Friday, December 23, 2022

D6x6 Giant Radioactive Bugs

Click the button below to generate a random giant radioactive bug:

D6This giant radioactive bug is
1a rhinocerous beetle.
2a centipede.
3a bullet ant.
4a deathstalker scorpion.
5a whip scorpion.
6a camel spider.
D6This giant radioactive bug was irradiated
1by a corrupt company's improperly disposed-of nuclear waste.
2by the remnants of a cosmically-distant gamma ray burst.
3by leakage from medical x-ray devices.
4by the launch-blast of a Project Orion spaceship.
5by the meltdown of an incompetently-designed nuclear reactor.
6by a limited outbreak of tactical nuclear war.
D6This giant radioactive bug wants
1to find a nuclear site it can lay its eggs in.
2to demolish a nearby city that's broadcasting irritating signals.
3to transcend its material shell as a being of pure gamma energy.
4to usurp mammals as the dominant intelligent class of the Earth.
5to usher in an extraterrestrial queen from her cometary chrysalis.
6to follow the bidding of a child who's psychically bonded with it.
D6This giant radioactive bug can
1swiftly heal wounds with cancerous growths.
2render matter around it as brittle as styrofoam.
3lay parasitic offspring that hijack the brains of those they infest.
4induce an intense sensation of formication in anyone nearby.
5explosively molt into an even-more-gigantic super-form for a short time.
6emit a mutagenic mist from its spiracles.
D6The military aims to take care of this giant radioactive bug
1by nuking it - this will not go well.
2by irradiating and enlarging a natural predator of it - this will not go well.
3by using synthetic pheromones to lure it into enemy territory - this will not go well.
4by harvesting its altered genes and using them to create an army of hybrid humanoid-insectoid soldiers - this will not go well.
5by building an equally-giant robot to fight it - this will not go well.
6by taming it and using it as a war-beast - this will not go well.
D6This giant radioactive bug's weakness
1is being sprayed with a solution of iodine.
2is weapons made of or coated with lead.
3is attacks targetting its joints, letting its own mass help take it down.
4is recordings of old blues music.
5is large concentrations of formic or acetic acid.
6is drowning, though this requires sizeable bodies of water.

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  1. These are really cool. This is a concept I'm surprised you haven't already done actually, it's one of those ones where after you see it you're like ya of course this should exist, why didn't it already haha. These make me think of like Kamandi or Thundarr the Barbarian- like post apocalypse but with a weirder twist.