Tuesday, March 21, 2023

D6x6 Garbled Gargoyles

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Special thanks to Spwack for the generator generator here: http://meanderingbanter.blogspot.com/2018/10/automatic-list-to-html-translator-v2.html

D6 This gargoyles is carved from
1 fossil-laden limestone. It can release trilobitic sub-gargoyles as drones.
2 rich red porphyry. Its larger smashed-apart pieces would be valuable as loot.
3 magnetite. It can crudely manipulate magnetism to toss around ferromagnetic materials.
4 quartz. It's near-invisible when it wants to be.
5 sharp-edged obsidian. Even just touching it is enough to cut you.
6 piezoelectric tourmaline. Striking it creates a dangerous electric charge that can climb back up metal weapons.
D6 This gargoyle looks like
1 a gryphon with the head and wings of a pigeon and the arms of a man.
2 a squat and wrinkled grotesque with tusks and a horn in the middle of its forehead.
3 a winged and spade-tailed caricature of a long-dead political figure.
4 a childish imp, a diabolical putti.
5 a long-necked donkey with fangs and clawed feet.
6 a dwarf with a snarling cat head and the robes of a clergyman.
D6 This garygoyle is animated by
1 a fistful of the still-molten blood of the underworld.
2 a prayer wheel rotor echoing with orisons.
3 canopic jars containing fossilized organs, looted from an inhuman tomb.
4 the 1,000 names of the Prime Mover engraved across its form.
5 the ghosts of monks who broke their vows in unforgivable fashions.
6 a tamed and yoked spirit of the earth.
D6 This gargoyle is perched
1 atop the gatehouse of a ruined castle - about the only part of the structure that's still standing.
2 in a cathedral sealed due to a necromancer raising the dead interred in its crypt.
3 on the eave of the derelict temple of a proscribed religion.
4 in the unfinished palace of an upstart dynasty which was unable to complete its construction before another rebellion overthrew them in turn.
5 in a once-luxurious, now abandoned leprosarium which catered to the nobility.
6 atop the burned-out husk of a government ministry building in a neighbourhood that's been barricaded off into its own self-ruling polity.
D6 This gargoyle is rumoured
1 to be able to smell the guilty, and so those hoping to prove their innocence against accusations are sometimes sent to it as a trial, though very few ever return.
2 to be weakened by direct sunlight.
3 to be sought unscuffed by a fabulously-wealthy collector of antiquities.
4 to have been carved by a master mason who was also the grand master of a secret society, who left clues to the location of that society's hidden treasury in their maker's mark.
5 to be possessed by the jealousy of its carver, and so it could be distracted by someone who resembled the object of its jealousy.
6 to have adopted a hunchbacked orphan.
D6 If you grind up this gargoyle and snort it
1 you'll abrade the shit out of your nasal cavity.
2 you'll trip balls and commune with lithic intelligences that live at the interface of magma and dead stone.
3 you'll sneeze it back out into a phlegmy map of the region's geology.
4 your skin will become hard as stone for an hour, though after this you'll sweat out the grains in an extremely uncomfortable process.
5 then the next time you would be killed, you instead petrify into a statue of ultra-hard stone.
6 you'll mutate some stony and monstrous feature.

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  1. Sweet! Gargoyles are going to play a major role in my next campaign, so this will prove useful. Thanks, and keep up the good work!