Saturday, February 16, 2019

A Post Written Entirely With My Phone’s Suggested Words (Except For This Title); Or, The Most Impressive Thing In A World Of Human Flesh

The most impressive thing in a world of human flesh is a beast of the wizard of worms. The worst thing about the world of human flesh is that they don’t think they will be able to survive without their own death kept around. A great place to go for an ice cold beer and a pool of whiskey is the perfect option. The only way to get a hold on the other people who are there is to be a better human body than the other people.

When the sun shines down from its seat (a few times in a day, but never found if it wasn’t so much fun to play for), the world is made to be a place of art for the next kind of people. The next kind of person is a little bit more like a demon. These people are enough to make their enemies more than humans.

If you want to come to the world of human flesh, you can hear the blood moon from the ground up in the woods. I don’t think you should ever go to the moon or the sun though, even when you need to be careful with your own eyes and the way you feel. They are not very good at all.

The people there who are not the next kind of person or something that sounds like that stay away from those two things by hands full of glass and the dark side of the outer shell. The outer shell is the only thing to be between the earth and the sun.

The sun wants to be able to come in the world. The people want to be the one who has their own body and their own biology, but they are not quite sure how. The moon will not openly support the humans or the sun, but it will be more closely related to the earth. The next kind of person wants to become the best human ever, and even they are not sure how.

This is the world of human flesh.


  1. "Become the best human ever, and even they are not sure how"
    Sounds like aliens waking up in human bodies describing a world and seeing art and the sun and the moon and the flesh.

  2. The Wizard of Worms is a total bro, with a sickass giant worm that can do rad party tricks. But it's kind of a bummer hanging out with him because all his neighbors are into this super depressing religion. Probably best just to get wasted if you have to deal with those losers. I mean, they do have this thing where they'll worship you if you are super buff and healthy, but then you can't drink and you have to listen to all their problems... Totally not worth it, brodawg.

    Oh yeah, and the sun on the Wizard's world doesn't just give you a tan, brah. It also, like, makes you all crazy and stuff. Haha. Totally wack. So put on some sunscreen.

    What's that? How do you get there? I mean, DoubleDubs usually swings by and picks me up, but there's a creepy old portal in the woods, if you want to just head on over by yourself.

    Anyways, like I was saying, the sun thing. Most of the people over there just wear these creepy veils, but that ain't my style.

    (And then I'm not sure how to interpret the last paragraph.)

    1. The Sun wants to reach the world, which would kill everyone(?)

      The people want their own bodies, but don't know how to get them.

      The moon is neutral in the war/extinction event, but is friends with the earth itself.

      Some of the people are trying to breed superhumans to survive the extinction event.

  3. "These people are enough to make their enemies more than humans."

    That has the ring of accidental profundity right there.