Monday, November 2, 2020

D6x6 Wrathful Wraiths

Apparently D&D wraiths were originally corporeal, and meant to model ringwraiths. These tables assume that sort of wraith.

D6This wraith looks
1like a crooked, creaking figure obscured beneath a cloak of red and gold brocade.
2like a barely-humanoid hulk of dead flesh held together by roots and worms.
3as they did in life, only unblinking and expressionless. In truth their face is a stunningly realistic death-mask.
4like a skeleton dressed in black and white livery. Its bones linked by tied hair and ivory nails rather than ligaments.
5literally ashen, their skin incandescent at the cracked edges. Their eyes are empty pits with red pinpricks for pupils.
6like a knight encased in insectoid black iron armour, mingled blood and tears leaking between the segments.
D6This wraith’s touch causes level drain by
1revealing sanity-blasting visions of the afterlife.
2wracking victims with consuming, undiminishing agony.
3inflicting traumatic, mortal terror.
4unnaturally aging and withering its victims.
5stripping away memories until nothing is left but a bleak void.
6decaying the flesh and mind.
D6This wraith flies
1carried aloft by a swarm of locust husks.
2by walking on the air, which twists and screams at the unnatural manipulation.
3by summoning and riding an umbral nightmare-steed.
4by leaping inhuman distances.
5upon a miasmic wind that reeks of brimstone.
6by unfurling its skeletal wings.
D6If this wraith is struck by a weapon that isn’t magical or silver,
1the weapon freezes and shatters.
2the weapon passes through the wraith as though it were no more substantial than vapour.
3the weapon rusts or rots away to uselessness.
4any wound opened up by the strike immediately reseals itself.
5the weapon is repelled away as if by some fell magnetism, potentially striking others nearby.
6the weapon deforms around the wraith’s body rather than touching it.
D6This wraith was raised by
1a circle of druids that worship an extinct ecosystem, in order to steal a lump of amber that preserves the last fragments of that ecosystem. That lump is contained in the crown jewels of a royal dynasty.
2an ancient and storied family of whom the wraith was the black sheep, so that they might protect the family’s holdings and redeem themself in perpetual utility.
3a lunar demon taking advantage of a planetary alignment, to spread its legend and lore so that it gains a foothold in the earthly realms.
4a secret society of occult doctors and resurrection men to serve them as a hatchet man.
5a kingdom of shadows in order to covertly find the chosen one that will lead them to deliverance past utter darkness and annihilating light.
6their desperate lover, and is tasked with collecting enough innocent souls to buy their way back to true life.
D6This wraith is bound to undeath
1by a tiny stitched-up monkey that holds their soul. They keep it safe in their mouth most of the time, but must spit it out to speak.
2by an enchanted dagger plunged through their heart. Removing it would destroy them, but anyone who touches it will receive the same wound.
3by a skin-leather tome that encodes the entirety of their self. Tearing out select pages or otherwise editing the text would change the wraith fundamentally.
4by a great worg that was fed their corpse. If the wraith is destroyed the worg will vomit them back up.
5by a pair of rings, one worn by the wraith and one by their master. The wraith can only be put down for good by stealing its master’s ring and commanding it to destroy itself. It’ll regenerate around its own ring so tossing that into a volcano will take care of it for a while though.
6by a set of canopic jars that contain their vital organs, which must be watered with fresh blood regularly.

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