Monday, May 17, 2021

20 More Setting Questions For Your Sci-Fi Games

Sorry I'll have something more substantial the next time I post, just did these up on the discord and Cosmic said I should put them up on the blog for posterity. The originals had some that were too close to others in the previous question sets, so I've edited them.

The previous question sets:

& these 20 questions are:

1. Is the dominant mode of production still capitalist?
2. Why?
3a. What human frailties have been ameliorated, and which still plague us? (Too close to ToS's 8)
3b. Who's the oldest person who's still arguably alive?
4a. What is the legal status of transhumans, uplifts, and other such para-human creatures? (Too close to ToS's 17)
4b. Can you own your own clone and make him/her/them do tricks for your amusement?
5. What's the primary existential threat humanity faces?
6. Which cultures/nations/religions, or parts thereof, have ascended?
7. Which have fallen by the wayside?
8. What's the most dangerous thing you can do with your average spaceship?
9a. How uncomfortable is space travel? (Too close to ToS's 2)
9b. What's the equivalent of first class/business class/economy class/freight class for space travel?
10. Could you model space travel with a random encounter table/hexes/pointcrawl?
11a. Have aliens been encountered, and if so what are they and human relations with them like? (Too close to ToS's 14)
11bcd. Can you fuck the aliens? Who gets the custom-made real waifus? Are there any memes that have survived from the present day? (These are shit so you get three)
12. What sound do guns make (pew pew, zap zap, bang bang, etc.)?
13a. Where do I get the cool & illegal robot parts/genemods? (Too close to AC's 9)
13b. What's the worst thing that could happen to me from getting the cool & illegal robot parts/genemods?
14. Are there martial arts for robots, mechs, and/or intelligent non-human apes?
15. How big are the mechs?
16a. Psychic powers, or internet-of-things facsimile thereof? (Too close to AC's 5)
16b. What weird political movements are there that aren't just projecting current/historical movements into the future (e.g. not "what if the civil rights movement, but for sapient octopi")?
17. Where and how is information processed and stored?
18. Who's watching you through the ubiquitous surveillance technology?
19a. Is there a level of virtual simulation that people could reasonably doubt that what they're currently experiencing is the real world?
19b. If answer to 19a is yes, what new mental illnesses has this demiurgical atrocity spawned?
20. Do most people still have jobs and if so what do most of them do?

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