Friday, June 21, 2019

D6x6 Capricious Conspiracies

Stay woke.

Generator automator here:

D6This conspiracy plans to
1use the last remaining functional air loom
2control the earth’s telluric currents by seizing Foucault’s Pendulum
3place its secret insignia on currency, architecture, and media
4sacrifice innocents to Moloch
5fake a Mars landing
6contaminate the world’s freshwater supply with chemicals
D6in order to
1pacify the population.
2immanentize the eschaton.
3accelerate the next stage of human evolution.
4turn the frickin’ frogs gay.
5rule under one world order.
6further the cause of chaos.
D6This conspiracy goes right up to
1the president.
2the pope.
3the heights of Hollywood.
4the reptilian shapeshifting masters of the globe.
5the hidden Nazi legions within the hollow earth.
6the queen of England.
D6This conspiracy has acted from the shadows since
1last week. It’s a recent development.
2the dawn of humanity.
3the fall of Troy.
4the rise of the Hapsburgs.
5the crash at Roswell.
6the end of the gold standard.
D6This conspiracy enforces its will through
1an army of cloned James Deans.
2hyper-advanced science and subliminal manipulation that the ignorant label “magic”.
3manipulation of conventional government, bureaucracy, and police.
4summoning extra-dimensional horrors from across the multiverse.
5brainwashing civilians into sleeper agents.
6teams of cyborg special agents.
D6This conspiracy is opposed by
1a renegade faction within itself.
2a surviving remnant of the Knights Templar.
3the ascended masters of Shangri-La.
4brave tinfoil-hatted radio hosts.
5some dorks who stumbled on it while looking for drugs on the deep web.
6an inter-faith association of mystic knights.

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  1. I have an strong impression that if I ever going to run 'Synergon RPG' somehow this is going to be very useful. Thank you.