Monday, December 17, 2018

D20x5 Scattered Scholars

Books: love 'em, hate 'em, you can't leave them.

D20 This Scholar Specializes In...
1 Critiques of popular art.
2 Drafting technocratic justifications for government policies.
3 Chemistry, with an uncertain hobby for explosives-mixing.
4 Economics and appraisal.
5 Law and how to exploit it.
6 Medicine and anatomy.
7 Linguistics and translation.
8 Military history and tactics.
9 Engineering and mathematics.
10 Ancient history.
11 Megafauna biology.
12 Underground architecture and practical geology.
13 Obscure theology.
14 Magical theory.
15 The study of inhuman cultures.
16 Tailoring, fashion, and etiquette.
17 Sophistry.
18 Complex mechanical devices, their construction, and maintenance.
19 Thanatology, study of the dead both walking and still.
20 Something hopelessly hyperspecialized.
D20 This Scholar Is...
1 A renowned expert in their field.
2 Viewed as a crank for their unorthodox ideas.
3 An autodidact.
4 An agoraphobe who hasn’t left their library in years.
5 An idle scion of wealth who’s hired the best tutors in the field to teach them.
6 Penniless and surviving off the mold and grubs they scrape off old books.
7 A puppet for eldritch entities their studies exposed them to.
8 Suffering from disease that is ruining their mental faculties.
9 A discount warrior-poet, a scrapper-scholar.
10 Dependent on a dangerous drug to maintain their focus and inspiration.
11 From a cloister of learned monks.
12 From a family of much more accomplished academics.
13 A student kicked out of their university for excessive rowdiness and lewdery.
14 A young prodigy who’s prodigious days have peaked and are swiftly retreating.
15 Only capable of conceiving of ideas through the lens of their specialty.
16 Turning to increasingly risky ventures in order to fund their research.
17 A charlatan who fabricated their credentials.
18 Constantly reaching beyond their field of expertise to make grandiose, inaccurate claims.
19 Keen to plumb the depths of lost and forgotten lore to contribute to contemporary studies.
20 Becoming jaded with the academic life, and yearns for some excitement.
D20 The Closest Thing To A Weapon This Scholar Has Is...
1 A silver-edged letter opener.
2 A heavy horn-bound tome.
3 A tin flask of very flammable liquor.
4 A walking stick.
5 A fake pistol to scare off robbers.
6 A marionette with sturdy metal wires holding it up, almost fit for a garrotte.
7 A sharp-tipped pen.
8 A riding crop.
9 A belt with a big brass buckle.
10 The iron-toed boots they wear in the field.
11 Their faux-gold rings that could make not-quite passable knuckledusters.
12 Some rusty eating utensils.
13 A magical doodad they bought off a suspicious character. When activated it will (1d6): 1, explode; 2, cause everything non-flammable on their person to burn; 3, turn them into a newt for 1d6 rounds; 4, petrify everything but themself within 5 feet; 5, turn into a glob of acid; 6, summon a trio of sadomasochistic cenobite nightmare beings.
14 A ceremonial mace they smuggled out of a museum. It will break embarrassingly on a miss.
15 The pocketful of shiny rocks they’ve collected.
16 A shaving razor in need of sharpening.
17 Their portly yet vicious pet dog.
18 A hair ornament that could do some damage if rapidly introduced into an eye socket.
19 A hardwood instrument they’re alright at playing.
20 A jade dildo.
D20 This Scholar’s Got A Talent For...
1 Cooking up a tasty meal with minimal supplies.
2 Casting a few minor cantrips.
3 Wrestling.
4 Repairing weapons and armour.
5 Schmoozing their way through high society.
6 Public speaking and swaying crowds.
7 Stretching a budget.
8 Making meagre accommodations comfortable.
9 Navigating in the wilderness.
10 Solving puzzles.
11 Eidetic memory.
12 Mimicking sounds.
13 Knife tricks.
14 Handling their drink.
15 Defusing interpersonal tensions.
16 Witty quips.
17 Turning just about anything into writing supplies.
18 Riding and calming horses.
19 Competitive swimming and diving.
20 Dancing.
D20 This Scholar Speaks...
1 Peppering sentences with academic jargon.
2 In a raspy whisper.
3 With an inflated sense of their own influence.
4 In a high-pitched whistle.
5 In their sleep about all the terrible and not-quite-as-terrible things they’ve done.
6 Interspersed with vaguely-related mutterings.
7 At the same slightly-too-loud volume regardless of context.
8 Continuing conversations that ended hours before.
9 With profuse backhanded compliments.
10 Through clenched teeth when they’re stressed.
11 With stilted, misapplied slang.
12 With much humming between their words.
13 To complete strangers as though they were intimate friends.
14 To themself, debating courses of action.
15 With staccato quickness.
16 In a lazy drawl.
17 Quoting themself and their inspirational works often.
18 Only sparingly, and prefers to write out their words.
19 With their hand over their mouth in public.
20 Fluently in a variety of dialects and accents.

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