you to treasure in other section of dungeon if you carry it there. Goblin-spirit becomes heavier the longer it’s carried, obstinate about not letting go until the treasure is reached.
40 Hallway with thin layer of dust on floor and many cunningly disguised pressure plates which trigger deadly traps. Trails of footprints are clear in the dust, some ending abruptly where they triggered a pressure plate. Explosions, gusts, and the like will disturb the footprints and make it more difficult to find a safe path.
41 Glowing protagonite crystals embedded in walls of dungeon section emit radiation lethal to hirelings.
42 Archer in dungeon shoots arrows with key-shaped heads. Key-arrows unlock doors in dungeon. Striking a hard surface like armour or a wall ruins the keys. Archer hides behind portcullis which can only be unlocked by on of their arrows.
43 Bushes with cursed spiny dungeon fruit crowd key chokepoints, cling to clothes and hair. Anyone who’s eaten a fruit or has one clinging to them cannot leave the dungeon until it’s removed from their body.
44 Rickety, faulty elevator allows quick movement between levels of dungeon, carries risk of dropping/rising too far and too fast.
45 Large room contains labyrinth of invisible walls with razor-sharp edges.
46 Beads spilled on floor, present tripping hazard.
47 Fake pit trap, actually a painting with illusion of depth.
48 Faltering portal connecting dungeon areas, opens and closes rapidly, closing portal severs anything caught in it.
49 Hallway studded with holes in walls and ceiling, home to cave-eels, holes hiding eels revealed by dripping slobber, creature walking in front of eel-hole will be snatched and dragged to lair elsewhere in dungeon.
50 Dungeon is built as movable mechanism but has grown unstable over time, sections of dungeon can be moved to reveal secret areas and connect distant sections, but each time raises risk of partial collapse.
51 Buoyant treasure at bottom of deep pit, tunnel at top of pit has lever at end of it that releases flood of water into tunnel, leaving the flood on will lift the treasure but also eventually flood dungeon.
52 Some hallways in dungeon are glass tubes surrounded by magma/water/acid, fragile, breaking tube triggers sealing/draining process at ends of tube.
53 Patch of healing fungus, healed wounds are colonized by the fungus, fungal colonies gradually spread over body until burned off.
54 Thin curtain of numbing slime drips across passageway. When absorbed into skin prevents feeling pain and telling how bad wounds are.
55 Series of pipes channels and amplifies cave-wind through enormous trumpet, noise produced is loud enough to burst blood vessels up close, can be heard from very far off.
56 Treasure wrapped in frog-skin quilt, its colourful patches are poisonous but the dull patches are safe.
57 Axes swinging across hallway are sentient and capable of speech. Each has a conflicting agenda with the others. Will let you pass if you please them, but something that pleases one may offend another.
58 Closed door engraved with half of magic seal, other half on wall. Opening door breaks the seal and releases a ghost.
59 Dungeon inhabited by ant-people, traps cunningly hidden to sight but detectable by scent markers, each sort of trap indicated by different scent.
60 A large spherical gem shaped like an eye. Enchanted, has twin held by boss of dungeon. When held and looked into allows scrying the area around its twin. Boss will be aware if gem is picked up.
61 Predatory reverse puffballs, seeds will drift towards air movement and take root in flesh.
62 Dungeon is spatially folded/compressed in sections, held together by enchanted golden space-staples. Pulling them out causes dungeon dimensions to suddenly expand back to their original extent, to various effects.
63 Dungeon is mounted on churning gears, careful when moving near them lest you be caught and crushed.
64 Microwave coil in center of room rapidly boils water within the room (including water within bodies), unless that water is shielded/insulated in the direction of the coil.
65 A room with a boiling cauldron giving off lighter-than-air toxic fumes. So long as the cauldron’s boiling, anyone moving through the room will have to crawl or else risk inhaling the fumes.
66 Lines of venomous ants crawl across room to and from food source. Will attack anyone breaking/crossing their lines. Will move their lines toward more appealing/sweeter food sources.
67 Stable tornado in room pulls nearby things into it, buffers and flings them out a hole and to the surface.
68 Air has distorted appearance, rubbery texture. Missile weapons fired in/at it will rebound back on their firer. Running too fast in it will knock you back on your ass.
69 Floor in room is actually pit full of cunningly-coloured water-based solution. Very sneaky crocodile disguises itself as crocodile-skin rug in pit.
