Thursday, June 20, 2019

D20x5 Hungry Ghosts & Unclean Spirits

Gaki Geishas: Hungry for Hung Heichous

Generator automator here:

D20 This being resembles
1 a hairless tiger
2 an ancient potbellied child
3 a locust twisted into humanoid form
4 a gaunt humanoid whose jaw stretches down to its pelvis
5 a bloated, stinking corpse
6 a person whose face and lower body are those of a centipede,
7 a gawping toad whose warts shudder unwholesomely,
8 a bent figure comprised of crawling flies,
9 a maggot that has a child’s face and many malformed limbs,
10 a skeleton scrivened all over with curses,
11 a flayed hog whose tusks are beckoning fingers,
12 rusted iron and moldy branches tied into a humanoid frame,
13 a filthy hound
14 a mummified corpse distended by saponified fat,
15 a grimacing bear covered in needles stuck in its flesh instead of fur,
16 a bat whose wings lack skin, leaving long and grasping fingers,
17 a shrunken, moon-pale hunchback
18 a death-stiffened figure wrapped in a funeral shroud
19 a slavering jackal
20 a mound of meat and clotting scabs
D20 with
1 claws as long and sharp as scythes.
2 a sinuous neck that wrinkles and extends like a caterpillar.
3 needle-like teeth that stick out at unsettling angles from its gums.
4 eyes that glow a sickly yellow.
5 footprints that smoulder with heartless green fire.
6 its innards prolapsed and draped around it like a robe.
7 teeth constantly erupting from its body only to rot and fall out.
8 leeches flowing like tresses from its scalp.
9 a dragging tongue dripping caustic secretions.
10 blind worms wriggling from its every orifice.
11 a keening whine that follows wherever it goes.
12 edges that twist and writhe and never seem stable before your eyes.
13 a literally raspy voice that tears the skin of your ears.
14 thick, reeking smoke wafting from its pores.
15 leaden chains linked through its body.
16 a dizzying scent of bile always preceding its arrival.
17 a tarnished blade impaling it through my the middle, its own body made a sheath for the weapon.
18 a dozen spare mouths gaping across its body.
19 a long, greasy mane strewn with spoiled gobbets.
20 a shadow that lurks and looms menacingly regardless of the ambient light.
D20 Its current state is a punishment for
1 venality in its prior life as a spiritual leader.
2 robbing and killing those who sought hospitality in its home.
3 war profiteering, stoking conflict for a few more luxuries.
4 selling tainted grain to starving folk.
5 poisoning their family to consolidate their wealth.
6 getting others addicted to the drugs they sold to support their own habit.
7 murderous jealousy, removing a rival in love.
8 consuming the offerings left for a god.
9 stealing from the old and honoured dead.
10 telling a lie that led to a slaughter.
11 ignoring their duties in favour of hedonistic distractions.
12 anti-enlightenment, taking a false and terrible leap in their spiritual development.
13 becoming so drunk they vomited on the face of a true guru.
14 cutting open the living to study their organs and processes.
15 smuggling plague into a city resisting conquest.
16 disinterring and eating the dead for the taboo-breaking thrill of it.
17 selling off the higher parts of its soul to demons.
18 being consumed by a mad rage, cutting down comrades and non-combatants alike.
19 betraying the love and trust their children had for them.
20 escaping mortal justice they dearly deserved.
D20 It dwells
1 in the eaves of abandoned buildings,
2 at the threshold of graveyards,
3 in wasp-infested logs,
4 in the boughs of blighted trees,
5 disguised among the trains and followers of armies,
6 at gallows and execution grounds,
7 in desecrated temples,
8 in toxic swamps,
9 where uncleanliness goes uncleared,
10 in stagnant pools,
11 where slaves and serfs are worked to death,
12 in the abodes of ravenous sorcerers who are able to abide its presence and in need of its abilities,
13 above the tree-lines of forlorn mountains,
14 in midden-pits and trash-heaps,
15 wherever misery’s echoes boom,
16 in tunnels dug it’s dug into the dirt,
17 in negligent prisons,
18 in attics and basements where children fear to go,
19 in caves painted with gore,
20 in a tent of ribs and discarded rags,
D20 seeking
1 milk to steal from the bellies of babies.
2 the last gasp of dying men.
3 to chew the hair off the heads of maidens.
4 to sup blood spilled by quarrelling kin.
5 to swallow corpses whole, only to see them burst from their overstuffed belly.
6 charity to snatch from the mouths of beggars and monks.
7 to tempt others down the same path.
8 to devour the ashes of burned homes.
9 to drink the waste of diseased people.
10 ascension to a higher state through being worshipped.
11 forgiveness for its many transgressions.
12 the one delectable treat it has yet to taste.
13 passage into a more amenable afterlife.
14 to be consumed by a greater, more awful being so it can take them over from within.
15 to get drunk off the tears of mourners.
16 to suck sweet dreams out of sleepers’ ears.
17 lesser spirits to nibble and gnaw.
18 to slaughter livestock, raze fields, and drive the populace to starvation.
19 beautiful treasures and priceless art to ruin.
20 to drag the rest of the world down to its petty, defiled level.

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  1. This is great, thank you. I'm currently thinking of running Blades in the Dark or Chtulhu and this would be great for both! Also thanks for the link to the generator - I've just finished writing one so I wish I'd seen it earlier (doh)