Tuesday, August 9, 2022

D6x6 Unique Unicorns

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Generator generator here: http://meanderingbanter.blogspot.com/2018/10/automatic-list-to-html-translator-v2.html

D6 This unicorn appears
1 scruffy and goatish, with a long beard and ridged horn.
2 lanky and knobby-kneed, with a velvety and branching horn.
3 short and chubby, with a wooly fleece and a curling horn.
4 built like a tank, with a wide, scratched-up horn and a thick, folded hide.
5 as a different breed of horse each time you blink, now an elegant Arabian and then a sturdy percheron - always alabaster-white, and always with a sharp, straight, pearlescent horn.
6 blubbery yet sleek, with a speckled hide and an almost comically-long horn.
D6 This unicorn is
1 a minor god of purification rites who abdicated their portfolio in the belief that they could do more good as a creature of flesh and blood.
2 a prodigy that was born in a place where the upper realms touched the mortal world.
3 an angel from a pre-human era when it seemed like quadrepeds might inherit the earth.
4 a kludge-beast of reanimated taxidermy created by a childlike enchanter.
5 the creation of a temple that required an unblemished sacrifice, though it's escaped this fate to this day.
6 a spontaneous exudate of the universe spawned in response to a rising tide of evil.
D6 This unicorn is troubled by
1 a hypocritical and narcissistic knight who is convinced that the unicorn is the only mount worthy of bearing their rump.
2 an aspiring bishop who believes a sign of favour from the unicorn would secure their virtuous reputation.
3 a mind-bogglingly wealthy merchant and horse-breeder who wants it captured for their stables.
4 a nightmare who wants to kill and impersonate it for its own malicious ends.
5 an overbearing mother-in-law-to-be who wants it to confirm the virginity of her son's future bride.
6 a hag and her trio of ogre sons who are inexplicably convinced that the unicorn can grant wishes.
D6 This unicorn inhabits
1 a silver palace somewhere along the way to Heaven where good souls near death sometimes go for a pit-stop halfterlife.
2 a lush vale that doesn't appear on any maps, where the meek can seek sanctuary without violence.
3 a cathedral it built itself from the bones of forgotten martyrs it exhumed from unmarked graves.
4 a ruined castle where a goblin-market has been set up, a market where sentimental belongings and heirlooms can be restored to perfect condition.
5 a mist-shrouded glade where lost travellers sometimes stumble, where they can rest and receive succour before going on their way.
6 whatever caves or other shelters it finds as the sun sets in its endless wandering.
D6 This unicorn's goodness
1 is puritanical, with scant forgiveness for little lies, errors, and weaknesses.
2 takes the form of self-sacrificing charity, allowing the hungry to gnaw off its own leg.
3 is ruthlessly utilitarian and long-sighted, making it capable of shocking callousness in the present for larger gains to the greater good down the line.
4 is uncertain of what the good even is, skeptically questioning itself into inaction.
5 is relentlessly optimistic, able to see the silver lining and redemption in even the meanest creatures.
6 is that of a zealot, a tireless and violent destroyer of evil.
D6 From this unicorn can be looted
1 its horn (called alicorn), which detects and neutralizes poisons on contact, though this causes it to gradually blacken and decay.
2 its blood, which restores drinkers to a state of innocent youth.
3 its brain, which when eaten grants great wisdom, particularly with regard to moral matters - and often great regret for killing a unicorn for its brain.
4 for its bones and hide, which can be worked into weapons and armour with particular efficacy against spirits both good and evil.
5 for its heart, which as an object of immense purity can soak up a number of curses (or one massive curse) through a sort of magical osmosis.
6 for its hooves, which can be worked into shoe-soles and keys and other such trinkets that allow one to trod the weird ways through the planes and cryptogeographical places.

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  1. Unicorns are one of those creatures that are simultaneously over and under appreciated. It's fascinating their historical relationship with sexuality and womanhood, and the way they've become a symbol for women. It's also interesting how versions of them exist in many cultures, including things like the Qilin in Chinese Mythology (Kirin in Japanese, etc.).

    I just read The Witcher Lady in the Lake, and I like the interpretation of Unicorns in The Witcher books as well, where they are more like intelligent but weird aliens. The Laundry Files also had a cool take on unicorns.

    Despite how reductive unicorns can be, like "white horse with a spiral horn", there are potentially many more interesting directions to take it, so it makes a lot of sense for your style of generator. I'm actually surprised you haven't done unicorns before.