Wednesday, May 26, 2021

D6x6 Particular Patrons

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D6This patron is 
1 the grandmaster of the influential local mason’s guild.
2 older than old money, an aristocrat with international dynastic ties.
3 the untouchable heir of a extensive criminal family.
4 a publicly respected and privately corrupt minister.
5 a highly sought-after deacon and physician.
6a retired mercenary captain who maintains their ferocious martial ability and estate bought with their spoils.

D6This patron has 
1 a grating laugh.
2 a pet peacock they keep leashed to them at all times.
3 fashionably curly shoes.
4 copious lace spilling from their collar, cuffs, and ankles.
5 an obsidian medallion they rub with a thumb constantly.
6bulbous cauliflower ears.

D6This patron wants you to 
1 despoil the crypt of an ancestral rival clan, then escape before the spirits outraged by this can get their claws on you.
2 deliver an imp sealed in a box to an occultist who wants to buy it.
3 deeply humiliate a rival of theirs without physically harming them.
4 gather near-mythical ingredients for an upcoming feast.
5 bring their nephew on an adventure that will disillusion them of their ambitions.
6rig a duel in favour of their preferred combatant, without leaving a trace.

D6This patron can’t do it themself 
1 because they’re deeply neurotic and even just thinking about getting someone else to do it stresses them out.
2 because they’re certain someone is trying to have them killed and so won’t leave the safety of their home.
3 because they’re part of a web of intrigue that would entangle them if they were seen acting directly.
4 because they’ve run the numbers and hiring you would offer the best price-to-effectiveness ratio. 
5 because no one in their entourage has quite the right combination of skills, deniability, and expendability.
6because a soothsayer has foretold that doing so would lead them to their doom.

D6This patron is willing to give up front 
1 a pair of their handpicked henchmen.
2 their signet ring and the authority it carries.
3 a satchel full of explosives.
4 a fine horse, saddle, and bridle.
5 luxurious lodgings and meals for as long as it takes to settle their business.
6a fat bag of silver.

D6After the job is done, this patron 
1 will give you a solid lead on something or someone you’re after, or else might be interested in.
2 will put in a good word for you with a regional authority, and get you an audience with them.
3 will owe you a significant favour to call in at a time of your choosing.
4 will lend you a minor magical heirloom for an indefinite period.
5 will grant you a decent plot of land.
6will have fine clothes tailored for your entire party.

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