Friday, July 22, 2022

D6x6 Trite Tritons

Already did merfolk. Are tritons really necessary, in the grand scheme of things?

Anyways, the best way to use all these water-people I've seen to date is here:

Click the button below for your very own, very personalized, very special tritons:

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These tritons have [have], and their skin is [skin].<br>These tritons can [can].<br>These tritons live [live].<br>These tritons believe themselves to be [believe].<br>These tritons have domesticated [domesticated].

twin fish-tails for legs, like the Starbucks logo
fleshy growths across their body that mimic aquatic foliage and break up their profile
no noses, instead having blowholes on the tops of their heads
symbiotic armour of coral and barnacles
fishy scales covering their body
greenish hair that clumps into kelp-like ribbons

wine-dark, crossed with bands of seafoam-white
countershaded, darker on their upper side and lighter on their underside
pale and nacreous like a pearl
as colourful as the most flamboyant sea slugs
near-transparent, showing off blue veins beneath
vantablack, absorbing light like the oceanic abyss

spit water with bludgeoning force and arrow-like accuracy
achieve immortality by reverting to an infantile state, though they lose many of their memories in the process.
rapidly inflate themselves with air or water to prevent being swallowed by predators
eat the stinging cells of jellyfish and other such creatures to concentrate that stinging ability in their own skin
exude a tremendous amount of mucal slime in an emergency
violently eject parts of their intestines to provide a distraction to predators

atop a seamount, as monastic pirates.
amid a mega-school of herring, whose swarming behaviour the tritons have learned to manipulate to create mobile structures and furniture
on the underside of a vast raft-city of matted sargasso, trading wherever the ocean currents take them. On the topside live albatross-folk, their uncomfortable neighbours
in the fortified harbour of a city their ancestors put to the sword, operating a protection racket on those that cross the boundaries of land and sea
in a patch of anomalous ocean similar to the Bermuda Triangle, where time and space don't work quite as they should and inexplicable disappearances are common
on the edge of a continental shelf. They trade goods of uncorroding deep-metals, forged by their smith-lords who are able to dive down into the vast darkness where their hydrothermal forges lie

descendants of the first people, who fell from the heavens like rain. Those who fell onto the land became humanity, and those who fell into the ocean became tritons. When the age turns, all people will evaporate and return to heaven to be reunited and reconciled
more refined humans, who have replaced much of the lesser matter of their bodies with water, the fundamental substance of the universe
genetically-modified survivors of a cataclysm that incinerated the land who escaped their fiery fate in the sea
the kin of humans who were spared death in the Flood through transformation by a last-minute moment of mercy by God
superior to land-dwellers because they're spared from the tyranny of gravity and all its saggage
the inheritors of Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria, and all the other drowned utopias

giant sea horses, the males of which are used to rear their young
octopi, who are taught many tricks so they can act as another, ultra-flexible hand.
sea anemones, which are worn as living ornaments and trained not to sting their owners
sea urchins, whose spines are milked for poison and broken off to be used as pins and nails when metal is scarce
sturgeons, whose caviar they export for great profit
fist-sized mantis shrimp, which punch out supercavitating bubble-bullets on command.

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