Tuesday, May 18, 2021

D6x6 Varying Vargouilles

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D6This vargouille is 
1 a prophet betrayed by one of their followers before their most crucial prophecy could be uttered.
2 a decapitated criminal who swore on the chopping block they’d keep plaguing the innocent even after execution.
3 a philosopher who conceived of an idea so unnatural that their brain resisted death itself (and brought their head with it).
4 a gossiper so maligned that the negative energy that surrounded them twisted them into monstrosity.
5 a necromancer who figured it would be easier to just raise their own head into undeath.
6the former fetish of a headhunter, too powerful for its taker to control.

D6This vargouille has 
1 bulging, bloodshot, blood-weeping eyes.
2 bone-shard needles poking through its scalp.
3 asphyxiate-blue skin.
4 turkey wattle-like growths hanging from its jowls.
5 frayed and blistered tentacular lips.
6snaggled supernumerary teeth jutting around its gums and mouth.

D6This vargouille flies 
1 with its grotesquely enlarged cauliflower ears.
2 by meatily flapping its peeled-away cheeks.
3 by waving its gore-matted hair.
4 using the lungs that dangle from its throat as wings.
5 bloated with corpse-gas like a balloon.
6with a jet of miasmic air from its neck-stump.

D6This vargouille hunts 
1 in a circling buzzard waltz above the sick and wounded, waiting to pick off the truly helpless.
2 like a raptor, sweeping down suddenly and shockingly.
3 by posing as a much more potent demon to extract ritual sacrifices.
4 by stirring up strife between and within factions and then picking off the people thus deprived and isolated.
5 by lying from ambush like an overripe fruit from a tree branch.
6by luring travellers off paths with imitated voices and feigned cries for help.

D6This vargouille can 
1 temporarily commandeer headless corpses.
2 unhinge its jaw impossibly wide to swallow enemies into a cold and featureless void.
3 exhale an opaque and toxic cloud.
4 drool pools of acidic saliva.
5 set itself alight with spectral fire.
6project nightmarish hallucinations of itself into the minds of its victims.

D6This vargouille’s kiss 
1 causes the victim’s skull to slowly extrude from their head. When it’s out the vargouille will return to re-flesh it as another of its kind.
2 overloads the psychic circuits, inducing an intense fever that will make your head explode if left untreated.
3 will break its victims to pieces, and each piece will become a different sort of anatomical undead.
4 will gradually overwrite its victims’ minds with a copy of the vargouille’s.
5 causes the guts to bulge and discomfit, and eventually burst forth into a demon-summoning visceral pentagram.
6inflicts abject hideousness, a toad-warped visage.


  1. Awesome!

    There's a vargouille in my current adventure and my players are likely to encounter it in the session tonight.

  2. Two thumbs up from my headless corpse.