70 Cursed painting of mutilated goblin will become portrait of first person to admire it. Thereafter, unless the curse is broken, damage to the painting will be reflected on the body of the person it resembles.
71 Dungeon is top of rocketship embedded in the earth. It will slowly rise out of the ground starting when it’s entered, then blast off into space when it reaches a critical height.
72 Dungeon is home to village of people growing strange crops, raising strange livestock. All claim to have lived there their entire lives, but many are starving for as their bodies can’t digest these strange things well. Spending time in the dungeon will gradually replace your memories with ones of always having lived in the dungeon.
73 Pressure plate near entryway of dungeon will release rockslide that blocks entrance. It would take several man-days to dig out. Another exit might be found deeper within.
74 Walls in dungeon are thin and can be smashed through with a sledgehammer or similar method, but some are load-bearing walls and will cause a localized cave-in if smashed.
75 Dungeon’s rooms are connected by airlocks. Continuous hissing sound can be heard shortly after entering any room. Rooms will be drained of their air supply over any time someone is inside one.
76 Dungeon floor is covered in slugs and snails. The slugs and snails are never found close together. If slug-slime and snail-slime is mixed, on the bottom of a boot, say, it becomes a volatile explosive.
77 T. Rex bust shoots lasers from its eyes at fastest-moving target in room once a round.
78 Cursed lever, whoever pulls it has their hand pop off and try to run away. Pressing the stump of the hand to the stump of the wrist will reattach them.
79 Floor of room is non-Newtonian fluid, anyone who doesn’t keep moving on top of it will sink in.
80 Hole in floor, regular vibrations (like normal footsteps) will cause it to widen.
81 Floor is treadmill, slides towards smelly midden-pit. On far end is chute leading right into goblin camp.
82 Pile of delicious-looking food actually masterfully carved and painted rocks. Will chip your teeth.
83 Train speeds on tracks around and through dungeon. It stops for no one. Walking the tracks and trying to hitch a ride risk a high-speed ramming.
84 Gravity acting on someone in the room increases with each step they take in it, returns to normal when they leave but doesn’t reset should they return.
85 Magic cloak with fur collar infested with disease-carrying fleas.
86 Person playing dead on the floor. Will be very cross if you don’t try to resuscitate them.
87 Within the room, inanimate objects have more inertial mass, they’re harder to move and harder to stop when they start moving. Also a line of giant dominoes or something?
88 Cache of potions with abnormally high alcohol content. Will work as normal, but also get you very drunk.
89 Figure with long hair dangling out of high window claims to be trapped princess. Hair is actually hyphae, figure is actually anthropophagous fungal mimic.
90 Sleeping after leaving dungeon dumps you back in it with the monsters respawned until the hidden nightmare-idol is smashed.
91 Severed lich-head promises great reward if returned to its body. Offers helpful advice throughout dungeon. When reunited offers to kill you and reanimate you as lieutenant of the undead army it will raise. Will try to kill you anyways if you refuse.
92 Sticky strands dangle from ceiling, those caught in the strands are dragged up to the hungry ape-worms hiding in the shadows at the top of the room.
93 Curse on dungeon makes those in it get hungrier much faster than usual, turns cannibals into wendigos.
94 Ring which isn’t cursed, but putting it on signals acceptance of marriage to an eldritch being which lurks in the dungeon’s depths. It’s genuinely stoked that you accepted, but has trouble expressing affection in a manner appropriate to mortals, and wants to consummate the marriage as soon as possible.
95 In bushes outside dungeon hides a sheriff waiting for adventurers to leave the dungeon so they can arrest them on charges of trespassing and desecration of graves.
96 Pit with broken-legged, dehydrated adventurer at bottom.
97 Goblins in dungeon split by factional strife. Killing the wrong leaders or being a common enemy for them to unite against could result in succession crisis and/or goblin horde ravaging the countryside.
98 Giant throbbing egg. If touched will transmogrify you into monstrous humanoid. If smashed will release giant fetal monster.
99 Nothing can truly die in the dungeon, only dismembered and smushed. At the bottom of the dungeon, down the drains and the pipes and the tunnels, waits a veritable god of gestalt gore. Leaving the dungeon causes fatal wounds to take their final effect.
100 Radiant beam fired from crystal lens heals damage but also causes mutations.


  1. These are great. Some are cruel or impractical but all very imaginative. I'm gonna try the Rapunzel monster.

  2. These are great. Some are cruel or impractical but all very imaginative. I'm gonna try the Rapunzel monster.