Thursday, February 27, 2020

D12 Castaways, Maroons, & Shipwrecked Souls

I’m almost at 100 drafts and needed to get something out

D12 Castaways, Maroons, & Shipwrecked Souls

1. Washed up with crates of expensive wine, been too drunk the whole time to realize the gravity of their situation.

2. Happily married to siren wife. Lures in passing crews that might be too wary for her song with a story about hidden treasure.

3. Former slaves escaped from sinking vessel. They’ve made a utopian egalitarian society founded on the myth that they’re the only virtuous souls left in a drowned world.

4. Cheapskate merchant captain whose crew mutinied and went pirate. Will offer banked assets if returned to the mainland, but cheap out on that too.

5. Deliberate hermit, has gained the secret to calling down lightning from their sacred meditation. Wants to redpill you on the entrapment of material desire. Their lightning behaves as ordinary lightning once called (strikes tallest thing in area, can be grounded, etc.). The secret to calling lightning can be passed on by the hermit, but is only retained by the student so long as they keep no possessions except the clothes on their back and a beggar’s bowl.

6. Talking dolphin, exiled to shore for cannibalism. Friendly, willing to trade the best whaling and fishing spots, locations of undersea ruins, in exchange for return to the sea. Utterly sociopathic. Has been living off crabs that scuttled too close.

7. Genius shipwright. Has built a ship faster than any other on the waves by themself, using only materials found on the island. Needs a crew to actually sail it, willing to let you take it if you make them captain.

8. Vengeance-crazed whaler, believes island she’s stuck on to be her nemesis-leviathan. Waiting poised for the moment it stirs to strike the death-blow.

9. Ancient alien with crash-landed spacecraft, looks like a person with a weird forehead but this is actually only a biological probe controlled by horrific, dying true form pinned in the wreckage.

10. Beard to his knees. Falsely convicted of horrific crime and exiled long ago. Has been building up legal case this whole time, just in case. Always carries thick sheaf of bark-scratched arguments.

11. Lost imperial heir’s pleasure yacht run ashore, full of moldering luxuries. The heir was placed in a preservative stasis-slumber, guarded by feral courtiers and menagerie-pets repurposed as war-beasts.

12. Family of cheerful fish-men and their senile castaway father. Raised on fantastically misremembered stories of the world beyond their island. Want to come with you and see it all.

Special bonus #13: Juggalo Prospero (I ran out of ideas)


  1. 11 can be a setup for the whole adventure. Feral courtiers even might be confused a little with Faery for their haute but delusional behavior and their reverent worship of Sleeping Monarch.

  2. Meaty table entries; good stuff!

  3. #13 is possibly the scariest thing I've read in a long time.