Tuesday, December 22, 2020

D6x6 Gnarly Gnolls

If you have somehow missed every other quirky animal fact compilation in this life, female hyenas have enormous clitorises. Seriously. Look it up.

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D6These gnolls’ origin
1 is a desperate wizard’s project in the wake of a mass starvation. They spliced hyenas and humans so that their subjects could scavenge the dead without risking curses and diseases.
2 is a gradual evolution from hyenas, as humans evolved from apes.
3 is a pack of hyenas that became possessed by the ghosts of people they ate.
4 is a clan of shapeshifters who violated their patron spirit’s taboos and so we’re stuck in a halfway form.
5 is that they were an engineered species of tomb raiders and guardians created by a decadent imperium.
6 is a goblin breeding experiment with hyenas.
D6 These gnolls live
1 in charred jungle clearings characterized by their artificial white soil, enriched with ground bones.
2 on elephant-back in howdah caravans.
3 in warrens carved into the trunks of gigantic baobabs.
4 by trading on rivers and shores in reed-woven barge-towns.
5 like ghosts in regions depopulated by war and plague.
6 on the shores of charnel lakes formed from ancient mass graves, hunting for ghoul-fish.
D6 These gnolls are seen as monsters because
1 they worship evil gods. The gnolls see this as hedging their theological bets, as good gods are more likely to be merciful towards those who don’t worship them.
2 they eat whatever corpses they can get their paws on. They see doing otherwise as wasteful.
3 one-on-one a gnoll could beat just about any human warrior, so it’s convenient to come up with a pretext to gang up on them.
4 the sorts of gnolls other people are most likely to encounter are wandering antinomian ascetics who’ve renounced all worldly limits.
5 their society is organized based on a caste system that has no place for non-gnolls except as slaves.
6 death and killing are casual things to them due to their strong belief in reincarnation and consequent low attachment to any particular life.
D6 These gnolls can be immediately distinguished from other gnolls
1 by their many piercings capped with coloured glass beads.
2 because they surgically bifurcate their tongues.
3 by the white fur left by their freeze brands .
4 by the work- and war-songs they whistle through their noses.
5 by the red lacquer they apply to their teeth.
6 by the copper chimes they braid into their manes.
D6 Something you might find on these gnolls is
1 a gourd full of sweet marrow pudding.
2 a sending-spirit sealed in the bent and twine-bound corpse of a honeyguide. Release it to give someone a vision of your design from far away.
3 a knucklebone die that rolls in the direction of the undead.
4 a thin, flexible whittling knife, and a carved, untreated log that reveals new scenes of domestic gnoll life as its outer layers rot away.
5 a wide-brimmed felt hat (with ear-holes), good for keeping off the harshest sun.
6 a pungent tallow candle that makes meat (and things made of meat) especially obvious in its light.
D6 To these gnolls, a flind is
1 one who has cultivated their personal power with excruciating exercise and precise doses of esoteric drugs.
2 one who has swallowed the spark of a divine fire, which invigorates them while burning away their lifespan.
3 just a member of their warrior-elite, with the best training, equipment, and nutrition.
4 a vicious cannibal who has consumed the hearts of seven other gnolls to steal their might.
5 a myth, a prophesied hero to deliver them from troubled times.
6an alien soul from worlds beyond the moon born into a gnoll’s body during rare conjunctions.

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