Friday, May 1, 2020

D20x5 Headstrong Helmets

Wear protection.

D20This helmet is
1sculpted like a ram’s head, with a protruding faceplate and curling horns.
2a frog-mouth helm.
3a kettle helm.
4a barbute.
5a bascinet.
6an armet.
7a burgonet.
8a sallet.
9a heaume.
10a galea.
11a Corinthian helmet.
12a lamellenhelm.
13a turban helmet.
14a zischagge.
15tall and conical like a capirote, with a stoically molded face-mask.
16a morion.
17shaped like a spiny conch shell.
18a spangenhelm.
19shaped like an isocahedron.
20a kabuto.
D20This helmet is made
1of carved kraken beak.
2from scrimshawed behemoth ivory.
3from a hoof of the Bull of Heaven severed in the tauroctony.
4from the melted-down crowns of conquering kings.
5of reforged fragments from a thousand bloody battlefields.
6with iron chipped from the walls of Dis.
7from dragon-scale.
8from the pit of a peach of immortality.
9from silver smelted with concentrated moonlight.
10from an impossible alloy of theoretical metals.
11from the gilded reliquary of a saint’s skull.
12from the horn of a rhinoceros-god.
13from a single piece of deep viridian jade.
14from ectoplasmic resin extracted from the crushed brains of psychics.
15of bronze plucked from the dreams of a reciter of heroic epics.
16out of a ruby pried from a giant-queen’s diadem.
17of honest steel etched with mandalas of micro-runes.
18of cold-forged meteoric iron.
19from the torn-out and layered pages of an abjurer’s grimoire.
20from the fossilized cap of a prehistoric mushroom.
D20This helmet has
1a ribbon trailing from its peak.
2a red feather crest.
3a pair of spectacles welded over the eyes.
4a mail coif attached.
5a family of pixies living in it right now.
6a shining halo appear around it when used.
7a secondary enchantment placed on it that adjusts its size and shape to comfortably fit the head of whoever wears it.
8the image of a third eye painted in blood on its forehead-covering section.
9a pair of wings on its sides.
10a striped zebra-hair crest.
11inlaid jewels tracing out the zodiac across its dome.
12a glowing holographic sun-disc flashes above its wearer’s brow when its power is used.
13a secondary enchantment placed on it that always obscures its wearer’s facial features in shadow.
14enamelled golden trim.
15a lion-mane crest.
16a secondary enchantment placed on it that, if it is currently unclaimed, cause it to ring like a gong when humanoids come close to it.
17flower and thorn patterns engraved across its surface.
18a crescent moon emblem on its brow.
19its maker’s signature stamped on its inner surface.
20an illusory enchantment placed on it that makes its wearer’s head appear to be a skull.
D20While this helmet is worn,
1the wearer receives a curious sort of longevity. Should they die while wearing it, their mind is transferred into the helmet. If another person then puts the helmet on, the former wearer has a chance to permanently possess them. If this attempt fails the former wearer’s mind is lost forever.
2any attacks on or attempts to influence the wearer’s mind are reflected back on their origin.
3its wearer’s thoughts and reflexes are accelerated. If they’re not surprised, they always act first in the initiative order.
4its wearer can deliver smashing headbutts, as a +1 warhammer, with double damage against inanimate objects.
5its wearer cannot be blinded, deafened, affected by scents, or suffocated.
6its wearer suffers no distance penalty to ranged attacks.
7the wearer will regenerate any lost limbs or other organs as fully-functional prosthetics made from the same material as the helmet.
8its wearer can expand it into an invulnerable hemisphere around them for up to 1d6 10-minute turns.
9all of its wearer’s enemies are filled with unnatural awe and terror, and so have disadvantage on morale checks.
10its wearer can disguise it as a hat of such fabulous splendour that they receive a +2 bonus to all reaction rolls with intelligent parties.
11its wearer gains an awareness of space within a ten foot radius around them. This awareness is not precise enough to discern fine details, but can detect things like covered pit traps, secret doors, and people sneaking up behind the wearer.
12its wearer can access the memories of past wearers. When encountering ruins, ancient monsters, artifacts, and the like, they have a 2-in-6 chance of remembering a useful detail about it.
13its wearer can wreathe themself in spectral fire, dealing 1d6 damage per round to anything that’s grappling them, swallowed them, possessed them, or is otherwise in intimate contact with them.
14its wearer can shoot lasers from their eyes, as per a +1 longbow with infinite ammunition that ignites flammable materials it strikes.
15the wearer can communicate telepathically with any being by pressing heads together with them (beings must have heads).
16the wearer cannot be petrified, mutated, transmuted, or otherwise unnaturally transformed by a cause they did not bring upon themself.
17all of its wearer’s allies are filled with unnatural courage, gaining advantage on morale checks.
18its wearer suffers no penalties from pain, exhaustion, hunger, and the like. These things can still eventually kill them though.
19its wearer can change their own size, as per the spells enlarge person or shrink person cast by a magic-user of the same level as the wearer, once per day.
20its wearer can become invisible, as per the spell cast by a magic-user of the same level as the wearer, once per day.
D20This helmet was once
1the prized possession of a paranoid emperor, who wore it every moment of his short and brutal reign.
2used as a cook-pot by a devilish chef, and still smells faintly of sharp spices.
3made in a previous cycle of the universe, and is one of that cycle’s few surviving artifacts.
4tapped by a forge-wizard to mass produce inferior imitations, degrading the helmet from its original power.
5a grave good in the tomb complex of the first emperor.
6worn by a demilich.
7worn by a mystery knight who won countless tourneys over centuries (or at least many knights assuming their identity did).
8passed between the warriors of a dozen undersea nations after its first bearer’s ship was wrecked.
9claimed to be a sign of divine favour by the warlord who wore it.
10the symbol of a dynasty that collapsed under its own ambition.
11among the regalia of a demigod of war.
12shattered in catastrophic battle. The secret of its reforging is coveted.
13given as tribute to a barbarian horde to spare a city-state from their depredation.
14thought forever lost after it fell down a fissure, until it reappeared at the head of a troglodytic crusade.
15worn by the leader of a slave revolt.
16pursued by the revenant of a former wearer, and might still be for all anyone knows.
17worshipped as the earthly abode of a tutelary spirit.
18used as a mendicant’s cup by its most famous bearer, who swore off violence and lived an ascetic life thereafter.
19part of a full matching suit of enchanted armour. Anyone who bears a piece of the suit dreams vague omens of the others’ positions.
20a bearing-component in a vast eldritch machine.

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