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D20x5 Passages To The Underworld

Under... where?

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D20 The threshold to this passage is
1 the mouth of a leering face carved into dark stone.
2 the surface of a pool of water so still it won’t ripple even if you jump in.
3 behind a mirror which reflects sounds instead of light.
4 a portcullis decorated with a mosaic of teeth.
5 the open gate of a pitch-slathered gibbet.
6 a dangling birth-caul curtain.
7 a door painted with scenes of the danse macabre.
8 a veil of sable silk.
9 a waterfall dribbling over the maw of a grotto.
10 a leaden sill.
11 a crossroads paved with brittle hair.
12 a valley of giant, leaning blades.
13 the yawning lid of a sarcophagus.
14 the edge of a jagged rift.
15 a portal of permeable aspic.
16 a cinder-bricked vestibule.
17 a weir made from yew branches.
18 a fence of bent spines.
19 a wide, salted-iron wicket.
20 a turnstile of woven hemlock.
D20 The way to this passage is marked by
1 offerings left by the reverent dead.
2 bone-chilling cold which grows the closer you get.
3 the ghosts of butterflies, flying intangible through walls and floors.
4 carved warnings, regrets written in bloodstains.
5 a trail of black feathers.
6 the faintly echoing cries of mourners.
7 a darkness which stalks and claws at the edge of light rather than being driven back by it.
8 a stream of bitter tears.
9 shacks hewn from mouldering caskets, their inhabitants invisible to mortal eyes.
10 hanging hooks on which chunks of mummified meat are impaled.
11 a stench of dust and brimstone.
12 a ghoul-bird who’ll lead you on like a honeyguide.
13 deep gouges scratched into surfaces by human nails.
14 rock morphing to resemble fossils.
15 creeping sickly mists.
16 white scraps of cloth caught on every protrusion.
17 the droning tune of a dirge.
18 tomb-shroud poppets hung on tendon-strings.
19 a massing carpet of graveyard vermin.
20 desperate, disembodied whispers in your ear.
D20 This passage is guarded by
1 a copse of predatory thanatosynthetic plant, feeding on minute gradations of death.
2 a stale wind-spirit that can strip the breath from your lungs.
3 a carrion-knight who failed their charge in life, now dedicated beyond death to the duty of maintaining the boundary between here and hereafter. They can only be harmed by methods used to dispose of the dead.
4 an animate, oozing pile of pus and gore.
5 a mute golem molded from grave-dirt.
6 a garrison of judge-clerics ensuring no one shirks their just reward.
7 a feral revenant waiting for the soul of the one who murdered them to pass, so that they can tear it to shreds.
8 a colony of giant bats who’ve gained a taste for those between life and death.
9 a clever, many-headed serpent.
10 a tribe of vulture-headed men.
11 a procession of cruel phantoms.
12 the shadow of a titan.
13 flayed zombies with gaping jaws and jade laid in their eye sockets.
14 a stealthy jaguar whose every hair is an obsidian knife.
15 a pack of mangy, cloudy-eyed hounds.
16 a crocodilian abomination able to smell sin.
17 a living storm who loves nothing more than to caress the doomed with fingers of lightning.
18 a false-moon creature, a glowing toothy orb with many grasping arms.
19 fungal simulacra of decayed cadavers, instinctually eager to add to their ranks.
20 slave-soldiers bound to a wraith-lord, judged unworthy of joining their liege in death.
D20 This passage leads to
1 the headwaters of the milk-white river Styx. From here you could sail to just about anywhere in the underworld.
2 the sleeping place of the previous world’s sun, where the last survivors of its apocalypse bask in the spectral light.
3 a chamber of grinding gears and atomic fire, made to welcome the dead of a time yet to come.
4 a charred forest roamed by the bodies of deer, wolves, men, and things made from pieces of each. They hunt each other, devour each other, regurgitate the restless flesh in new configurations.
5 a glacial museum of every species ever to go extinct, specimens encased in the ice.
6 a cavern crowded with aimless souls, too indecisive in life to be pulled from where they arrived in death.
7 a hall of broken clocks, each frozen at someone’s last moment.
8 the rotting ribs of a capsized ship in a sea of stinking putrescence.
9 a hall where fallen warriors feast, drink, and fight, leaking mead from a dozen wounds.
10 a terracotta shaft that dives down past the reach of any torch.
11 a tunnel of rattling chains.
12 the belly of a lifeless beast, dissolving in its own bile.
13 a meadow of pale flowers, churned below by perpetual maggots.
14 a system of caves tangled in a three-dimensional sigil.
15 a closet that stretches back for leagues, hung with writhing human skins.
16 a desert of ash-flakes.
17 a grove of olibanum-trees and cassia.
18 a library where every book is worm-eaten to illegibility.
19 a smoking sinkhole into which a vortex of the freshly-dead are drawn.
20 a field of reeds farmed for umbral crops by crews of the contented dead.
D20 This passage was left by
1 a criminal psychopomp as a smuggling route for souls.
2 a lich fleeing the recapture of their wretched spirit.
3 a demon’s earthly servants, to sneak them comforts to ease their eternal torment.
4 a trailblazing necromancer.
5 an angel dragging a wrongly-condemned soul to salvation.
6 a bear-god going to their deathly hibernation.
7 a nasty breed of questing beast that led its pursuers into perdition.
8 a pilgrim-saint leading their congregation past worldly temptations.
9 vampire-rats gnawing through worlds.
10 the roots of a tree that grew to heaven.
11 a crusade against the insufficiently damned.
12 the magical residue of an arcane suicide.
13 a wandering wight.
14 a barrow that sunk under the weight of its forgotten memory.
15 a gravedigger who dug too deep.
16 a chthonic grub chewing its way to maturation.
17 an enchanted scythe able to cut holes in reality.
18 a decadent magocracy’s plan to dispose of waste.
19 a morbid painting so authentic it became real.
20 alchemical acid so potent it burned a hole in the purgatorial barrier.

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