Thursday, November 25, 2021

GLOGvember Day 2: Monsters; or: D6x6 Despicable Drow

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Tis the season for mortal folly

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D6This drow has
1 an enchanted corset that allows them to contort their torso into physically impossible positions.
2 a cloud of stinging, yet undeniably sensuous, sulphurous perfume about them.
3 an outfit like a mummy's wrappings, woven from spider-silk.
4 clipped, square ear-tips, the mark of a former slave.
5 gold wires threaded just under the surface of their skin, emerging in spiralling piercings at bony or cartilaginous points.
6a pair of befanged chelicerae framing their cryptic smile.

D6This drow's attitude towards non-drow
1 is paternalistic, believing they should be benevolently enslaved until raised to an acceptable level of civilization.
2 is antipathic fetishization.
3 is esoteric interest, reading drowish involvement into their history.
4 is willful ignorance and avoidance.
5 is chauvinistic aggression, expecting the other to fall with a mere breath.
6is bemusement at their alien ways.

D6This drow is tied up with
1 importing and adultering exquisite surface wines.
2 a local deliberative council over whether brutal repression or slight appeasing reform is preferable.
3 a slave uprising that has exiled them from their familial estate without wider society's knowledge.
4 evading a bohemian suicide pact by poison they agreed to in their younger days.
5 dynastic politics wherein they're being evaluated by a closer, more powerful heir as a potential threat.
6attempting to profit off a border conflict by playing both sides without being discovered and punished by their superiors.

D6This drow inhabits
1 a town that fills a porous aquifer emptied by a long-past empire. Sharing drinks from the same cup is the highest show of trust they know.
2 a hamlet in an abandoned mine, nigh-forgotten by surface-folk and underworld alike.
3 a nocturnal, nomadic community that's conditioned their giant possum mounts to see them as their children and carry them about their routes in their pouches and on their backs.
4 a parasitic under-city in the maze-like catacombs beneath a human metropolis.
5 a village at the bottom of a jungle that grows so densely no sunlight reaches its forest floor, alongside a voracious, bioluminescent, near-abyssal ecosystem that's evolved there.
6a settlement with its slums in the caldera of an extinct volcano, its wealthier districts stretching through the empty lava tubes well below.

D6This drow believes drow are
1 the survivors of some disaster that rendered the surface unlivable for ages, preserving the true pre-disaster culture while degenerate mutants proliferated above.
2 the favoured people of the one true god.
3 the root race from which all others are descended by lacking some essential aspect of drowness.
4 as a population endowed with a limited number of souls, and that their harsh society is necessary to prevent the birth of a soulless drow, their sort of anti-Christ.
5 unfairly forsaken due to an ancient crime of their ancestors for which they are guiltless.
6spiritual flies trapped in the web of the material world.

D6This drow's preferred poison
1 is a root extract that causes numbness, uncoordination, bowel evacuation, and general humiliation.
2 is milked from trogloxene scorpions, and causes rapid localized swelling until the affected tissue bursts.
3 is an oil created from the most toxic life forms of past eons, which annihilates healthy flesh on contact like antimatter.
4 is drained from the livers of a species of subterranean tunnel-eel, which inflicts an inability to metabolize oxygen.
5 is a subtle, tastless one derived from powdered mushrooms, which causes small, cumulative loss of impulse control and hypersensitivity to sensory stimuli.
6is made from fermented spider husks, and causes phlegm, spittle, and vitreous jelly to weave themselves into solid, sticky filaments.

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