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D20x5 Brutal Berserkers

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D20This berserker’s rage 
1 is constantly rising regardless of circumstance. They need to release it now and then or they will literally explode. You can tell how close they are to blowing by the amount of steam rising from their skin.
2 requires them to inject stimulant drugs with hollow thorns to access.
3 is a battle-madness they became afflicted with after too many years spent at war.
4 is rooted in their descent from a god of war.
5 has been partitioned off within their own mind, attributed to a split personality.
6 can be burned up all at once for a single incredible feat of strength.
7 immediately lengthens their teeth into fangs and their nails into talons.
8 is only constrained in their daily life by a strict code of honour. Violators of that code receive its full brunt.
9 is derived from extraneous alchemical glands that were implanted between their ribs.
10 puts so much stress on their body that it shortens their life with each use.
11 will cause them to rise as a draugr to avenge their own death.
12 makes their muscles swell so much they tear their own skin.
13 lets them shrug off attacks from people who are not as or more angry than they are.
14 lets them vomit streams of boiling bile.
15 lets them track down the target(s) of their anger no matter the distance.
16 is transmissible through their bodily fluids.
17 requires them to ritually consume an unbelievably spicy root to access.
18 emulates their culture’s belief about the sun: that it illuminates the sky through sheer incandescent rage. Sunburst-scars blaze across their body, and glow when their anger peaks.
19 comes from the shrieking demons soldered in their skull.
20drives them constantly, beyond human limits. If they ever come down they’ll drop dead immediately from accumulated sleep deprivation.

D20This berserker’s weapon of choice is 
1 javelins carved from lengthy femurs.
2 a tree trunk wielded like a quarterstaff.
3 their own bare and bloody hands.
4 a sword that’s taller than they are.
5 a pair of venomous serpents, wielded like biting whips.
6 a bronze flail with a head shaped like a roaring bull.
7 a pair of serrated blades.
8 a length of chain with hooked links.
9 a brace of many-barrelled pistols.
10 a thick sling with head-sized stones.
11 a fossilized club run through with crystalline needles.
12 a bulky tome written in a language they can’t read.
13 a pair of cestuses with their personal insignia embossed on every knuckle, which imprints on every face they cave in.
14 a towering bow made of bones and sinews.
15 a simple woodcutter’s axe.
16 razor-sharp obsidian chakrams.
17 a pair of bath nakhs.
18 an personalized, grappling-specialized martial art.
19 a labrys with blades as wide as their shoulders.
20an iron tetsubo with every knob molded to resemble a wasp’s stinger.

D20This berserker hails from 
1 a land where the sun never sets, yet gets so cold that night can still fall when the light itself freezes.
2 a land where the trees kiss the clouds and strangle each other with their boughs.
3 an icy desert where the oases are ashen, melted patches around active volcanoes.
4 a ruined city so old and expansive that its depths are as wild as any jungle.
5 a valley with sides so sheer that only the strongest can make the climb out.
6 an archipelago wracked by a perpetual storm, where kelp grows above the waves and feeds on lightning.
7 a cyclopean prison where criminals and their descendants were exiled to live in true lawlessness.
8 the anarchist tribes which inhabit an ancient battlefront, where conquerers have given up on conquest in fear of the dormant ordinances. 
9 a gargantuan iceberg that’s accreted its own landmass atop, caught in an oceanic circuit that keeps it from melting or crashing.
10 a village carved into the back of a giant crocodile, each osteoderm host to a watertight home. Most people there subsist on scraps picked from the crocodile’s teeth.
11 a forgotten monarch’s huge, sealed nature preserve, dedicated to an experiment in how civilization might’ve developed from barbarity.
12 a clan descended from children sacrificed to chthonic deities, who linger still in caves and cenotes and all those places which are near to the underworld.
13 a mountain range pocked with boiling, sulphurous baths, where hell itself bubbles up.
14 a cancerous land of green glass and misshapen beasts.
15 a swamp where abyssal leviathans beach themselves to die.
16 a shadowed land halfway beyond the darkness at the back of the basement and the closet and the bed, where bogeymen and nightmares roam.
17 from a paradise not far from Heaven, kicked out for their sinful wrath.
18 a cavern of dripping grease and rusted gears, a machine beneath the earth too vast to ever fully rot.
19 an under-colosseum where the gore of countless arenas runs, a sacrificial pit-ecology fed by violence completely unknown to it.
20a sprawling mansion estate that’s practically a city unto itself. The lace of courtesy and obligation that bound them there was suffocatingly tight.

D20This berserker practices the strange custom of 
1 marrying the ghosts of those they slay.
2 speaking no truths while the moon is visible.
3 eating only live meat.
4 refusing to tell someone their name until they see that someone touch iron.
5 climbing the tallest landmark they can find to survey their surroundings.
6 never touching the mortar between baked bricks with their feet.
7 seeing those with bushy eyebrows as fearsome monsters in disguise.
8 plugging their nose with wax and seeing scents as sensuously sinful.
9 expressing affection and antipathy inversely to abjure evil spirits.
10 rhyming obnoxiously.
11 asserting dominance over quadrupeds like cows and goats by flipping them onto their sides wherever they’re encountered.
12 roasting bones to interpret the secrets revealed in the cracks that thereby form.
13 ignoring entirely the concept of age, treating the elderly and adult and children the same.
14 duelling to first blood before they give someone respect.
15 never showing their mouth to strangers or eating in a public space.
16 crowing with roosters at dawn.
17 extracting one of their own teeth if they break a promise.
18 keeping a pebble from every land they’ve been to.
19 speaking to animals as though they can understand human languages.
20drinking their own piss, medicinally.

D20This berserker has found a place 
1 as a bouncer for a rough-and-tumble travellers’ tavern.
2 as a petulant noble’s pet skullbreaker.
3 as a fur trader whose specialty is the hides of the deadliest beasts.
4 as the favourite model and muse of a sculptor whose aesthetic glorifies the rugged and untamed.
5 as the owner of a gymnasium, using it as a recruiting ground for their mystery cult of esoteric exercise.
6 as a wildly popular charismatic gladiator.
7 as a diplomat to the most barbarous potential allies.
8 an the enforcer of a criminal empire.
9 as a butcher of bushmeat from great & exotic animals.
10 as the vanguard for risky expeditions.
11 as the personal chef of a client with unusual taste.
12 as a gambler with no fear.
13 as the host of a dogfighting bring.
14 as the ferocious overseer of a slave-run mine.
15 as a chariot racer who can bring the best out of their horses.
16 as a lord among beggars.
17 of an architect with the strength to act as their own construction worker.
18 as the captain of a fleet of far-ranging fishing ship.
19 as pest control beyond the ability of any cat.
20as a preacher of an ideology of total self-dependence.

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