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D20x5 Ghastly Ghosts For Hauntings, Necromancy, And Other Ghoulish Undertakings

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Whomst amongst us is not afraid of no ghost?

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D20 This Ghost Appears...
1 As a moldy humanoid patch that slithers across surfaces, leaving rot in its wake.
2 Gnarled, crooked, and mummified.
3 Charred to overcooked blackness. Their untouched eyes glare from lidless sockets.
4 Surgically dissected.
5 Like ground meat plastered onto broken bones.
6 Exactly as they did while alive, save for their eyeless stare and rictus grin.
7 Floating a bit off the ground with their abdomen torn open and jaw agape, as though impaled through with an invisible spike.
8 With shrunken skin and yellowed hair and nails grown to impractical length and sharpness.
9 Eviscerated, mauled, and chewed on. Their wounds bleed scabby nuggets.
10 To be made of motes dust, and move more like a dune shifting in the wind than a person.
11 As an amorphous lump of gore.
12 Without a face or any other identifying features, like their own flesh has forgotten them.
13 With a neat and bloodless slit across their throat. When they speak, it is through here instead of their mouth.
14 Hard and brittle, their skin cracked open into crystalline flowers.
15 To move stiffly and creaking.
16 To shift rapidly through stages of decomposition.
17 As a skeleton bleached to glasslike transparency.
18 Skinless, wet and dripping.
19 Bulging-eyed and blueish, their head and tongue dangling at an unusual angle.
20 Pockmarked, sallow, smeared with dry bile.
D20 This Ghost Can...
1 Cleave themself open into a gate to the underworld.
2 Vomit a gout of ectoplasm into the mouths of corpses to raise them as bloated zombies.
3 Accelerate the decay of nearby matter.
4 Inflict traumatic visions of their own death on those who meet the ghost’s gaze.
5 Drive animals mad with terror and strike supernatural fear into human hearts.
6 Project illusions made from memories of their time among the living.
7 Rip someone’s soul out of their body with a touch. If the ripped-out soul can return to their body before it asphyxiates, they’ll spring back to life.
8 Cause stigmata reminiscent of their own cause of death to appear on someone’s body.
9 Command crows, worms, and other carrion-eaters.
10 Prevent healing of any sort within a wide range.
11 Exhale a cloud of curse-bearing miasma.
12 Summon up an aura infused with the chill of the grave, which intensifies to lethal levels if the ghost is touched.
13 Crawl in through a living person or animal’s eye to possess their body.
14 Bring back anyone they kill as a lesser ghost bound to their will.
15 Conjure up semi-real phantasms reflecting past traumatic events that occurred nearby.
16 Mutate pseudo-organic weapons and armour made of ectoplasm as they’re wounded.
17 Smell necromantic magic and absorb it to temporarily become more powerful.
18 Inhabit an appropriate object to turn it into an intelligent magic item with a power shaped by the ghost’s personality and manner of death.
19 Flood an area with ectoplasmic slime that they can loosely control in waves and tides.
20 Weep tears of (1d4): 1, amnesia-inducing milk; 2, liquid fire; 3, agonizing poison, so painful it requires a save to not immediately attempt to amputate the affected area; 4, reeking putrescence that requires a save to not be stunned when first smelling it, and which retains its stench for up to a week if bottled.
D20 In Life This Ghost Was...
1 A nobleman who fled from a disagreeable arranged marriage. Their prestigious family still survives somewhere. The ghost is still a hopeless romantic.
2 A wizard’s apprentice who came to regret their choice of vocation.
3 A retired adventurer who took on one last job to replenish their frittered-away savings.
4 A heterodox scholar who died with their theories mocked and unproven.
5 A disgraced priest.
6 A slave who led an unsuccessful revolt.
7 A popular artist who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
8 A black market merchant whose last stash is still hidden somewhere.
9 An aspiring actor obsessed with a more famous performer.
10 A knight who drifted into a life of aimless killing after the loss of their liege.
11 A dim-witted swineherd who was lonely yet quietly happy.
12 A petty criminal who died much to young. Full of bravado even in death.
13 A neurotically perfectionist athlete who sought ever more esoteric means to enhance their performance.
14 The spoiled child of a master artisan who became an unprepared pauper when their family’s fortune turned sour.
15 A dour trapper who was only at home far from civilization and politeness.
16 A humble priest followed dogged by despair wherever they fled.
17 A soldier who suffered a crisis of conscience and deserted in the middle of a battle.
18 A prostitute with great talent and political ambition.
19 A maddened, near-feral beggar.
20 A hard-hearted wandering farmhand.
D20 This Ghost’s Unfinished Business Is...
1 Repayment of a magical debt that binds them to the lands of the living.
2 A hedonistic addiction that will never be satisfied.
3 The completion and popularization of their autobiography.
4 Transition into a more convenient form of undeath.
5 The compulsive recreation of their own death inflicted on others.
6 Discovering the meaning of death.
7 Holding a proper funeral for their own lost and scattered remains.
8 Achieving post-mortem canonization.
9 Seeing a wonder of the world they’d only ever heard and dreamed of while alive.
10 Revenge on the necromancer who orchestrated their death to design an ideal servant.
11 Confessing their love to the one that got away in their living days.
12 Earning their way into the afterlife they believe they deserve.
13 Making sure a living relative is well taken care of.
14 Wiping any trace of themself from the lands of the living so they may dedicate their attentions fully to their affairs in the underworld.
15 Convincing some friends they had in life to follow them into death.
16 Amassing a hoard of fine grave goods and a tomb to protect them to improve the ghost’s comfort in the afterlife.
17 To achieve total non-existence.
18 To establish themself as a reliable option for necromancers in order to keep themself out of the underworld as much as possible.
19 Shaping a living person into their exact duplicate.
20 Finding a place where the living and the dead can exist together harmoniously.
D20 Besides Furthering Its Business, This Ghost Can Be Bribed With...
1 Honey cakes, their favourite food while alive.
2 Hell money.
3 Freshly spilled blood.
4 Beautiful music.
5 Baby teeth.
6 News and history since their death.
7 Repairing, polishing, and otherwise caring for the possessions they used to own.
8 Convincing others that the ghost isn’t undead.
9 Improving their reputation among the living.
10 Information regarding their death and its potential perpetrators.
11 Opportunities to violently let loose.
12 Philosophy and poetry that deals with death.
13 Idols and icons of death-related deities.
14 Being allowed to watch the sunrise.
15 Being brought along while carousing.
16 Ruining the reputation of enemies from their living days.
17 Rusty implements.
18 Decaying eyeballs.
19 Crafting mementoes for them.
20 Prayers from meritorious individuals offered towards lightening the weight of their sins.

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